The 16 Best Wedding Registry Sites to Use for Your Big Day

Where should I register for your wedding? Here are 16 of our favorite websites for creating your gift registry from Z to A.

By Jennifer Prince

16 of the Best Wedding Registry Sites to Use for Your Big Day
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As your big day approaches, you have a lot of planning to do. However, as you’re selecting your wedding party and finalizing catering plans, there’s something else that should be on your mind: your wedding registry. It just makes sense to live in a well-stocked home after you say, “I do.” Conversely, if you already have everything, perhaps you don’t need a bunch of stuff to add to your newlywed collection. No matter your desires, a curated wedding registry will help loved ones purchase gifts that you actually need — and want.

Long gone are the days when listing your registry site on your bridal shower invitations was considered tacky. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Today’s couples make their registry links easily accessible on their wedding websites and information accompanying their invitations. If you don’t, folks will probably ask you where you’re registered, or (even worse) you’ll receive gifts that you neither need nor want — like a second toaster.

Curating the best wedding registry is the ideal way to do away with ambiguity and let wedding guests confidently select gifts at various price points. But that begs the question: Where should I register for my wedding? We’ve put together 16 sites for you to consider. After weighing the pros and cons, you’ll hopefully find — and sign up at — the wedding registry site that’s perfect for you. Here are our favorite websites for creating your gift registry from Z to A.

Zola wedding registry 2023 Photo Credit // Zola

Zola Wedding Registry

Zola is a one-stop shop as you can create your wedding website, get advice, send invitations, manage RSVPs, find vendors, and register for wedding gifts all in one place. You can even use the smartphone app to do all of the above. In addition, Zola offers a vast selection of gift options without redirects to third-party sites, which enhances the experience for your guests.

If you select more expensive options, you can designate them for group gifting so that several folks can go in together to give you necessary items. Zola also has a 20% completion code discount for up to six months following your wedding date. Additionally, shipping and returning are a breeze. Another plus is that this brand also has zero fees on cash gifts –family and friends can give you cash using Venmo, and you can easily track it alongside your other gifts. Zola’s tech is great for younger folks, but it may be a little difficult for older generations.


Williams Sonoma Wedding Registry

The Williams Sonoma wedding registry concentrates on stocking the kitchen with dinnerware, flatware, and Le Creuset. One helpful perk is that the registry site includes helpful product guides to familiarize yourself with the items. There is also a dedicated app just for registries to help keep couples organized. Another fun aspect is that you can add photos of product usage on their site, and you have six months to use your 10% completion discount.

A consistent issue with this company is that it may take up to two hours for your registry to update once an online purchase is made and up to 48 hours when a purchase is made in store, both of which are noted on the FAQ section of their site, which can result in duplicate purchases. The site is also limiting as you would need to register on other wedding registry sites for items for other areas of your home, and you have just 90 days to return unwanted registry gifts.


WeddingWire Wedding Registry

Officially known as the WeddingWire registry, this gift registry comes from a popular wedding planning site. Couples can also add other registries, such as Traveler’s Joy and Anthropologie. Perks include an accompanying app to see what’s left on your gift list.

Public reviews show that folks aren’t completely satisfied with the platform. However, many of the public reviews don’t concern the gift registry, so don’t forsake that part of the site. Most of the reviews speak about the company itself, which maintains relationships with vendors providing services that are irrelevant to the registry aspect.


Walmart Wedding Registry

When it comes to convenience, this company often ranks on top, and that’s no exception when you need wedding registry ideas. The Walmart wedding registry offers free next-day delivery and in-store pickup for convenience. The company also highlights several female-backed companies, such as The Pioneer Woman and Beautiful by Drew Barrymore. The app also makes things simple as you can add items to your registry while in the store. Unfortunately, this company doesn’t offer a registry completion discount, and you only have 90 days to return items.

Additionally, the brand may not be the ideal bet if you are searching for luxurious items as their focus is on savings. So, while it may be ideal for appliances and cookware, it may be better to register somewhere else for towels and bedding items. Although the price points on these items are reasonable in-store and online, if you’re looking for recognizable brands, you may want to purchase textiles elsewhere.


The Knot Wedding Registry

You may already utilize this planning site for wedding advice and planning, so use it for your wedding registry. One big perk is that The Knot wedding registry can sync with other registries, such as Dillard’s and Sur la Table, so you can keep everything in one place. You can also register for experiences and cash gifting if you choose. It also has a variety of registry items and is ideal for anyone who is tech-savvy, especially when it comes to their easy-to-use app.

There is one area that this site needs to improve. It can be challenging for old-school users like grandma and grandpa to get their bearings. You or a loved one may have to help them out. However, that’s a small price to pay for using one registry site that allows you to keep track of multiple registries.


Target Wedding Registry

Many folks head to this popular store weekly for groceries, clothing, or personal care items. And with many locations across the United States, the Target wedding registry makes it easy for folks to shop in person or by using an online registry. It’s a great way to make your grandparents and college buddies happy. Plus, it has a very generous one-year return policy.

This registry lets you personalize your page with photos and a custom URL. You can also track who you’ve thanked to ensure you acknowledge each gift. However, it may not be your best bet if you’re looking for unique home items. The caveat to having a strong retail presence is that many other folks will have the same things, but it also allows this brand to have a highly intuitive app.


Restoration Hardware Wedding Registry

Another company that goes beyond wedding registries, Restoration Hardware, is known for its elegant and modern products, which can instantly elevate your home. When it comes to interior design, register for accent pieces and soft sides. The registry site is relatively simplistic, and there is no accompanying app, which can be disappointing for couples that crave more tech functionality.

Items are also pricey as compared to other companies on this list, so be aware as you begin registering. You may want to supplement with other wedding registry sites to complete your registry checklist. If you need to make returns, you need to be expedient as you only have 30 days, which may be something to avoid if you’re taking an extended honeymoon.


Pottery Barn Wedding Registry

Like some others mentioned, this choice is a well-known home goods store ideal for couples who need it all. So whether you’re trying to stock your bathroom with quality towels or need matching nightstands, you can put it on your Pottery Barn wedding registry. One big perk for engaged couples is that it allows you to shop across its sister brands, such as WestElm, which opens up a whole world of registry needs. Additionally, this brand has an app specifically for registries, which makes access quick from your smartphone.

This brand only gives a 10% post-wedding discount on unpurchased registry gifts for up to six months, whereas many companies offer 20%. Stopping by a local showroom affords the opportunity to feel the quality and see how goods are holding up in storefronts.


MyRegistry Wedding Registry

Getting married shows that you’re into long-term relationships, and MyRegistry is a perfect accompaniment. Not only do they offer a wedding registry, but this platform has registries for babies, housewarmings, and more. This site also integrates wedding gift lists from other companies like Nordstrom and Belk. Although they have an app, it’s best to first create your registry online.

MyRegistry does sometimes redirect users to third-party sites, which also happens on some other sites. Cash gifts also come with a hefty 2.9% charge plus a processing fee. Therefore it may be prudent to ask that guests send checks instead. A peek at their Facebook page shows mixed reviews, so if you’re considering this site, read through pros and cons from others’ personal experience.


Macy’s Wedding Registry

Signing up for Macy’s wedding registry comes with several in-store perks. Couples can earn Reward Dollars to apply to future purchases and buy remaining registry items for up to 20% off for up to 180 days post-wedding (with some exclusions, such as mattresses and furniture, only having a 10% discount for the same period of time). Their wedding registry website helps provide inspiration and suggests things to add to your wish list.

While you can find basics on this registry and the accompanying app, there are other items like home decor and travel-related items. However, there are fewer home décor and travel products than some other registry sites, so you may have to supplement with additional wedding sites. The return policy is also strict as you only have 90 days to make returns.


Joy Wedding Registry

Joy began as a wedding website company, but they’ve quickly grown to include wedding planning advice and gifting options. The mobile app claims that it allows you to select items from any store on your smartphone. You can also register for experiences or zero-fee cash funds via PayPal, Venmo, and CashApp. While this is a great option for giving cash, the store itself isn’t as stocked with physical product offerings as other retailers may be. Public reviews of the app show that some couples cite bugs within the app, which will hopefully resolve over time. One major plus is that this company doesn’t take a cut from cash gifts, so guests can give with confidence.


HoneyFund Registry

HoneyFund is a Shark Tank success story, so don’t discount it just because you haven’t heard of it. The company has grown to include electronic gifting, an app, and gift cards. Admittedly, this honeymoon funding wedding registry isn’t for every type of couple. Their website is clear about that. However, this is the best wedding registry if you are trying to seek help from family and friends to pay for your honeymoon experience. It’s also perfect for those who want cash in their bank account — although this brand takes 3.5% plus a $0.59 processing fee — or gift cards. Just be prepared to explain the concept to loved ones unfamiliar with nontraditional wedding registries.


Crate & Barrel Wedding Registry

Couples who want a lovely home from soup to nuts — well, from towels to outdoor furniture — will rejoice if they register here. It’s an ideal site for anyone who is starting from scratch. The Crate & Barrel wedding registry includes small, inexpensive items (think salt and pepper shakers) to bulky things, such as a bar cabinet to show off your new highballs. The good news is that you can designate expensive items as group gifts. They also have registry experts to hone in on your needs.

The company also offers a 15% completion discount for up to six months after the big day. Another perk is this brand has quality items that are classic in nature, so they’ll stay in style for years. Registering for reputable items — whether online or in the app — from brands like All-Clad and De’Longhi is a significant advantage over taking your chance with unfamiliar brands. However, if you’re looking for something nontraditional or genuinely unique, you may not find it on this wedding registry.


Bloomingdale’s Wedding Registry

Even if you aren’t near a retail store, you should look at this gift registry, especially if you enjoy luxe items. Bloomingdale’s wedding registry benefits couples trying to curate their barware collection or up their travel game with specialty luggage. Plus, if no one chooses to splurge on your bougie linens, you can purchase them (or any remaining wedding registry items) at a 20% discount for up to six months after the big day. Additionally, you can make returns for up to a year, and you can access your registry within the company’s app.

This is one of the best wedding registry sites for couples who enjoy the finer things in life. However, as mentioned, this can mean that items on the site are on the expensive side. Additionally, registering for specific brands may earn you some free items for your home. For example, if the total of registry items for Cuisinart totals $400 or more, you’ll score a set of three mixing bowls through the Bonus Gifts program. However, check the designated page for current offers. Additionally, if you live close to a store, they often hold registry events.


Bed Bath & Beyond Wedding Registry

Although many of this brand’s physical storefronts closed recently, it’s now concentrating on the website, which is advantageous for couples. Additionally, the Bed Bath & Beyond wedding registry has perks, such as free shipping and registry access within the company’s app. In addition, group gifting for big-ticket items is simple, and you can get 20% off any remaining registry items for up to 90 days post-event.

This company offers 365-day returns and exchanges and has a price-match guarantee. Couples can also register for cash and gift cards to select items on the site, whether or not the things are on their registry. For the most part, this brand does live up to its name; you are largely limited to registering for items for your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen, such as a Kitchenaid stand mixer and other specialty items.


Amazon Wedding Registry

If there’s a site that ranks first for convenience, it’s definitely this one. The Amazon wedding registry makes selecting gifts effortless for couples getting married while making purchases a breeze for your guests. The fact that there is a whole host of vendors and items within one gift registry site is one reason that this platform is so popular. Plus, everything is easily accessible within the app.

This company also offers fast shipping, a lengthy 180-day return policy, and a discount of 20% off remaining items left on your registry for up to 90 days. Another perk is that a whole world of options is open. Of course, you can register for a duvet, cast iron pan, and an espresso machine, but don’t skip the opportunity to place games and pet items on your wish list.

With all of the perks, there are a few pitfalls, one of which is that not all gifts come straight from the company itself. Third-party vendors also list items, meaning the shipping and service policies may not be as reliable. Additionally, prices on the website tend to fluctuate, so a price may go up or down a few dollars depending on when an item is purchased.


It’s Time to Get Started!

Each couple is different, and we hope you choose the option that is best for you. Zola would love to help you get started on your journey in receiving gifts you truly need and want. From curating wedding registry ideas to creating a unique wedding website, Zola truly services modern couples in style. Whether you’re looking to fully stock your home from scratch or simply need a few extra finishing touches in your home together click here to start your wedding registry today.

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