8 Boozy Wedding Favors to Lift Everyone's Spirits

Having boozy wedding favors ensures that your thank you gifts will be a hit.

By Monica Mercuri

Boozy Wedding Favors
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The First Look ✨

Not to sound ungrateful, but we’ve all been to weddings where the gifts and favors have been lacking. It’s not the absence of wedding favors—it’s the choice of thank you gift in question. Unfortunately, non-useful wedding favors lead to discarded items and wasted funds. However, if you’re up for keeping the party going long after your reception, we’ve got the perfect wedding favor in mind. Here are eight alcohol wedding favors that your guests will definitely want to keep.

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Drinkable Wedding Favors for Your Guests

Whether you decide to give straight-up alcohol or the ingredients for a DIY drink, your wedding guests will appreciate them. Plus, guests can recall your wedding day as they relax and sip on cocktails made possible by you. Boozy wedding favors can be some of the most thoughtful thank you gifts.


Do you and your partner know your way around the kitchen? Show off your skills by bottling flavored liquor. Distilled spirits, such as vodka, are easy to infuse. Present the finished product in a mason jar or decorative bottle, and put a suggested use-by date, if necessary.

Crafting Kits

Conveniently, you can purchase drink kits pre-assembled, although if you enjoy good DIY projects, you can put together your own. Ingredients for drinks, such as a Bloody Mary or Moscow Mule, can be easily assembled to enjoy at home. Either supply mini liquor alcohol bottles or give instructions for your guests to add their own spirits at home.

Mini Alcohol Bottles

One of the most common boozy wedding favors is alcohol. Whether you choose wine, Champagne, or mini liquor wedding favors—such as gin or bourbon—be creative. Go for high quality or uniquely flavored alcohol for an unexpected treat.

Boozy Wedding Favors Photo Credit // Final Frame

Local Alcohol

Out-of-town connoisseurs will enjoy a taste from your hometown. Give them a six-pack from a local brewery, or present your guests with handcrafted cider. If it’s within your budget, give each attendee a bottle from a local winery or distillery.

Homemade Simple Syrup

Many cocktail recipes call for simple syrup, and you can make the sweetener from scratch for your guests. Include a few easy recipes to go along with the syrup. Alternatively, this is a fabulous, boozy wedding favor for non-drinkers in attendance, as the syrup can sweeten non-alcoholic drinks.

Fancy Garnish

Most likely, if a cocktail recipe calls for an olive or cherry, folks purchase inexpensive ones at the grocery store. Of course, this is ok for our own usage, but kick it up a notch for your guests. Head to a specialty store to purchase gourmet maraschino cherries, colored sanding sugar, or olives from Spain. Your wedding guests may not splurge on these themselves. However, they will appreciate the quality of your thoughtful gesture.

Curated Recipes

Whether you collect recipes from yesteryear—Sidecar or Tom Collins, anyone?—or have family recipes, share them with your guests. Have them bound into a small book as your boozy wedding favors. Consequently, you could also include a recipe so they can make a new cocktail at home.

Hangover Kits

If your wedding has an open bar, your guests may wake up feeling less than their best the next day. Put together a small kit with items—such as water, specialty crackers, mints, and pain medication—to keep them feeling alert. Even if they don’t have a hangover, the items will prove useful at some point.

Boozy Wedding Favors to Avoid

Some boozy wedding favors are overdone or just downright not useful. You may be incredibly excited about sending your guests off with something personalized with your names and wedding date, but, just don’t. No one—except maybe your parents—wants anything with your names and date on them.

Your guests, most likely, have our list of items already lying around their house. Avoid duplication and think creatively, instead. We hate to say it—ok, we actually don’t—but skip out on these potentially trite options.

  • Drink koozies
  • Any type of glass (shot, wine, etc.)
  • Bottle openers
  • Corkscrews
  • Coasters

However, There Are Some Exceptions

If you have your heart set on a koozie, purchase ones with kitschy sayings. Phrases such as “save water, drink beer” or “IPA lot when I drink beer” are more likely to be used. Additionally, they’ll garner a chuckle from those who read them.

An upscale travel souvenir, such as etched glass, can serve as a memento for a destination wedding trip. Additionally, if you’re thinking of something to open beverages, be sure that it’s a high-quality one. Giving guests something they may already have means that the favor needs to have a luxurious wow factor.

Choosing boozy wedding favors is a decision that you make with confidence. With so many creative options, your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness as they sip and savor at home. And they definitely won’t throw them away.

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