Best Wedding Favors

From koozies to succulents, infused oil to hand sanitizer, there are a lot of wedding favors to consider when selecting for your big day. That’s why we’re breaking down the best wedding favors to take the guesswork out of the gifts for your guests.

By Rachel Varina

Best Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

  • If you’re looking for favors that your guests will find useful, consider luggage tags, bottle openers, or personalized flip flops.
  • Yummy treats are great favor options, so consider sending your guests home with doughnuts, coffee beans, honey, or hot sauce.
  • Fun wedding favors like dog treats, playing cards, or scratch-off lottery tickets will make guests feel celebratory long after the “I dos”.

When it comes time to select favors for your wedding, there are a lot of options to consider for your wedding guests. Whether you’re having an outdoor wedding or looking to keep things eco-friendly, you want something that will leave your guests happy and talking about your event for years to come.

To find the most unique wedding favor ideas for your wedding day, you have to think outside the normal party favor box. It could be based on your wedding color, go along with the wedding theme, or could even be an edible wedding favor. If you’re after the best wedding favors for your event, we’re outlining our favorite options that are sure to make your guests feel special and included on the big day.

Best Favors to Use

Luggage Tags

If you’re having a destination wedding, a luggage tag is a cute way to tie in the traveling concept. Have the tags personalized with your favorite quote about adventure, and then place them on guests’ place settings to liven up the tablescape. A luggage tag is the perfect wedding favor for fellow travel lovers.

Bottle Openers

Wondering how your guests are going to open their favorite Champagne or Champagne alternative bottle? Whether you choose a custom bottle opener with your wedding date or you opt for something more versatile, such as these antique-style keys, you can rest assured that your pals will use these favors for years to come. It can also be an ode to the great open bar wedding that you threw. These are great personalized wedding favors that can be used even after the wedding reception.

Personalized Flip Flops

Are you celebrating on the beach, or planning to have a major dance party at your wedding? Flip flops printed with your wedding date or a fun quote are a great way to ensure that everyone feels comfortable showing off their best moves and traipsing through the sand.

Most Eco-Friendly Favors


If you dream of gifting your guest a living plant, succulents are a perfect choice. Not only are they timeless-yet-trendy, but since they don’t require much water, they’re great for everyone, no matter how skilled they are (or aren’t) attending plants. Plus, they’re a cute addition to place settings to liven up your tables.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles are always a great gift choice, so opting to personalize some for your wedding guests is a great way to be eco-friendly and to ensure that everyone stays hydrated. Select styles in your wedding colors, or incorporate your date as an added and memorable touch. These personalized wedding favors are sustainable and can be a fun addition to wedding planning.

Herb or Flower Seeds

Seed packets—whether they’re herbs, flowers, or veggies—are adorable and budget-friendly favors that are perfect for outdoor or nature-centric weddings. Make sure to include instructions on the packet (such as how much sunlight and water the seeds need) so that your guests can continue to celebrate your blooming love.

Best Edible Favors

After (or Before) Dinner Doughnuts

Doughnut walls are always a popular choice for wedding decor, but if you want something a little more personalized (and COVID-19 friendly), consider using doughnuts as a favor. Place a doughnut in a personalized bag on each place setting, or have a waiter hand them out to guests as they’re leaving as a sweet treat for your friends and family to enjoy.

Your Favorite Coffee

If you and you are SO are major coffee fans, consider leaning into your caffeine addiction by gifting your guests your favorite beans. Purchase some personalized bags or pouches and add some ground coffee to each for the perfect post-wedding pick-me-up.

Honey or Hot Sauce

While you might not think of pantry stables as favors, they make adorable (and usable) gifts that your guests will love. If you’re a fan of spicy food, gift each guest a mini hot sauce bottle with a fun tag. If you’re having an outdoor or flower-heavy celebration, mini jars of honey are a sweet way to help guests continue the celebration after the big day.

Best Favors to DIY

Custom Candles

Making your candles is a fun, sustainable, and unique way to help your guests remember your special day. Once you get the hang of melting the wax and pouring it into your choice of the canister, the options for personalization are endless. Consider making the favors as a date night activity with your SO, and add flowers, fragrance, glitter, or colors to make the gifts as unique and special as the bond that you both share is.

Infused Olive Oil

If you’re a culinary couple or just major foodies, infused olive oil is an adorable and delicious favor that your guests will love. Snag some cute bottles and corks, drop some herbs into each one (rosemary is the most popular, but thyme, oregano, sage, or even chili flakes make great choices), and fill with oil. Consider gifting with a recipe or small loaf of warm bread for guests to use later.

Hot Cocoa Kit

Custom hot cocoa kits are cute gifts for guests, and they’re perfect for cool-weather weddings. Order some personalized mason jars and layer them with cocoa mix and mini-marshmallows. Don’t forget to add a tag with serving information so that your guests can enjoy their favors when they need something extra sweet.

Best Keepsake Wedding Favors

Zola: Best Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Powerstation Events

Magnets or Ornaments

Lots of people use weddings as a chance to explore and vacation, so gift them something to remember their trip by. Personalized magnets or Christmas ornaments (especially if you’re having a winter wedding) with the date and location of the event is a wonderful way for guests to remember the trip as the years go by.

Personalized Koozies

Koozies are one of the most popular modern wedding favors, and for good reason. Not only are these keepsakes a great way to remember the party, but they’re easy to store (just toss them in your bar area or random kitchen drawer). Plus, they’ll keep guests’ drinks cold throughout the night, no matter how hot the party gets.

Custom Handkerchiefs

Take things back to the way of old-timey charm and tradition by gifting your guests custom handkerchiefs. Select choices in your wedding colors or opt for featuring a fun quote, and be sure to have your date sewn into the side for a timeless favor that your guests will cherish.

Best Outdoor Wedding Favors


If you’re having an outdoor wedding during the hours that the sun is shining, there’s a good chance that guests might feel the heat or have the light in their eyes. Paper parasols are a charming way to ward off the rays, and they will make the outdoor ceremony much more comfortable for guests sitting in the sun.

Reef-Safe Sunscreen or Lip Balm

Tropical destination weddings mean beautiful scenery and oasis-like vibes, but it also poses a risk of sunburn, especially if the event is taking place during the day. Consider getting personalized sunscreens or lip balms for your guests to use during the event and take home after. If you’re feeling eco-friendly, reef-safe options are great because the ingredients don’t harm marine life.

Personalized Fans

Another wonderful way to beat the heat at outdoor weddings is to gift guests hand fans as a wedding favor. Whether you opt for paper, wood, or fabric, make sure to have your wedding date etched on the handle for a stylish and useful outdoor wedding favor.

COVID-19 Wedding Favors

Custom Hand Sanitizer

Staying germ-free is one of the most important ways to celebrate a wedding in 2020, so make things easy by ensuring that all of your guests have their hand sanitizer. Get a plastic or roller bottles personalized so that your guests can remember the celebration fondly while staying healthy after the big day.

Individual Treat Bags

Individual, pre-packaged treats (such as candy, cookies, or even caramel apples), are a delicious option for spoiling your guests without requiring multiple trips to a shared sweets table. Get bags or boxes personalized with your wedding date and your favorite quote, and then fill them with goodies and place them at each guest’s seat to be munched on throughout the evening (or taken home to enjoy after the celebration is over).

A Nod to the “Changed” Date

If you’re one of many couples who had to change their wedding date, consider poking fun at the changes that 2020 brought by leaning into the twists and turns of your plans. Gift guests mini Champagne bottles or colorful koozies with your old date crossed out and your new date showcased.

Most Fun Wedding Favors

Zola: Best Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Clane Gessel Photography

Dog Treats

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate your furry family members into your big day, doggie treats are an adorable way for like-minded guests to pull their pups into the fun. Set up a dog treat station where guests can make grab bags full of treats for their waiting pups at home. Don’t forget to plop a photo of your pets in the center.

Personalized Playing Cards

Couples who love game nights and crave competition can’t beat personalized playing cards. You can include details such as wedding colors and your date, or even pick different photos (such as each other or your pets) for the face cards. Place them on each setting for guests to look through and take home after the festivities.

Scratch Off Tickets

Take the whole “richer or poorer” concept to a whole other level with scratch-off favors. Put a ticket in a cute bag or card on each guest’s place setting for them to scratch at your wedding. Who knows, maybe someone will win big, making the day even luckier.

Whether you’re looking for wedding favors that make guests comfortable at your outdoor wedding, honor your desire to be eco-friendly or showcase your fun-loving bond, there’s something for every couple that will help their guests celebrate their love long after the day is done.