21 Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas

If you've waited too long to select a gift for the couple, we've got you covered! Explore our 21 last-minute wedding gift ideas that will still impress.

By Monica Mercuri

last minute wedding gift ideas
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

  • Browse our carefully chosen last-minute wedding gift ideas that don't feel last-minute.
  • For the couple that loves to host, consider tabletop gifts like bar-tools or high quality flatware.
  • For the couple that cooks, bakes, or just loves food, opt for kitchen gifts like a baking dish—or a whole set.
  • For the couple that likes to get cozy, choose a bed and bath gift, such as a comforter set or luxury towels.
  • For the couple who loves home decor, give a gift for the home, like a wireless speaker or photo album.

If this wedding season is your first as a guest, you may be unsure of whether or not you should bring a gift to the wedding, or of the right amount of money to give as a wedding gift. But, if you’re a seasoned wedding veteran with a lot of weddings to attend this year, you’re probably busy planning travel dates, hotel stays, and a robust dry-cleaning schedule. It can get chaotic—so chaotic, in fact, you may forget to scan each couple’s wedding registry and send a gift.

Now, it's almost the wedding day and you're scrambling. Fear not! We’ve hand-picked 21 last minute wedding gifts that will still impress (read: they don’t feel last-minute). Plus, we only chose thoughtful gifts that are best sellers and that ship quickly. Below, browse our last minute wedding gift ideas.

How much should you spend on a wedding gift?

The etiquette surrounding wedding gift spending isn't exactly straightforward. That's because how much you spend depends on a few different factors. How well you know the couple and how many wedding's you're attending in a short timespan, for example. If you're not sure how much you should spend on your last-minute wedding gift for the soon-to-be newlyweds, consider the following.

  • The "Cover Your Plate" Rule: Older etiquette states that the cost of your gift should be comparable to the cost of your plate at the reception. However, this piece of advice is outdated and inconvenient. Opt to leave it behind.
  • An average wedding gift costs between $50 and $100. Where you land typically depends on how close you are to the couple and how long you've known them.
  • That being said, gift giving isn't about money spent, but rather an acknowledgement of the special occasion. Ultimately, choose a gift that has special meaning and is a price you're comfortable with.
  • Big-ticket items might catch the eye, but couples register for gifts at a variety of price-points. Check the registry for small wedding gift ideas the couple specifically wants or needs.


For that couple that loves to host, enjoys an EOD cocktail, or wants to expand their beverage palette.

Bar Tools Set

51b9f868-19f7-4527-9b93-dc64d7d7b666 Photo Credit // Libbey

Aim for something incredibly classy (and fun) by getting the couple a complete cocktail bar tools set. This Libbey Bar Tool Set, specifically, comes with nine professional-quality pieces. So, they’ll never go without when getting their mixologist on.

Don’t think your loved ones are very versed in cocktail creation? No problem. The mixing glass has several recipes printed directly on it. No more blanking on that gin-to-vermouth ratio.


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Glass Set

ff95a56b-1169-40f8-83ac-b1a6adacbc79 Photo Credit // Riedel

You can’t make drinks without nice glasses to serve them in. Please your favorite engaged duo by giving them a set of champagne flutes, wine glasses, or sophisticated long drink glasses. Long glasses have considerably more volume than short glasses, meaning you can fill them with “tall” mixed drinks (as opposed to shorter, stronger drinks). This makes them perfectly suited for most cocktails.


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Marble Board

207f2adb-193d-4fdf-8545-f3ae7f2893ae Photo Credit // Willow Park

So your engaged friend or family member is into charcuterie. Gift them an upgraded serving board to impress their guests. This marble rectangular board is made with ease of use and stunning display in mind. Plus, cleaning the marble base is as simple as wiping it down, since it’s far less porous than other materials like wood.


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Flatware Set

f078464d-ce1f-49e7-b7db-7fc172447f90 Photo Credit // Hampton Forge

Nothing says tableware upgrade like a high-quality flatware set. While others may have already gifted dessert trays, plate sets, and the like, flatware is sometimes forgotten for more flashier gifts.

Choose a set that services several people. Really bring it home by selecting a collection that also has an elegant texture or pattern on the handles, like this 45-piece set.


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Printed Dish Towels

99ad0777-12e4-4b12-8a27-597c13b1e320 Photo Credit // Fishs Eddy

Like flatware, nice dish towels aren’t alwaysthe first thing to gift off a registry. So it’s a perfect last-minute wedding gift that ties all that serveware together. Choose towels with a pattern or design that reflects the couple’s personality or home design.

If they’re minimalists feel free to stick to solids and stripes, but if they’re, say, notable dog people, go with a dish towel that has a pooch-related print. Luckily, we know just the one.


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Salad Servers

a921af16-23fb-47ad-b069-9a3ebb3da38a Photo Credit // Be Home

For the couple whose registry is depleted of large bowls and tabletop dishes, set your sights on serving utensils. Beautifully crafted salad servers, for example, are just as important in a table setting. Just be sure to choose a pair that matches the serveware they’ve already received or registered for.


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For the couple that cooks, bakes, and just really loves food.

Dutch Oven

7179a123-84c6-4e77-9936-cc53c6f0ff9a Photo Credit // Le Creuset

Move over, cutting boards. The dutch oven is a classic kitchen staple and a great gift. This versatile dish is great for the couple that loves to cook or bake bread—and in large batches. This iron ore dutch oven, in particular, is pleasingly lightweight yet generous in size, making it incredibly easy to use. Many cozy meals are ahead for the couple that receives this.

$369.99 - $409.99

Buy from Zola

Casserole Dish

9f3d6d87-c6f1-45b5-935d-f45eacc2cf9d Photo Credit // Le Creuset

Along the same lines, a casserole dish is a just-as-great last-minute gift. Not only can one be used for cooking, but also as a serving vessel atop the dining table. For that purpose, this rectangular casserole dish can’t be beat.

Modern design meets utility with an enamel base and long, easy to grip handles. It’s straight, rectangular shape is also ideal for a number of dishes—from pies and lasagnas to, of course, casseroles.


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Bakeware Set

c2742c9e-4673-4c46-b383-b7482f7358d8 Photo Credit // Calphalon

A kitchen isn’t complete without your standard bakeware. We’re talking baking sheets, cookie sheets, cooling racks, and an assortment of pans (specifically, loaf, muffin, cake, and brownie). Luckily, this comprehensive bakeware essentials set has them all. Non-stick layers and a steel core make for high-performance results.


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Bed and Bath

For the couple that value coziness and quality sleep over everything else.

3-Piece Comforter Set

0dc1f88c-3a26-4de5-9803-755976f5861f Photo Credit // Peri Home

Nothing quite says luxury and comfort like top tier bedding. Give the priceless gift of a good night’s sleep with a comforter set that’s as cozy as it is charming. Aside from the comforter, this set includes two shams, each piece with a sophisticated white tufted loop style.

$149.99 - $179.99

Buy from Zola

Countertop Mirror

6615d1b1-eb90-4dab-948b-4fb6bf999175 Photo Credit // DKNY

Skincare buffs, makeup lovers, and grooming experts alike will go weak in the knees for this stunning countertop mirror. Gold-colored metal creates a highly polished piece fit for anyone’s vanity or bathroom countertop. Perfect for small spaces, it adds a touch of glamor to all beauty sessions.


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Luxury Bath Towels

4c4b62d6-c8bb-4d1f-93fe-899d8b28b8ba Photo Credit // Lauren Ralph Lauren

Much like throw blankets and comforters, you can’t get much cozier or more luxurious than a high-quality bath towel. Towels like Ralph Lauren’s Sanders Bath Towel are a step above the rest due to softness and durability. These, in particular, are made with premium cotton fibers and antimicrobial properties that keep them odor- and impurity-free. All of this is to say it’s a perfect gift that’ll last and last.


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For the couple who loves a special decor piece or modern digital element.

Infinity Picture Frame

8f71ebf8-4cac-45ff-858c-d1b34536a8e5 Photo Credit // Umbra

If you’re still at a loss, you can never go wrong with a nice picture frame (or frames). What better way for a couple to preserve beautiful wedding day memories than in a frame gifted to them by a loved one? Umbra’s Infinity Picture Frame finds its place on this list not only for this reason, but because it can be freestanding or wall-mounted. Available in brass, chrome, and black, there’s a space for one in every home.


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Wireless Speaker

9356c410-38e3-43ef-ba68-2b0df19c507c Photo Credit // Sonos

So you want to give a more unique wedding gift, but don’t have time to put in major research. A wireless speaker is a smart option for the music lovers, podcast listeners, and audiobook aficionados in your life. Practically everyone can find use in one (especially if it’s portable and compact). Fill the gap by giving this smart present to the happy couple.


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Marble Wall Clock

0b6f5a69-3f42-4a68-9dc7-8e2c1a065eb5 Photo Credit // BIDKhome

As long as you have a good idea of the couple’s style, you can’t go wrong with decor. The BIDKhome Marble Wall Clock is a particularly good choice for friends or family that are into a minimalistic or current style. The white stone clock would even work well for a couple that adores interesting or artistic objects and decor.


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Aroma Diffuser

6bc2c605-41e0-47c8-b655-3a1ea8843c60 Photo Credit // Mia

Whether the couple is moving into a new home of just enjoys essential oils, an aroma diffuser is another luxe gift worth considering. The Lea Aroma Diffuser is small and discreet with a black exterior that will blend into almost any space—from the bedroom to the living room to the office. Add this item to your cart along with a few oils and you’re good to go.


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Glass Vase Set

fee4df48-d407-4c32-be33-fe8ff92bb4a6 Photo Credit // Libbey

Another beautiful piece of decor for the home? Vases. Versatile and elegant, you can gift them boxed up by themselves or with candles or a bouquet of flowers. Gift multiple (like this set of two) so they can be placed at both ends of a table or around the house.


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2-in-1 Candle

dd5a2c9a-1d15-43b4-9704-451f0e32bcd3 Photo Credit // Creative Energy Candles

Speaking of candles! Candles are luxurious, yet simple wedding gifts. This Unisex Soy Lotion Candle, in particular not only has a lovely scent, but two indulgent functions. These candles melt into a warm lotion that can be applied to the skin. Nice natural scents, a warm massage—sounds like a perfect wedding present to us.


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‘Just Married’ Tray

da09ca7e-6448-4f6e-859c-913ad89fb33a Photo Credit // Rosanna

Opt for a charming catch-all tray. Our favorite, from Rosanna, brings the beauty of the outdoors indoors, featuring a delicate and natural floral design. Not only is it elegant and beautiful, but great for holding keys, watches, jewelry (wedding rings), and other small items that need a place.


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Personalized Weekender Bag

a24a3ecd-7b5e-4b1f-ae3a-ccf07f9e2f03 Photo Credit // Cathy's Concepts

As much as the engaged couple is looking forward to their big day getting married, chances are they can’t wait to get out on their honeymoon. Help prepare them for the trip (or future date-nights-turned-weekend-getaways) with a bag ideal for the overhead bin or under their seat. Delsey Paris' Soft Air Weekender Duffel makes our list for being spacious and soft-to-touch. Plus, it’s “leather” accents are vegan! Personalize it with the couple’s married monogram for a special touch.


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Photo Album

Own Wedding Album Photo Credit // Zola

Remember when we said, “what better way is there to preserve wedding memories than a picture frame”? Well, we won’t say an album is better, but it is just as special. If nothing else feels right, opt for the present that can keep all of your loved ones’ wedding photos and memories from their special day in one place.

$149 - $329

Buy from Zola

Giving timely and meaningful wedding gifts at the last minute can be a stressful task. Bookmark this list as a reference for future weddings—if not anniversary gifts, valentine's day gifts, and other special occasions. And, when all else fails, know that everyone appreciates a convenient gift card and handwritten card.

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