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Wedding registry basics

What is a wedding registry? How do they work? What should you put on your registry? We guide you through getting your wedding registry set up, go over can't miss registry essentials, and give unique and practical tips to creating the best wedding gift registry.

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How Expensive is Too Expensive for My Registry?

Some gifts are more expensive than others, but bigger-ticket items can still make your wedding registry. Here's how to decide what's too expensive and what's worth it to add to your wedding registry.

le creuset kitchen registry items
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25 Most Forgotten Wedding Registry Items You Need to Know

Don't miss out on these wedding registry must-haves. From a high-quality dutch oven to the small thermometer that makes all the difference, here are items you might forget to register for.

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How Does a Wedding Registry Work?: The Expert’s Guide

Need help starting a registry? Get a flawless registry in minutes with Zola’s easy to use universal registry.

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15 Wedding Registry Secrets to Get the Gifts You Really Want

Ready to start your wedding registry? Get the most out of yours with these expert-approved registry tips and secrets to help you build the best registry for you and your guests.

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Your Wedding Registry Timeline

Find out when to start your wedding registry, when to publish it, and how to keep it updated with this complete wedding registry timeline that will take you from newly engaged to happily married in your newlywed home.

Wedding Registry Gifts for Minimalist
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Wedding Registry Gifts for Minimalists

A minimalist couple needs a minimalist registry. So, read on for our top wedding registry gifts for minimalists.

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Wedding Registry Checklist

Haven’t made a registry yet? Have no fear—Zola’s 2023 wedding registry checklist is full of the top registry items, helpful word choices, and etiquette tips!

Top Wedding Gifts in Every State + Design Trends
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Top Wedding Gifts in Every State & Design Trends for 2022

We've got the top wedding gifts and home-based trends couples are registering for.

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How to Register for Cash in a Tasteful Way

It’s totally reasonable to want money towards building your life together, so don’t feel guilty for asking. Just be sure to keep these tips in mind.

Zola registry versus other registries
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Zola vs. The Other Guys: Here's Why Couples Choose Us

Why should you register for Zola instead of another registry company? We'll tell you. Here's everything you need to know about why you should choose Zola vs. other registries.

How to Choose Fine China for Your Registry
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How to Choose Fine China for Your Registry

Narrowing your options for fine china? We're here to help. Continue reading for our guide on how to choose fine china for your registry.

 Everything You Need to Know About Your Bridal Shower Registry
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24 Cool Bridal Shower Registry Ideas + Tips

When it comes to your bridal shower registry, there are several things to consider. Read on for everything you need to know.

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We’ve got wedding planning advice on everything from save the dates to wedding cakes.