Group Gifting 101: 26 Group Wedding Gift Ideas + Tips

One of our favorite Zola features is Group Gifting–where your friends, coworkers, and family members can go in on your wedding gifts together completely hassle-free. Here's how to use group gifting on your wedding registry.

By Emily Forrest

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Every wedding guest list is unique, but we're willing to bet that the list for your special day features guests with a range of budgets. Some guests can afford to splurge on lavish gifts for the newlyweds, while others may be a bit more conservative in choosing the best wedding gift within their budget for the happy couple. Keep this in mind when it comes to adding items to your wedding registry.

When creating a registry for your wedding day—and your life as a married couple—we always recommend adding smaller- and larger-ticket items so there's something for all budgets. There's no need to skip expensive gifts, though. Just make it a group gift! From gift ideas for your new home to unique wedding gift experiences for your honeymoon and beyond, here's how it works—and why you should do it.

What Is Group Gifting?

Group gifting is a win-win situation for the couple and the guest. It allows the couple to choose whatever great wedding gifts they want, in whatever price range they want. At the same time, the guests stay in their budget, contributing what they wish to an extra special wedding present. We handle all the logistics for your guests so there’s no unnecessary back and forth…and ensure you receive the most perfect wedding gifts.

Why Should I Use Group Gifting?

Well, like we said, it makes your registry experience completely accessible to all budget levels. Plus, it's a Zola secret that making an expensive item a group gift actually increases your chances of receiving that gift. Guests are less likely to simply skip over it if they can't afford the entire thing.

What Counts As A Group Gift?

Anything you want! Really, anything. At Zola we offer an extremely wide range of registry items—from expensive barware to whole furniture pieces to keepsakes and experiences you'll remember forever. Usually group gifts are on the more expensive end but, with your Zola registry, you can make anything a group gift.

Do Guests Have To Go In On A Group Gift Together?

Nope! You can get that swanky bar cart from your coworker, great aunt, and friend from high school without any stress or coordination on their part (or yours, of course). We'll keep track of who contributed to what, though, so you can be sure to thank everyone when it's time.

How Do I Do It?

When you register at Zola, you can turn on the group gifting feature for any item on your registry. This includes big-ticket items for the home, newlywed cash funds, and even charity funds. Just select group gifting as you're adding the item to let your friends and family know the deal.

26 Best Group Wedding Gift Ideas for Your Registry!

Now that you've decided to use our group gifting feature, we figured we'd offer some recommendations and wedding gift ideas for your registry. How you choose to employ group gifting is entirely up to you! Go big or go home on big-ticket items or set up a fund for the charity of your choice or your honeymoon. Here are a few fun physical items that work well as group gifts.

1. Quality Cookware

lecreuset braiser flame A 750 Le Creuset – $285

Group Gifting really comes in handy when you want to add high-quality brands to your wedding registry like Le Creuset. This brand is known for durability and timelessness, making it a guest favorite wedding gift–the only catch is the high price tag. Turn on group gifting and voila! The only kitchenware you’ll ever need is yours—with the help of a few guests. To shop all Le Creuset, click here.

2. Cozy New Couch

59dba909c268e9639fa01cc4 A 1600 Baxton Studio - $1099.99

Fill your new space (or upgrade your current one) with comfy furniture fit for the happy couple. Your guests will be happy to contribute to your home—especially if you invite them over to enjoy it, too. We love this mid-century sectional in a neutral hue.

3. Couples Massage

zeel couples massage nyc A 750 Zeel – $100-$318, depending on location

Who could resist a couples massage leading up to your big day? Or perhaps save it for a time when all the wedding festivities have died down and you two are still looking to celebrate. Either way, turn on group gifting and let your guests contribute to an afternoon of sheer bliss…which might just be the best wedding gift of all!

4. A Weekend Adventure

5a43faf1c268e921c9efce18 A 1600 Cloud 9 Living - $250

Sure, you're planning your honeymoon, but that won't be the last getaway you take as a couple. Get a jumpstart on weekend planning with a gift card (yes, you can register for gift cards!) to Cloud 9 Living, an experience gift company. Use it towards a skydiving adventure, a luxury camping weekend, a sunset cruise for two, or any of the company's many other large and small adventures.

5. In-House Entertainment

56e0722ee4b000338fbfa420 A 1600 Sonos - $699

We really mean it when we say you can make anything a group gift. Receive the wedding gifts you really want with the group gifting feature that will make your guests as happy as you.

6. Wine Glasses

A wedding is all about upgrading what you already have—so if you've been sipping out of a mismatched set of wine glasses since you moved in together, go ahead and register for a full-scope set. Because, yes, there are differently shaped glasses for reds and whites—and a full set can be a great option for a group gift.

Zwiesel Glas Sensa Mixed Red & White Wine Glasses, $120, Williams Sonoma

7. Bottle of Wine

Yes—you can register for a bottle of wine! Choose a splurge-worthy bottle of bubbly or a case of wine for a group gift. Better yet, you can even register for a wine club membership or subscription box for a gift that keeps on coming all year.

Dinner Party Bundle, $151, Bright Cellars

8. Champagne Flutes

Nothing says "celebration" quite like Champagne! Toast to your life together as newlyweds and register for a pair of luxurious champagne flutes—perfect for a few friends to go in on.

Waterford Love Forever Flute Pair, $210, Macy's

9. Premium Blender

If you're still using the same blender you had in your first post-college apartment, you're definitely due for an upgrade—and your registry is the perfect opportunity to add a professional-level blender to your kitchen. And because high-end blenders can have a high price tag, they make for great group gifts.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, $629.96, Williams Sonoma

10. Cast-Iron Cookware

A cast-iron grill pan makes a great addition to any wedding registry. Choosing one from a premium brand, like Le Creuset, makes for a great group gifting option.

Le Creuset Signature Cast Iron Grill Pan, $225, Williams Sonoma

11. Coffee or Espresso Maker

Whether you're looking to replace your tired drop coffee maker or want to level up your at-home latte game, a nice coffee machine is one of our favorite registry gifts. Plus, it makes a great group gift—since, as a thank you, you can host all the gift-ers at your place for coffee.

Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine, $749.95, Crate+Barrel

12. Date Night Experiences

If you're looking for wedding registry gift ideas that aren't physical objects, adding a few experiences or activities is a great idea. It could be a cooking class at a nearby culinary school, or a chef's table experience at a fine dining restaurant.

San Francisco Wine Country Tour, $598, Virgin Experiences Gift at Zola

13. Cashmere Throw Blanket

Snuggle up in luxury and register for a cashmere blanket—whether you keep it on your sofa or on your bed, we have a feeling this will be one of your most-used wedding gifts. Since cashmere is a splurge, it makes a great group gift option.

Sferra Dorsey Throw, $664, Bloomingdale's

14. Dutch Oven

From Sunday sauces to hearty soups, Dutch ovens are kitchen workhorses—and can be on the pricey side, making them a great group gift. Plus, they come in practically every color of the rainbow! A wedding registry is the perfect place to ask for one from a premium brand like Staub or Le Creuset.

Staub 7-Qt. Dutch Oven, $299.95, Crate+Barrel

15. Home Gadgets

If you've had your eye on an electronic gadget for your home (for example, a wireless security camera), add it to your wedding registry! Since electronics are typically on the more expensive side, this is a great opportunity to utilize the group gifting feature.

Blink Outdoor Wireless Security Camera, $99, Best Buy

16. Home Decor

Are you looking for an item of home decor to commemorate your wedding, or want to splurge on a one-of-a-kind accent piece? Or, maybe you just really want a custom painting of your fur baby. Whatever you choose, this is a gift that a group will love to give.

Brindley Illustration Custom Painting, $245, Etsy

17. Patio Furniture

Maybe you recently bought a home with your fiance—and whether you have a sprawling backyard or a petite patio, go ahead and register for some outdoor furniture. This is an ideal option for a group gift—as the group can come over and enjoy the patio furniture after they gift it (along with some backyard cocktails!).

Outdoor Dining Set, $249+, Crate+Barrel

18. Pizza Oven

Speaking of backyards, if you and your fiance love pizza, why not add a Neapolitan-worthy outdoor oven to your registry? And if a group ends up gifting you the oven, make sure to invite them over for pizza night!

Ooni Koda 16 Pizza Oven, $479.96, Williams Sonoma

19. Bouquet Preservation

Preserving your wedding bouquet is more popular than ever—and adding this service to your registry is a wonderful gift idea to commemorate your big day.

White Poppy Presses Wedding Bouquet Preservation, $195+, Etsy

20. KitchenAid Stand Mixer

KitchenAid stand mixers are another longtime registry staple—but they’re also a more expensive item, making them an ideal choice for a group gift. Plus, with a rainbow of colors to choose from, you can register for one that reflects your kitchen style.

KitchenAid Artisan 5-Qt. Stand Mixer, $449.95, Macy's

21. Robot Vacuum

Use group gifting on your wedding registry as an opportunity to upgrade your vacuum game! These expensive gadgets are perfect for multiple guests to contribute to.

iRobot Roomba 13+ Evo Robot Vacuum, $499.99, Amazon

22. Luggage Set

Jet off to your honeymoon in style with a set of matching luggage—register for one set for you and your fiance to share, or pick out separate sets for each of you.

Ambeur 3-Piece Luggage Set, $715, Calpak

23. Fire Pit

If you love to entertain and have outdoor space, a fire pit makes a great wedding gift idea for your registry—and a great gift option for a group.

Solo Stove Bonfire Smokeless Outdoor Fire Pit, $344.99, Crate+Barrel

24. Knife Block Set

Just like your tired-out cookware, we're guessing your cutlery needs an upgrade. Add a set of professional chef-worthy knives to your registry (which tend to be on the pricier side!) so a couple of guests can contribute.

Wusthof Classic Knife Block Set, $665, Williams Sonoma

25. Cooler

For a gift you'll use again and again, a high-end cooler makes a great group gifting choice.

YETI Tundra Haul, $450, Williams Sonoma

26. Sheet Set

You might never have splurged on a set of sheets for yourself, but using group gifting makes it easy for a few friends or family members to contribute to a dreamy set on your registry.

Casper Super Soft Sheet Set, $215, Macy's

Zola, Your Best Wedding Registry Option

From zero-fee cash funds to group gifting, Zola is the best wedding registry option out there. Within the Zola registry, you'll find a wide variety of gift options, including gift cards and experiences. Plus, it's easy to add registries from external brands. So, if you create separate registries at retailers like Amazon, Crate & Barrel, Etsy, Macy's, Pottery Barn, or Williams Sonoma, you can easily link them to your Zola registry. This way, everything is conveniently on your wedding website, making for a better guest experience. You and your guests will enjoy free shipping and returns, too—just in case something doesn't work out. And if there are some gifts left over after the big day, you can buy them for yourself and save 20% off with Zola's post-wedding discount (which applies for 6 full months after you say your “I do’s.”)

When you use Zola for your wedding website, you'll be able to use it to manage RSVPs and give guests all of the information they need for your wedding day. Plus, you can order your wedding invitations directly from Zola, too—there are hundreds of stunning designs to fit every wedding theme.

Wherever you are in your wedding planning process, get started with a customizable Zola wedding website and gift registry.

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