How to Get Your Registry Ready for Your Wedding Shower

Here's your guide to getting your registry shower ready plus 10 fun-to-unbox items to delight you and your guests.

By Rachel Varina

Getting Your Registry Shower Ready
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There are so many exciting events and milestones leading up to your wedding. And while the “I dos” are typically the day couples put the most thought into, we love all of the moments leading up to the special celebration. One of our favorite pre-wedding events are showers, because it’s the chance for loved ones to celebrate the bride and/or groom ahead of the big day, and provide support and well-wishes for the almost-weds.

Now traditionally, wedding showers were just for the bride as a chance for friends and family to shower her with gifts and good vibes ahead of the nuptials. Nowadays, however, more and more couples are opting for co-ed showers so everyone can mix and mingle ahead of the official marriage ceremony.

No matter who’s invited or what your shower entails, one of the biggest steps you need to take to prepare for the pre-wedding event is getting your registry shower-ready. Since it’s customary to bring gifts, providing plenty of options for your guests to choose from is essential to help them select something they’re proud of and help you avoid ending up with four different blenders.

What is a Wedding Shower Registry?

While you might typically think of creating a wedding registry, customizing your shower registry is just as important. While the two are similar, the main difference is the kind of gifts couples register for ahead of each event. Oftentimes at showers, couples will ask for smaller or personalized gifts, or gifts they want to use leading up to or at the wedding such as a personalized robe for getting ready or festive floral collars for the couple’s pets to wear down the aisle. Wedding registries, on the other hand, are usually reserved for the big-ticket items like flatware, dinnerware, and useful gadgets.

Another big difference between a wedding registry and a shower registry is that typically, shower registries should have tangible gifts the couple can open in front of their guests. Wedding gifts, however, aren’t usually opened in front of guests, so if you want to register for a cash fund, doing it on your wedding registry is typically the best call.

Do You Need a Shower Registry and a Wedding Registry?

The short answer is no, you don’t need two separate registries for your shower versus your wedding. That said, you might want different things for your wedding than you want for your shower, and there’s a good chance you might need to do a little refreshing after your wedding shower since many gifts likely got purchased, leaving fewer options for wedding guests.

The good news is you don’t actually have to make two separate registries—which is good, because planning a lot of these events will keep you busy. With Zola, you have the opportunity to use your registry for both your shower and your wedding. To make things easier for your guests, start by registering for gifts you’d like at your shower, such as smaller appliances or bridal accessories. Then after your shower, simply log back into your Zola account and add some more gifts to fill in the gaps. Ahead of your wedding, you’ll want to make sure you have a wide variety of gift options ranging in price to fit everyone's budget and gift-giving preferences.

While you may not want to put your registry details on your wedding invitation, it’s a good idea to put a link to your wedding website. On your website, link out to your wedding registry or showcase it with ease if you created a Zola website. You can also have your bridal party spread the word about your registry to help guests find the perfect shower and wedding gifts.

What to Consider When Building Your Wedding Shower Registry

Deciding what to include on your registry can be a little overwhelming, so here are some tips and ideas to help you narrow it down:

  1. See what items you already have
  2. Think about items you might want an upgrade for
  3. Be realistic about what you’ll use
  4. Think about who will be using the registry
  5. Consider having your wedding shower registry act as a honeymoon fund

As you start to create your wedding shower registry, it’s a good idea to do a quick inventory of what items you already have and what could use an upgrade before you start adding. You’ll also want to think about who will be using the registry. Will your shower consist mostly of older relatives? Younger friends? A healthy mix? People want to give gifts they’re excited about, so make sure to have plenty of options that can appeal to a variety of gift-givers. Make sure to coordinate with your partner as you complete your registries—you’re starting a life together, after all, so you want to make sure the gifts align with both of your preferences and tastes.

If you use Zola's online registry, you’ll find tons of resources to help you build the perfect shower registry such as price matching, virtual exchanges, and group gifting options. Regardless of where you build your shower registry, it’s a good idea to select gifts that are conducive to in-person opening. Traditionally, couples would register for fine china during their engagement season, and while the trend has shifted slightly, tablescape items such as textured dinnerware, colored flatware, and versatile drinkware — like this Gemma cocktail set — are still some of the most common wedding shower registry items.

Additionally, modern kitchen essentials such as espresso machines, ramen bowls, air fryers, and pizza platters continue to rank high on couples’ registries, as do outdoor must-haves like lounge furniture, grills, and fire pits. But even more, we’re seeing outside-the-box registry additions that are fun to use and give, like travel elevators, ice cream makers, sushi serving sets, and even gifts for the fur babies.

Below, we’re outing 10 of the most fun-to-unbox shower gifts that are sure to dazzle your guests as much as they delight you.

10 Wedding Shower Gifts to Put on Your Registry

Orchard Embossed Bakers | Round Classic Waffle Maker

Round Classic Waffle Maker, Cuisinart

Wake up to weekend waffles as you tackle those pre-wedding to-do lists! This classic iron is a great kitchen piece thanks to its sleek design and easy-to-use settings. Whip up some yummy waffles before heading off to venue visits and start the tradition of a fun weekend breakfast before you even say “I do.”

Price: $29.99
Buy on Zola

Orchard Embossed Bakers, Poppy & Vine

Busy days call for easy-to-use essentials like this beautiful embossed baker pan set. From cakes to casseroles, this 3-piece, multi-size set can cook it all. Even better, the textured, oven-to-table design is so aesthetically pleasing, you can serve even the most special guests directly from the dishes!

Price: $49.99
Buy on Zola

 Rustic Slate Cheese Board | Estelle Champagne Flute, Set of 2| Acacia Wood Domed Server | Cool Cocktails 9-Piece Mixologist Bar Tool Set

Rustic Slate Cheese Board, Brooklyn Slate

Make your evenings of addressing wedding invitations and crafting all those DIYs a little better with a yummy snack. This natural slate cheeseboard from Brooklyn Slate is slip-resistant and chalk-friendly, so you can label your cheese assortment right there on the board whether you’re hosting friends or just relaxing with your future spouse.

Price: $34.99
Buy on Zola

Cool Cocktails 9-Piece Mixologist Bar Tool Set, Libbey

Cheers to the last days of your engagement with this funky mixology set from Libbey. The 9-piece pack includes a mixing glass, shaker, muddler, and shot glass so you can keep the festive feelings—and cocktails—flowing ahead of the big day.

Price: $39.99
Buy on Zola

Champagne Flutes, Estelle Colored Glass

Coming is six bright hues, these hand-blown glass Champagne flutes will give your dining space a jewel-like appearance. With two in each set, you and your S.O. can toast to your relationship as you finish up your wedding planning and get ready for what’s still to come.

Price: $94.99
Buy on Zola

Acacia Wood Domed Server, Libbey

As beautiful as it is durable, this Acacia wood server turns tasty treats and decadent desserts into showstopping centerpieces thanks to its elegant, domed glass design. The base provides the ultimate stability and the chic design is perfect for a wedding dessert table or display.

Price: $54.99
Buy on Zola

Crown Point Double Invitation Frame | Let's Toast Candle

Crown Point Double Invitation Frame, Kate Spade

Chances are you spent a lot of time on your wedding paper goods, so showcase them in style with this Kate Spade invitation frame. The two sides allow you to feature your shower or wedding invitation alongside a special photo for a keepsake like no other.

Price: $124.99
Buy on Zola

Let's Toast Candle, Homesick

There’s never been a better time to celebrate, and this cute Let’s Toast Candle will keep the party vibe going throughout your entire wedding process. The Champagne scent gives off a luxurious aroma that’ll help you power through seating chart designs and shower thank you notes.

Price: $33.99
Buy on Zola

 Silk Linen Flip Pillowcase | Yours & Mine Super-Plush Bathrobe Bundle

Silk Linen Flip Pillowcase, CULTIVER

Getting some extra zzzs leading up to your wedding day is essential to ensure you feel refreshed and keep unwanted stress at bay. This luxe, dual-sided pillowcase comes in five colors and features mulberry silk on one side and silk linen on the other to ensure you feel pampered no matter which side you choose.

Price: $69.99
Buy on Zola

Yours & Mine Super-Plush Bathrobe Bundle, Brooklinen

Make the most of your pre-wedding mornings by donning a plush, matching robe set together. Coming in white, dark gray, and light gray, each option is made from Turkish cotton for ultimate comfort but is machine washable for ease.

Price: $170.00
Buy on Zola

As you’re getting ready for your wedding events, make sure to remember that while gifts are great, it’s the meaning behind the presents and the person you’re spending forever with that truly makes the situation celebration-worthy.

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