Engagement Photo Outfits Ideas

Get inspired with these engagement photo outfits ideas. Plus tips and tricks to help you choose the perfect outfits for photos you'll love now and forever.

By Jane Chertoff and Georgie Darling

Couple in circle image with pink background. She wears a red dress and he wears a gray suit.
Photo by Lauren Love Photography

Congratulations on saying “yes”! Now you’re preparing for the next exciting step: your engagement photoshoot. But where should you start when it comes to your engagement photo outfits? What do you wear? What does your partner wear?

We’ve got the answers to all your questions. Read on for plenty of engagement photo outfit inspiration, as well as our expert guidance on choosing outfits that feel authentically you.

Since engagement photos have so many potential uses, you should think carefully about how you and your partner will look for the shoot (think outfits, hair, and makeup).

What to wear in engagement pictures?

There are a lot of things to consider when selecting your engagement photo outfits, especially since the options are quite endless: lights or darks? Bold prints or classic solids? Casual, dressy, or themed? A white engagement shoot dress or a bright color? How do you pick outfits that you’ll love now and forever? Team-Z has the answers.

Engagement photo outfit ideas

Maybe you’ve already got a Pinterest board full of cute white dresses for engagement pictures. Or perhaps you’re all about cute and cozy sweaters for engagement photos. The most important thing when it comes to what to wear for engagement pics is to ensure your photos are representative of you and your beau’s personalities and styles.

But, in case you have no clue where to start, we’ve rounded up some of the best engagement pic outfits for inspiration below.

The classic choice? White dress engagement pictures.

White dress

white dress engagement shoot

We know — you probably saw this coming. With the idea of wedding wardrobes (cohesive outfits across your engagement photos, parties, and wedding celebrations), it’s incredibly convenient to choose a white dress as one of your engagement photo outfits.

Not only is it on-theme, but it’s easy to pair with accessories and even locations. Even better, you can re-wear a white dress to an engagement party, bridal shower, and/or bach party.

Check out our guide to Planning an Engagement Party next!

White top

White top engagement shoot

Don’t fancy wearing head-to-toe white? White tops for engagement photos are growing in popularity in recent years, especially if you’re more into casual clothes.

Maxi dress

maxi dress engagement shoot

No doubt you’ll come across plenty of white maxi engagement dresses during your hunt for the perfect outfit. But you can also don a dress that isn’t white.

If you love to wear a flowy dress, but usually don’t get to, consider this the perfect opportunity. There’s nothing quite so romantic as a long, billowing dress. Especially if your photoshoot location will have some wind, like along the beach or on a rooftop.

Dress alternatives

jumpsuits engagement shoot

Your engagement shoot is your chance to get creative with what you wear. With that in mind, you can easily forgo a dress and still look formal (or, at least, a little dressier than usual). You can find jumpsuits and two-piece sets in a variety of styles, from silky and chic to laid back.

Sexy suit pieces

Sexy suit engagement shoot

Perhaps you and your SO prefer a more upscale, high-end look to your engagement photoshoot. If you want to go all out with your engagement photo outfits, one or both of you can wear a full suit or select pieces of one—such as a blazer, dress pants, or a button-down shirt—to upgrade your outfit. Stick to a complimentary color palette, such as neutrals, for a cohesive, put-together look.


Swimsuits engagement shoot

If your shoot takes place at the beach, on a lake, or at a hotel with a pool, use it as an excuse to throw on your swimsuits and go for a swim.

Sports gear

sports gear engagement shoot

You read correctly. Whether your photoshoot takes place in a country club or on the football field, you can dive into your theme by donning sports gear. Not necessarily pads and all, but matching jerseys, tennis skirts, and the like.

The best engagement photo outfits are the ones that match your personality so, if you’re all about sports, this might be the best engagement style photo for you. Don’t forget a few fun props, too.

Classic pieces

classic pieces engagement shoot

You can never go wrong with a classic outfit. Think trench coats in neutral colors, camel coats, trousers, button-down shirts, and nice knitwear. Pair with sneakers to make it more casual, or dress shoes to complete the timeless look.

Jeans and tees

Jeans and tees engagement shoot

Speaking of timeless, nothing stays in style like jeans and t-shirts. If you and your partner prefer casual engagement photos where comfort is a top priority, consider this laidback and effortlessly cool uniform. What’s more, you can stray from being too matchy-matchy by considering denim pants, shorts, skirts, and jackets or varying washes.

Still want everyone to know it’s an engagement shoot? Choose a white sweater for engagement photos to keep things classic.

Themed attire

Themed attire engagement shoot

No one said your engagement photo outfits can’t be seriously unique. If your engagement shoot has a theme, don’t hesitate to run with it. Is it based on a film? A specific time period? A unique location? Research the outfits that typically go with the location, and match your ensembles accordingly. What’s great is that you can go all the way or incorporate more subtle nods.

Cohesive loungewear

Cohesive loungewear engagement shoot

At-home engagement photoshoots have skyrocketed in popularity the last few years (and for good reason). Keep things cozy with cohesive-but-not-super-matchy loungewear. Think, less matching Christmas pajamas and more complimentary colors.

Men's outfits for engagement photos

Men's outfit for engagement photo

Hopefully the engagement photo outfits above give you some inspiration when it comes to guys' engagement photo outfits. If your beau is happy to let you be in charge of outfit planning, his outfit can complement yours with subtle color combos like a burgundy tie to match your burgundy dress.

Zola’s top tips for choosing the best engagement outfits

Remember, this is your moment to represent yourselves as a couple and to visually capture your newly-engaged, so-in-love-it’s-crazy bliss. And while working with a photographer or managing your pictures on social media might feel like a chore in the midst of wedding planning, try not to stress.

Still need to hire the perfect photographer for the shoot? Zola’s got you covered. Find photographers near you in the Vendor Marketplace.

Your engagement photo shoot (or your save the date outfits, or one of the many other photo opportunities before the big day) is a time to wear what makes you happy, what makes you feel beautiful in your skin, and what will photograph well between the both of you.

1. Pick clothes that reflect your personality

clothes that reflect your personality engagement shoot

We know the tendency may be to go all out for your engagement pictures, but experts agree that’s usually a mistake. First of all, your engagement photoshoot is a reflection of your and your partner’s personalities and your relationship as a couple.

So if you’re the type to dress head to toe in bright colors on a 24/7 basis, don’t book an engagement photo session dressed in all black, just because it’s something you’ve seen on Pinterest (for example). You’ll want to look back on these and remember who you were and how you dressed authentically at the time.

2. Choose clothes you feel comfortable in

clothes you feel comfortable in engagement shoot

This tip is twofold. Yes, we do mean that your engagement photo outfits should literally be comfortable to wear, but we also mean that you should choose outfits that make you feel your best. Nothing creates awkwardness in front of the camera like feeling self-conscious, so be sure that whatever you end up wearing gives you confidence and makes you look (and feel) like a million bucks.

  1. Choose clothes that complement each other
clothes that complement each other engagement shoot

It’s also important to make sure that both partners pick outfits that complement each other. For example, if one of you is rocking a favorite LBD, then the other probably shouldn’t drag out the ripped jeans and “Bob’s Burgers” t-shirt.

Similarly, stay away from both partners wearing busy patterns. Make sure you’re both on the same page by planning early and trying on your favorite outfits together before the engagement photo session.

  1. Don’t try to be matchy-matchy
Don’t try to be matchy-matchy engagement shoot

Just because you’re wearing a blue dress doesn’t mean your partner needs to wear a blue shirt. When there’s too much of one hue in a shot, everything blends together and nothing stands out.

Your best bet is to choose colors that complement each other, like blue and yellow or pink and white, but that don’t look overly staged. When in doubt, stick to neutrals or cool or pastel shades that layer harmoniously.

  1. Don’t be afraid to wear bright colors or prints

If you’re feeling it, go ahead and embrace bold prints and bright colors—in moderation, of course, such as through your choice of accessories. You’ll be amazed how easily you become the focus of the photo (rather than just an addition to the landscape) when you’re wearing an eye-catching hue or pattern.

But again, both partners shouldn’t go for bold patterns. Instead, while one of you rocks prints for your engagement photo outfits, the other should choose an article of clothing that pulls out a color from that print for effortless, but not obvious, coordination.

  1. Embrace layers
Embrace layers engagement shoot

One quick and easy way to give yourself multiple looks without having to change clothes is to incorporate layering into your ensemble. And did we also mention that whatever layers you take off, like a chunky sweater, denim jacket, or a faux fur coat, can also double as a fun prop for later on in the e-shoot?

  1. Add at least one accessory

Continuing on this idea of changing up your look with minimal effort, consider adding at least one accessory to your engagement shoot outfit. Nothing adds instant “wow” factor to an otherwise neutral ensemble than a fun scarf, a statement necklace, or a pair of chic sunglasses. For men, this could look like a watch, a chain, or a signet ring.

Plus, since you can easily switch them up, accessories are a low-risk way to show off different aspects of your personal style.

  1. Keep the season in mind
fall engagement shoot

We know it seems obvious that you shouldn’t wear a sundress in the middle of winter or a peacoat on a 90-degree day, but you’d be surprised what some couples try to make work. Check the forecast, prepare your engagement shoot outfits in advance, and work with the weather you’ve been given.

If you have your heart set on outdoor engagement photos staged during a particular season, then schedule your e-shoot for that time of year rather than trying to fake it.

Check out some inspirational ideas for winter, spring, summer and fall engagement photos. Trust us, you can always tell when the environment and the wardrobe don’t mesh.

  1. Consider the landscape

If you’re dreaming of nature engagement photos shot in the meadows or woods, you’ll look out of place in a little black dress and stilettos. Similarly, if you’re doing an urban engagement shoot, put together a sophisticated look rather than something too casual or outdoorsy.

For beach sessions, summery hues will stand out against the muted tones of sand and water, whereas neutrals could be drowned out. Likewise, if there’s a lot going in the background, busy patterned engagement photo outfits will make you look like part of the hodgepodge landscape, rather than the star.

  1. Select no more than two outfits

If you find it impossible to decide on just one style or theme for your engagement photos, you can always bring a second outfit along. We love the idea of starting off in a casual outfit, then amping it up with dressier, more formal, or more high-fashion styles.

That being said, try to limit yourselves to no more than two outfit changes. Having several outfit choices on the day of may cause you to spend more time worrying about changing clothes, rather than trying to capture your authentic selves.

We hope you found all the inspiration and tips you need to for put together the engagement shoot you’ve been imagining. Capture the magic in an engagement photo book and/or use the best pictures on your save the date cards. When it comes to wedding planning, Zola has you covered all the days along the way. Start planning your wedding from anywhere with our free wedding planning tools!

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