21 Eco-Friendly Registry Picks for Every Room In Your Home

Hoping to be more environmentally-friendly in your newlywed life? Get started with our eco-friendly registry picks for every room in your house.

By McCall Minnor

eco-friendly registry gifts
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Whether you’re new to a more eco-conscious lifestyle or you’ve been committed for a while now, any effort to live more green is welcome. If you and your SO are trying to be more eco-friendly, your wedding registry is a great place to start. Kick-off your newlywed home or upgrade your current space with environmentally-friendly registry picks. Read on to see and add them to your registry.

For Your Living Spaces

Your own personal impact begins at home, so including a few gorgeous eco-friendly decor items for around your home only makes sense.

Rug and Rug Pad

151e9e99-f85e-4a41-9dec-91d0e6fa7780 Photo Credit // Vania

We can’t recommend this duo enough: nuLOOM’s Eco-Friendly Non-Slip Rug Pad and Vania Chevron Jute Rug. Inspired by nature and architecture from around the globe, the rug brings a natural and sophisticated look to any space. It’s also made of 100 percent jute fiber, while the rug pad is made from recycled synthetic fibers.

Picture Frame

b7ba3113-7626-4150-b647-9700b162fcf9 Photo Credit // Mariposa

For a smaller, less expensive living room, office, or bedroom piece, look to Mariposa’s Beaded Frame. Picture frames are a classic registry gift that can display wedding memories for years to come. Added bonus: This one, in particular, is made out of recycled aluminum. A pearl-inspired beaded trim makes it a charming side table accessory.

Wall Basket Set

Honey-Can-Do baskets Photo Credit // Honey-Can-Do

Remember those jute fibers we mentioned? You can also register for a set of decorative wall baskets made out of the same material. Honey-Can-Do's Cotton Rope Baskets can hold whatever you please but looks especially good carrying potted plants.


a2a1ac3f-35ba-4288-ac5c-c999921af37c Photo Credit // Creative Co-Op

If you’re still seeking that perfect planter, go for Creative Co-Op’s Natural Paulownia Wood Planter. This beautiful pot is made out of (you guessed it) paulownia wood and boasts a silky, golden blonde color. As a bonus, it also has a natural resistance to decay and rotting, given it’s not in permanent contact with the ground.

Bed and Bath

Trust us, nothing says luxury and comfort quite like some new bedding or towels—especially when they’re good for the environment.


2b5936b2-2023-43ab-bdc7-df39d9e33c4d-750x750 Photo Credit // Boll & Branch

Boll & Branch’s Hemmed Collection is our go-to recommendation for bedding, due to its classic design and variety of color options. Furthermore, each piece (from shams to sheets to pillowcases) is crafted with 300-count organic cotton. Read: soft, strong, and breathable.


b35ad71a-bcce-46c7-a8f3-a507937876ef Photo Credit // Coyuchi

Consider upgrading your pillow inserts as well. Coyuchi’s Latex Serenity Pillow, partially made of organic cotton, takes the cake when it comes to comfort. Because of its unique shape and design, it provides support in practically every sleeping position. Plus, the latex is GOLS-certified organic, biodegradable, and mold- and mildew-resistant.


dc089db0-1fe0-4416-8e8c-264b1656616e Photo Credit // Delilah Home

The easiest way to upgrade your bathroom (without hiring a contractor) is by registering for new, high-end towels. Organic Cotton 3-Piece Towel Set is made of 100% certified organic cotton, making for a set that’s thick, plush, and extremely absorbent. What’s more, this package covers all bases with a face towel, hand towel, and bath towel. Stepping out of the shower just became a little less groan-inducing.


Tabletop items are a registry staple, so of course, we sought out some environmentally-friendly options. What we found was a surprising amount of products made from recycled materials (insert praise emoji here).


a246511c-0228-4cda-977f-aebfacc7899a Photo Credit // Hawkins New York

The Hawkins New York Recycled Glass Tumbler Set is handcrafted by a team of Moroccan artisans and made completely out of recycled glass. Because of this, each cup has natural variation, but we think you’d agree that the uniqueness is charming.


f80d1462-d669-4fbe-a928-48adc95eaff8 Photo Credit // Wolf & Irving

For casual meals or holiday get-togethers, take a look at Wolf & Irving’s Aurora Placemat. These stunning watercolor-inspired mats come in a set of four and are made of 100% recycled polyethylene terephthalate (it’s in the polyester family). Handmade by a husband and wife team in California, each set is made with love—and skin-friendly inks.

Ice Bucket

2d3aa962-f1eb-4bff-bd13-ea581571d218 Photo Credit // Mariposa

For your fancier gatherings, register for Mariposa’s String of Pearls Ice Bucket. Made of recycled sand-cast aluminum, this beautiful server is perfect for holding wine, beer, or any drink of choice.

Pro Tip: To completely chill your bottle, fill this ice bucket with ice, then halfway with water. Now when you drop your bottle in it’ll go in smoothly and be chilled through its entire surface area.

Dinner Plates

8e376adf-995d-4a04-acea-aa6cb6e362d4 Photo Credit // Bamboozle

We couldn’t talk about your tabletop without mentioning plates. Enter Bamboozle’s Everyday Bamboo Dinner Plate. Ideal for indoor and outdoor dining, this collection is also sustainable and biodegradable. It’s also packaged and shipped out in craft paper boxes that are completely recyclable.

In The Kitchen

Another classic registry area? Kitchen items and supplies.

Storage Bowls

84c906c9-2add-46b7-9f41-6de363b47d8f Photo Credit // Rosti Mepal

If you’re planning on taking home leftover food from your wedding, you’ll need something like Rosti Mepal’s 8-Piece Storage Bowl Set. These bowls do it all: store food in your fridge or freezer, heat up in the microwave, and work as serving bowls. Moreover, they’re dishwasher safe and practically indestructible.

Compost Bin

Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin

Uncomplicate composting with the Good Grips Compost Bin. Designed to sit on countertops, Bin is designed to keep composting bags tucked inside for a neat look. The 1.75-gallon/6.62-liter capacity makes it perfect for culinary creatives, but the easy-to-use, stay-open lid makes it easy for anyone to use.

Mixing Bowls

1efd0d33-e11c-4e3b-81c1-1f63f887d9b1 Photo Credit // Bamboozle

Everyone needs a basic set of mixing bowls, so you may as well go for the sustainable option. Bamboozle’s 3-Piece Bamboo Sustainabowl Set has all of the features you need in a good mixing bowl—interior measuring tree, easy-pour lip—while also being biodegradable and made of bamboo fiber.

Storage Bags

Stasher Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag Photo Credit // Stasher

TheStasher Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag is total crowd pleaser. Some say the Stasher fam starts with this essential — whether you’re meal prepping and packing your lunch, or just trying to keep your tinted moisturizer from exploding into your gym bag.


1f64348d-5da6-403f-b9ec-617422b97869 Photo Credit // GreenPan

GreenPan’s Zola x GreenPan Open Frypan 2-Piece Set includes two nonstick frypans that are manufactured with no PFAS, PFOA, lead, or cadmium (aka harmful chemicals and substances). This is important because when you accidentally overcook an ingredient or two, it won’t release harmful fumes.

Countertop Compost Bin

d5ce28a5-efee-4397-b2d1-9d4cff105390 Photo Credit // Full Circle Home

Yes, you can compost no matter where you live. Register for Full Circle Home’s Countertop Compost Collector. The bin, which is made of recycled plastic and partially recycled steel, is compact—we’re talking small enough to fit on your kitchen counter (talk about accountability). Simply put a waste bag inside (they’re included) and fill it with food scraps, wood shavings, and even old newspapers. In a few weeks, you’ll have compost suitable for your garden or backyard.

Cleaning Supplies

Lower your overall waste and keep your space clean!

Dual Trash and Recycling Bin

bb87feae-bc5e-497d-8c5d-a73cf59e0e9d Photo Credit // Simplehuman

Recycling is a simple way to reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills and it’s as easy as separating your trash. Simplehuman’s Stainless Steel Touch-Bar Recycler makes this incredibly simple by having duel containers for trash and recycling. That’s right, no need to make room in your kitchen for another bin. It also opens with the touch of a hand (or bump of a hip), making cleaning up oh so easy.

Multipurpose Stand

4f185eb1-9607-47d3-a365-43df2fbfac77 Photo Credit // Yamazaki Home

Yamazaki Home’s Tower Kitchen Eco Stand can also be used to hold trash bags and waste (making food prep a cinch). Plus, if you remove the bag, it also functions as a cup dryer or bottle rack. It can be folded up and stored away in seconds.


Your wedding hasn’t quite arrived yet, but we know you’re already thinking about your honeymoon. Prepare by adding a couple of eco- and travel-friendly items to your registry.

Drink Tumblers

1dbab527-9cc9-428b-9cf2-7aff3dede427 Photo Credit // Tervis

Reusable drink tumblers are an eco-conscious trend that we can definitely get behind. Get great performance and a touch of personality with Tervis’ Happy Couple 2-Piece Tumbler Set. Usable for both hot and cold drinks, they’ll reduce the number of plastic water bottles and coffee cups you go through. This set includes one for you and your partner.


Extended Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case Photo Credit // Tumi

That’s right, even your suitcase can be environmentally-friendly. Made of recycled bottles and nylon, Extended Trip Expandable 4 Wheeled Packing Case (as well as the rest of their collection) is made for durability and convenience. Stow it in the overhead on a plane or in the back of your car for a mini-moon.

Your wedding registry is a great first step in setting you and your SO up for eco-friendly success.

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