Your Guide to Making a Virtual Wedding Shower Special

Virtual wedding showers are now the norm, and these helpful tips should help make it special.

By Ruksana Hussain

Virtual Wedding Shower
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A virtual wedding shower can be just as fun of a pre-wedding festivity as one celebrated in-person—perhaps even better—with a little bit of virtual event planning. With online wedding showers gaining popularity, there are many ways in which you can make the occasion special for yourself and your loved ones. Thanks to technology, you will certainly have more folks attending to celebrate the day in a memorable manner. Here are a few virtual wedding shower ideas to make your online wedding shower special.


When it comes to virtual wedding shower invitations, you can't go wrong. Stick with traditional, physical invitations if you like to stay on theme, or go digital and indulge in a photo collage or video, as zero postage is incurred when online. Besides, digital invites provide the convenience of one click RSVP and the ease of navigating to your gift registry.


You can have so much fun with virtual wedding shower themes, as much of it will not require physical production of items. You can create elaborate virtual backgrounds for everyone to use and a special one for yourself or the couple. Send your guests photo booth props to take pictures for the virtual wedding shower album that you will create later as a fond memory of this occasion.


Have everyone on your virtual guest list wear the same color, or provide them a theme for the dress code. Staying indoors gives guests a bit more room for creativity with their outfits without having to worry about the weather outdoors and other external factors.


It’s a virtual wedding shower, but that shouldn’t stop you from going all out with decorating the venue that you’ll be at. You can still enjoy the wedding colors and special theme that you have in mind, and your guests can partake in it by viewing it online or creating similar scenes at their location.


Some background music will only add to the event, so create a shower playlist including songs that the couple enjoy or that all the guests share as their tribute to the soon-to-be newlyweds. Ensure that it isn’t too loud so that everyone can still hear each other during the event.

Your Guide to Making a Virtual Wedding Shower Special Photo Credit // Unsplash


Well, technically, your virtual wedding shower host. Choose someone from your wedding party to coordinate this event, as it does take some planning and should not fall on you entirely to orchestrate. This person can also ensure that the event’s festivities flow well, so that no single virtual guest takes on too much time when it’s their turn to share a few words or participate in any other way.


Where you would be clicking glasses in each other’s company onsite, you will now be toasting virtually. Send guests a special bottle of your favorite celebratory beverage or recipes for a signature concoction that they can imbibe while toasting you during your virtual wedding shower.


Create a menu idea for all your guests to be enjoying during your virtual wedding shower, have wedding shower food delivered to them ahead of time, or send across a snack package with drinks and bites so that all of your guests are indulging in the same dishes as they would at an on-location event.


A trivia game on how well the guests know the couple, or an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session where guests can get to know the couple better are fun ideas. Guests can also share their best memories of the couple for the shower, so that everyone gets to participate and possibly win some special prizes especially chosen just for the occasion.


There is still room for good wedding shower gifts with a virtual event! If you send guests your gift registry link along with your digital invite then you can have your gifts delivered to your virtual shower venue ahead of your event date. Opening gifts and thanking everyone in real time would be a great addition to a special day.

Your Guide to Making a Virtual Wedding Shower Special Photo Credit // Unsplash


An in-person wedding shower would have a socializing element to it which shouldn’t be overlooked in the virtual version. Have a little time before and after your virtual wedding shower when guests attending can see who’s online and chat while they wait for the grand arrival of the bride or the couple.

Thank You Notes

Stay traditional and send physical thank you notes if you wish, but also remember that sending virtual thank you messages with a special link to a thank you gift waiting for them at a local florist or bakery would be a fun addition and a completely unexpected element.

Making your virtual wedding shower a special celebration can take on so many different forms depending on your tastes and preferences, as well as your wedding party and guests in attendance. Plan a fun event for yourself and everyone else, so that even though you aren’t hugging in person, you’ll feel like a virtually wonderful time was had by all.

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