How to Package Wedding Favors: A Complete Guide

Once you’ve decided on what wedding favors you want to give guests, you need to figure out the best way to package them. Here’s a complete guide on how to package wedding favors.

By Laura Hensley

How to Package Wedding Favors
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  • From plastic bags to paper envelopes and vinyl boxes, there’s endless ways to package wedding favors without breaking the bank.
  • For edible goods such as mints and candies, glass containers are a great way for guests to keep the gift long after eating the treats.
  • Packaging is important because it helps keep items from breaking and it also lets guests know you value their presence at your wedding.

Wedding favors are, little gifts that guests take home with them as a thank-you for attending your special day. They are often personalized by the couple and tend to reflect the wedding’s theme.

Once you’ve decided on what wedding favors you want to give, you then need to figure out the best way to package them. If your wedding favor is something edible and easily squashed, such as a fresh macaroon, a package that protects it—especially in transit—is important. There’s more elaborate ways and more cost-effective ways to present the gifts. It’s important that you factor packaging into the overall cost of wedding favors, as you want to make sure that you don’t go over your wedding budget. Certain types of packaging work best for different types of favors.

Here’s a complete guide on how to package wedding favors.

Plastic Bags

How to Package Wedding Favors: A Complete Guide *Photo Credit * // Airenmiller Photography

When we talk about plastic bags, we aren’t referring to the grocery store variety. There’s plenty of options and styles for plastic wedding favor bags that are affordable, including ones with seals, and ones that you can tie closed with a piece of ribbon or string. Some options, like on Etsy, come with a personalized wedding sticker so that you can have a message of your choice on each favor bag. You can put anything from potpourri, dried lavender, popcorn, gourmet cookies, nuts and dried fruit, or an assortment of mini chocolates and candies in the bags. You can even package little candles or tealights in plastic wrap, neatly tie it shut with colorful satin ribbon, and attach a small thank-you note.

Paper Bags

Candy stations are popular options for couples who want wedding guests to help themselves to their favorite treats. If you’re hoping that guests grab a curated candy bag as a wedding favor on their way out of your reception, cute paper bags created specifically for weddings are easy and affordable options. Foil-printed phrases such as “I do, me too” and “just married” on the paper, goodie bags make this option practical and fun. There’s also kraft paper options available that are ideal for rustic or barn wedding celebrations.

Plastic or Vinyl Containers

If your wedding favors are anything that need to be sealed for longer-term freshness, plastic or vinyl containers are the way to go—think: mints, candies and gum. You can buy these treats in bulk and then buy the containers to package yourself, or you can get the whole favor packaged and ready to go. If you want to decorate the containers, consider buying customized stickers to label each one with messages such as “just married” or your wedding date.

Sachets and Drawstring Bags

Organza sachets and drawstring bags made out of muslin, silk, cotton, or burlap are reusable, come in different sizes and colors, and are affordable. In other words, they make fantastic packages for wedding favors. They are suitable for small gifts such as dried lavender, little soaps, loose-leaf teas, or mints. Depending on your wedding theme and aesthetic, you can go with a favor bag design that best reflects your personality as a couple.

Paper Envelopes

Plant or flower seeds are fantastic and affordable wedding favors. Not only are they cost-effective, but they allow guests to plant—and watch grow—something in their gardens after your wedding day. Seeds are best packaged in small paper envelopes, which can be decorated and personalized with stickers or stamps.

Glass Containers

How to Package Wedding Favors: A Complete Guide *Photo Credit * // EmmaMcdonald Weddings

If you’re giving guests a goodie that’s edible, but you also want them to have something to hold onto forever, individual wedding candy jars are ideal. You can pre-fill every small jar with treats such as mints, candies, or even chocolates and place them either with guests’ place settings or on a table for them to grab on the way out. The beauty of a glass jar is that they are reusable and can hold everyday items such as cotton balls, pocket change, buttons, or even spices in the kitchen.

Some wedding favors already come packaged in glass containers, such as these adorable champagne bottles filled with jelly beans. If your wedding favor is honey, sauce, maple syrup, or jam, glass jars are the best option.

Paper Boxes

Paper boxes like the ones you get at bakeries are ideal for edible wedding favors that you don’t want to get squashed or damaged in transit. Treats such as cupcakes, cookies, or macaroons are easy to gift in low-cost boxes. There’s various prints and styles of party favor boxes available, so don’t be afraid to do some shopping to find a design that best pairs with your wedding aesthetic. Paper boxes are also handy if you want guests to take home any wedding dessert table snacks for later.

Mason Jars

If you’re having a rustic or barn wedding, chances are that you’ll be incorporating mason jars. The glass jars are ideal for wedding favors such as succulents, hard candies, granola, jams or even craft cocktail sets. Mason jars are incredibly handy to have around the house and will be something that guests will actually reuse, which is important if you’re thinking about having a more eco-friendly and sustainable wedding.

Your wedding favor packaging should be suitable for your wedding favor. If you’re giving out cupcakes, for example, you don’t want to hand them out in paper bags. Be sure that you account for the cost of wedding favor packaging in your budget, so that you don’t get hit with a charge that you weren’t prepared for. Get creative, have fun, and pick a package that reflects your overall wedding theme.

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