Add Your Wedding Registry to Your Wedding Website + 5 Best Wedding Registry Websites

Adding your registry to your wedding website makes it simple for your guests to find all the great gifts you’re registered for or even contibute to your honeymoon registry. Here's a how-to guide to creating a wedding website that answers the question: Where are you registered?

By Ruksana Hussain

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Adding your wedding registry to your website is a crucial step in the wedding planning process. Why? It makes it simple for your guests to find all the great gifts you’re registered for without having to search the internet. That means less questions—where are you registered”—and hassle for you. Plus, building your registry online eliminates the need to visit multiple stores in person. With just a few clicks, you’ll be ready to register for everything under the sun—pots, pans, martini shakers, stand mixer, a honeymoon fund, or whatever trending item you had as part of your registry checklist.

Sounds like a true wedding win-win? Here’s how to seamlessly add your wedding registry to your website.

What is a Wedding Registry?

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First things first. A wedding registry is a (typically online) list of gifts that's curated and pre-selected by an engaged couple. It includes things the couple wants and needs going into their newlywed lives together. Traditionally, this may be dinnerware, cookware, bedsheets, appliances, decor, and everything in between. Aside from products, a registry can also have cash funds, which allow wedding guests to contribute money to a general fund or more specific goals, like honeymoon excursions or house renovations. Note: This is not to be confused with a bridal gift registry, which consists of gifts to be given to the to-be bride at their bridal shower.

Having a wedding registry makes gift-giving easier for both you and your guests. By setting one up, you're taking the guesswork out of choosing a gift—something your loved ones are sure to appreciate—and providing a personalized one-stop shop. Not only that, but it allows guests to send gifts straight to your home. No struggling to find out where to leave a gift for them, no struggling to pile them up and take them home for you. Everything goes from your wish list, to online, to your door. All in a few easy clicks.

The 5 Top Wedding Registry Sites You Should Know About

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1. Zola

Think of it as one destination that covers every possible wedding-related aspect and any type of wedding gift you can think of, and then some. The site also has wedding planning services so you can host your own wedding website on it and even offers benefits such as completion discounts when you feature your wedding registry here. Aside from a truly exhaustive list of gift ideas, experiences, and other wedding-related ideas, Zola also features third party e-commerce sites on its own site, so you don’t have to be led to another website if buying a certain brand. And it makes your shopping experience sweeter by offering group gifting options for items that maybe on the pricier side plus a 20% discount off items that are left in the registry for six months after the big day. Especially resourceful on Zola is the Expert Advice section with information on pretty much any wedding-related question.

2. Amazon

You can pretty much find anything you want on Amazon so you know your shopping list will run long. Aside from being one of the largest store registries available, there’s also the added allure of easy shipping and returns as well as gift tracking. The site also offers a 20% completion discount and a 180-day return policy. Think of those as your bonus gifts for signing up with them.

3. Target

The red logo is one many know and love because Target does have the reputation of being that one-stop shop where you can find almost anything for your home, and at a steal too. From electronics and gadgets to furniture and more, you can choose from online shopping or in-store purchases, and the choices are endless. You can also make the best of a one-year return policy, but you are limited to only shopping for the brands you find here. What you will find extremely useful for your wedding registry on this online store though is the Target partnership with Honeyfund, which affords guests the opportunity to give cash or gift cards from other brands instead of physical gifts.

4. Williams Sonoma

The exclusive shopping experience with a brand like Williams Sonoma for cookware and entertainment ware is made all the sweeter when you can have the whole store to yourself to curate your registry at your own pace and get an in-house expert to help with your decision, especially if shopping for big ticket items for your first home. Additionally, you can link to sister brands through the registry and receive gifts with some purchases. You are restricted to a short 90-day return policy and limited rick and mortar stores to shop in-person but that might be overlooked given the 10% discount offered for six months after the big day.

5. Pottery Barn

Decorating your personal space in style with your choice of home decor and home goods is one reason to be shopping at Pottery Barn but there are others too. Along with setting up your gift registry here, you receive complementary design advice from their experts so you can shop for everything you want to set up a space in its entirety. You also avail perks like a 10% completion discount and monogramming services as well.

Other spots to consider are West Elm, Sur La Table, Anthropologie, Etsy, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Create & Barrel.

Why Should I Register for Wedding Gifts Online?

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Registering for traditional wedding gifts online is easy—and fun. Rather than spend hours walking around a store looking for what you might like, you can kick back on the couch and browse to your heart’s content. All it takes to start your Zola registry is a few simple clicks. This is also a major plus for your guests, who'd likely prefer finding and purchasing your desired gifts online, rather than needing to browse a store in-person.

Plus, at Zola, you’ll have hundreds of great wedding inspiration options at your fingertips, find all the top brands in one place, and even register for cash gifts or a honeymoon fund instead of a physical gift. You’ll also get free shipping and returns, plus help from customer service anytime you need support. (You’re busy enough with your wedding planning checklist!)

How to Add a Zola Registry to Your Website

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How to Add Your Wedding Registry to Your Wedding Website Photo Credit // Unsplash

If you’re using to host your wedding website, your Zola registry will automatically be added to your homepage as soon as you make it visible to guests.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Under “your website” scroll down to pages.

  • Step 2: Look for your registry and make sure it’s set to “active” if you want it to be visible. (If you haven’t set up your registry yet, click “Start Zola Registry.”)

  • Step 3: If you want to add other registry links to your Zola site, click on “link another registry” and enter the store name and URL.

  • Step 4: Go back to your wedding website's homepage and look for “registry” on the menu bar. Click to confirm it’s working.

*Still having trouble? Read up on the website FAQs for more help. *

Adding Links and Gifts From Other Registries

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Adding Another Registry to Your Zola Site

If you’re registered at multiple stores or online retailers, you can easily add all of the registries to your Zola website, so your guests can find them in one place. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 1: Go to “edit pages.”

  • Step 2: Click on “registry.”

  • Step 3: Click “+ add existing registry.”

  • Step 4: Enter the store name and direct URL link to your registry page.

  • Step 5: Click “save,” so that it will appear on your Zola wedding website.

Adding Gifts From Other Sites to Your Zola Registry

See a must-have wedding gift idea from another retailer or department store that isn’t available on Zola? No sweat. You can add individual links to your Zola registry, too. Just enter the gift’s URL here. Or use the “Add to Zola” button. Alternatively, you can choose to accept the cash equivalent of the gift or direct wedding guests to the store’s website. If you opt for the latter, your address will be provided to your guests so that they can send your gift directly to you.

Just make sure you track online if it is ordered from another store (ask your wedding guest to let you know.) You might not realize it is already shipped and will have to check off that it was ordered so other guests know not to buy it, too.

Wedding Registry FAQs and Need-to-Knows

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Even as you add your registry to your wedding website, you may have a few lingering questions. No problem. Below we've answered some frequently asked questions regarding online wedding registries.

  • Is a registry free to make and use?

In short, yes! On top of Zola's free wedding website builder, digital RSVPs, interactive wedding checklist, and guest list manager, creating and using your own Zola wedding registry is free to do. We don't charge a fee to join or use these tools, nor do we make money on your cash funds. Signing up, curating your wedding gift list, and receiving your gifts comes at no cost to you.

  • What happens when someone purchases a gift?

Once someone purchases a wedding registry item from Zola (meaning, you added it to your registry from our store), we'll notify you via email and app. It'll then be added to your gift tracker list, marked as "Purchased" on your registry, and placed at the bottom of your registry. Zola gift card redemption codes can be emailed to you whenever you're ready to use them. Likewise, contributions to your cash funds can also be transferred to your bank account at any time.

When will my gifts ship?

When a guest purchases a gift for you from Zola (meaning, it was added to your gift registry from our website), you'll be notified by email and our app. For physical gifts, you can then choose to have it shipped right away, exchange it before it ships, or wait to ship it until you're ready—for example, after your honeymoon. This way, gifts won't appear at your door when you aren't expecting them and there's a lesser chance they get stolen.

  • Can I return gifts?

Want to return a gift? Not a problem. We offer easy, free returns within 90 days of delivery for most items, so long as they're unused and in their original packaging. If you're returning a gift you've received from someone else, you'll be refunded in Zola store credit, which never expires and can be used towards any physical product or experience in our store. If you're returning a gift you purchased, we'll refund your original form of payment. For more info on our return policy, click here.

  • Do you offer any post-wedding discounts?

Yes! If you meet our eligibility criteria, we'll take 20% off items still on your registry for up to six months after your wedding day. This discount will automatically be applied at checkout and can be used multiple times throughout the six months! To be eligible, you'll need to have a registry on that was created 30+ days before your wedding, have received at least one gift off of it by your wedding date, and have a wedding date specified in your Registry Settings.

Still having trouble adding your registry to your website? Find more help here.

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