Top Wedding Shower Gifts for 2022 (For Every Budget!)

From home goods to weekend getaways, here are couples' top picks for their wedding shower gifts in 2022.

By Rachel Varina

Top Wedding Shower Gifts for 2022
Photo by Zola

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We've got the top gifts couples' want at their wedding showers this year:

Being a part of a couples’ wedding festivities is one of the greatest honors around. And from the engagement to the I dos, there’s so much to celebrate and typically, many chances to spoil the spouses-to-be. While the actual nuptials usually get the glory, one of our favorite events leading up to the big day is the wedding shower.

Whether it’s a bridal shower, a groom’s shower, or a couples’ shower, a wedding shower is the chance to mingle with the to-be-weds’ friends and family. And 101 for attending any shower is to never arrive empty-handed. So, what are the top wedding shower gifts for 2022? You've come to the right place!

Wedding Shower Gifts Under $50

Zola Wedding Shower Gifts Under $50

Whether you’re a work friend, distant relative, or just watching your budget, finding a special wedding shower gift in your price range can sometimes feel daunting. You want to ensure the couple knows how much you care, but you’re not looking to break the bank. Luckily there are plenty of budget-friendly options under $50 that’ll wow at any wedding shower. From home goods to serving supplies, these gifts prove you don’t have to shell out a fortune to shower those you care about.

Home is Where the Heart Is

Prisma Frame | Luggage Tags

1. Prisma Frame, Umbra

Most wedding celebrations involve a ton of photos from the “yes” to the “I dos.” Gift the couple a unique frame to show off their favorite wedding-related pics. The style comes in four colors and three sizes to adhere to anyone’s home decor.

Price: $21
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2. Luggage Tags

Whether the couple is having a destination wedding or jetting off someplace for their honeymoon, matching luggage tags are a great way to show off your favorite couple’s new status. Select the title and color of each tag for a stylish travel spruce.

Price: $21.99
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James 6-Piece Towel Set | Waterside 4-Piece Vase Set

3. James 6-Piece Towel Set

It doesn’t matter who the couple is or where they’re at in life: Everyone can always use a fresh set of towels. Coming in seven different hues, this set is the perfect pack for newlyweds with two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths.

Price: $35.99
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4. Waterside 4-Piece Vase Set

Weddings and florals go hand-in-hand, but that doesn’t mean the bride or groom-to-be won’t want to show off blooms after/before the big day. This beautiful ombré blue terracotta set brightens any space and suits any aesthetic from timeless to trendy.

Price: $46.99
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Serves Up

Oven to Table Serving Bowl Sett |Double Wall Glass Coffee Mug  | Gemma Cocktail Glasses

5. Oven to Table Serving Bowl Set

If you want to give something that’s fabulous and functional, this multipurpose serving bowl set is a must. The chic stoneware bowl is oven safe and the wood stand turns the dish into an ideal centerpiece. Reviewers love that they can use it for casseroles, salads, or anything in between.

Price: $34.95
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6. Sorrento Glass Coffee Mug

Temperature maintaining glassware but make it modern. This set of double-walled coffee glasses not only looks like a work of art but is ultra-useful as well. The insulated design ensures that whatever you fill the glass with — whether it’s a scrumptious dessert or hot coffee — will stay at the ideal temperature.

Price: $34.99
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7. Gemma Cocktail Glasses

Gorgeous, gold-rimmed, and geometric, this exquisite cocktail set will instantly elevate the modern couple’s bar or dining aesthetic. The best part is that these glasses are dishwasher safe so your pals can sip in style without having to hand wash.

Price: $40
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Zuma Round Kitchen Dinnerware Set | Mini Cake Stand

8. Zuma 16-Piece Round Kitchen Dinnerware Set

Few things are more adult — outside of marriage, of course — than getting a full matching set of dinnerware. This 16 piece pack has it all from dinner plates to dessert plates, bowls to mugs. Select the set in one of five modern colors to instantly land yourself on the couple’s dinner party guest list.

Price: $49.99
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9. Mini Cake Stand

Displaying baked goods just got sweeter with this cute mini cake stand from Mosser Glass. Coming in six colors ranging from subtle to bright, you’ll likely want to pick up one of these retro dessert displays for yourself while shopping for the soon-to-be weds — it’s just that cute.

Price: $41.99
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Wedding Shower Gifts $50-$100

Zola Wedding Shower Gifts Under $100

Some couples are all about the decor and dining sets while others prefer gifts that are a little more utility-based. This is especially true for couples who live together prior to getting married since they likely already have all the decorations and gadgets they could need. The good news is everyone can use essentials like organization containers, coffee maker upgrades, and a nice set of Champagne flutes to toast future life milestones. These items, ranging from $50-$100, are useful for any couple, whether they’re just getting established or have been together for a decade.

Always on the Go

Good Grips POP Container Set  | 5-Piece Packing Cube Set | BrewSense 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

10.Good Grips POP Container Set, 5-Piece

A dream for keeping food fresh, the bathroom organized, or the garage tidy, this 5-piece POP container set makes finding a place for everything super simple. Reviewers love how versatile and aesthetically pleasing the design is, which means if you’re at a loss of what to get the couple, this will definitely be much appreciated.

Price: $54.99
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11. 5-Piece Packing Cube Set

If you’re gifting to the couple who’s always heading off on their next great adventure, this stylish packing cube set is a clear no-brainer. Coming in five different colors, this 5-pack set helps luggage stay organized and contained so your friends can spend less time searching their bags and more time exploring.

Price: $61.99
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12. BrewSense 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker

One of the most common registry items couples crave are upgraded coffee makers, and this 12-cup option from BrewSense will delight even the most disconcerting coffee connoisseur. The enriched filter system brews cafe-quality coffee at home while the carafe lid and programmable timer ensure the couple will always have a steamy cup to greet them in the AM.

Price: $99.99
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Hosts with the Most

Vienna Cheese Board Set | Puro Champagne Flute  | Winc Monthly Wine Club

13. Vienna Cheese Board Set

Elevated and elegant, this bamboo cheese board was made for couples who love to host. Whether they’re having friends over or simply enjoying a romantic night in, this ingenious board checks off all the boxes with stainless steel tools stored in a pullout drawer, an expandable design, and different sections for meats, cheeses, and accouterments.

Price: $71.99
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14. Puro Champagne Flute

Crystal stemware is a wedding must, and this set from Puro is perfect for the modern couple who still wants a taste of tradition. The sleek, scratch-resistant glasses are brilliant and lightweight, but even better: They’re dishwasher safe so your friends don’t have to scrub after a day of Champagne sipping.

Price: $90
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15. Winc Monthly Wine Club

Trying to find a gift for the couple that has it all can be tricky, but wine is typically always a crowd pleaser! Gifting the couple a monthly wine club will keep the celebratory vibes going with each new shipment, and it eliminates any guesswork on your end trying to figure out which type of vino is their fave.

Price: $60
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Wedding Shower Gifts Above $100

Zola Wedding Shower Gifts Above $100

For many modern couples who have been together for years, they’re typically not looking for the traditional starter registry items. They already have pots and pans, and they don’t need another toaster or knife set. That’s why if you’re looking to splurge and gift the almost-weds something a little pricier, you’ll want to opt for either elevated essentials or experiences. Upgrades to their current items or the opportunity to pamper themselves — or their pets! — is one of the most personal and meaningful ways to make a lasting impression with your wedding shower gift.

Go Treat Yourselves

Airbnb Gift Card | Cash Fund: Year's Supply of Pet Treats

16. Airbnb Gift Card

Whether the couple is traveling for the honeymoon or are constantly posting from new locations on their Instagrams, a travel-focused gift is ideal for experience-chasing couples. An Airbnb gift card gives them a chance to explore together.

Price: $100
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17. Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker

If there’s one appliance everyone — especially couples in apartments — needs, it’s this multi-purpose Instant Pot. The sleek little device does it all from cooking rice to making yogurt to steaming, sauteing, and pressure cooking which means less counter space clutter for the newlywed couple.

Price: $119.99
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Instant Pot Duo Plus Pressure Cooker | Luxe Sateen 4-Piece Core Sheet Set | One SL: The Essential Home Speaker

18. Luxe Sateen 4-Piece Core Sheet Set

Luxurious, resort-quality sheets are a shower favorite because it’s a gift a couple won’t typically splurge on for themselves. This Brooklinen set — which comes in a variety of colors and all standard sizes — usually makes its way to shower registries due to its buttery soft feel and long-term durability.

Price: $135
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19. One SL: The Essential Home Speaker

Trying to find a gift for the couple who’s always the life of the party? This high-quality, Sonos speaker will make any couple want to dance with joy. The compact size makes it portable and easy to place while the rich sound beats other brands of the same size. Bonus: This model is humidity-resistant so jamming out while showering is a real possibility.

Price: $99
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20. Cash Fund: Year's Supply of Pet Treats

Whether you can’t decide what to get or you want to ensure you gift the couple something they love, cash funds are many modern couples’ favorite gifts. From money for traveling to a years’ worth of pet treats, these funds let the to-be-weds pamper themselves or their pooches during the most special season of their lives.

Price: Contribute what you wish
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Wedding Showers FAQ

What is a Wedding Shower?

A wedding shower is a pre-wedding celebration that gives guests the opportunity to “shower” the engaged couple with advice, support, and amusement. Traditionally, showers were just for the bride — and therefore called a “bridal shower” — but modern times mean more than just the bride gets to celebrate. From wedding showers that celebrate just the groom (sometimes called “groom showers”) to wedding showers that celebrate both halves of the couple, there are plenty of ways to celebrate those pre-wedding days.

In addition to enjoying light bites, drinks, games, and laughs, one of the main focal points of any wedding shower is watching the guest(s) of honor open gifts. Traditionally, guests bring presents to the shower that’ll help the couple kickstart their married life — think kitchen goods, home decor, and even barware. Sometimes these gifts are to be used in preparation of the wedding (such as crafting tools), at the wedding (like a personalized robe for getting ready or festive floral collars for the couple’s pets), or to ease some of the planning stress (such as a handheld massager or personalized wine glasses).

What Type of Gift Should You Bring to a Wedding Shower?

Many couples create a wedding shower registry which makes shopping for the perfect shower gift simple. And while it’s always a good idea to shop a couple’s wedding registry when gifting — they know what they like best, after all — sometimes that isn’t always an option. Whether everything has already been purchased, the items left are out of your price range, or none of the gifts feel personal to your relationship, you might be looking for more shower gift ideas.

Knowing some of the top 2022 wedding show registry trends can help you shop smart, especially if you're at a loss about what to get. Years ago couples would register for fine china during their engagement season, and while the trend has shifted slightly, tablescape items such as textured dinnerware, colored flatware, and versatile drinkware — like this Gemma cocktail set — are still some of the most common registry items.

Additionally, modern kitchen essentials such as espresso machines, ramen bowls, air fryers, and pizza platters continue to rank high on couples’ registries, as do outdoor must-haves like lounge furniture, grills, and fire pits. But even more, we’re seeing outside-the-box registry additions that are fun to use and give, like travel elevators, ice cream makers, sushi serving sets, and even gifts for the fur babies.

To help you narrow down the options — and avoid having to compare a zillion open tabs with gift ideas — we've rounded up 20 of the top shower gifts for 2022 that’ll get any couple in the celebratory spirit.

Do You Need to Bring a Gift to a Wedding Shower?

Traditionally, a wedding shower would take place in the morning/afternoon and would only host female guests and family members. With modern showers being more about inclusivity, showers can take place in the morning or evening and can be virtually any theme from tea party to TV-inspired. But one tradition that’s still going strong — and won’t be fizzling out any time soon — is showering the couple with gifts.

If you’re wondering how much to spend on a wedding shower gift, you’ll want to first consider your overall budget for gifts since it’s customary to bring a present for the engagement party, wedding shower, and wedding itself. We suggest using the 60-20-20 rule, with 60 percent of your total gift budget going to the wedding gift and the other 40 percent being divided between the shower and the engagement party.

It’s also important to note that while it’s your presence that truly matters, showing up to a wedding shower without a gift is a major faux pas. In fact, if you’re invited to a shower and can’t attend, it’s still a good idea to send a gift to show the couple your support and blessing. If you can’t swing for a present, even sending a card with well-wishes will show the couple you’re excited or their next chapter.

Zola Wedding Shower Gifts for 2022

Download and share for a full list of the top gifts couples want on their wedding shower registry.

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