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Photographers in Romeoville, IL

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About wedding photographers in Romeoville, IL

How much does a wedding photographer typically cost in Romeoville, IL?

A Romeoville, IL wedding photographer ranges from $220 to $20,000 and averages at $2,800. The cost reflects the number of hours included, if there is a second photographer, any prints or albums, and, most importantly, the experience of the photographer. But every snapshot they take is a priceless memory of your big day — way better than your bestie's blurry smartphone pics, right?

Do most photographers include a second photographer?

95% of photographers in Romeoville, IL offer a second photographer, although it typically depends on the package you book! Second photographers are helpful because one person can’t be everywhere at once, and the second photographer ensures all the details are covered.

Which are the most popular photographers in Romeoville, IL?

Some of the most popular photographers in this area include Eivan's Photo & Video, Imagesxpert Media and Ashley Cynthia Photography.

What else should I keep in mind when booking a wedding photographer?

Are you interested in an engagement shoot as a test run? Drone photography? Wedding albums? All helpful things to ask about when you’re considering which wedding photographer to book!

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