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Wedding Registry Gifts for Minimalists

A minimalist couple needs a minimalist registry. So, read on for our top wedding registry gifts for minimalists.

By Shameika Rhymes

Wedding Registry Gifts for Minimalist
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

  • Your favorite minimalist couple needs a minimalist wedding registry that won’t add clutter to your the space.
  • Creating a minimalist wedding registry also means that you won’t have items that will go unused and eventually be thrown away or donated.
  • This wedding registry gift guide includes table linen, a Pro Go camera, wine glasses, and a tall rolling laundry basket that will fit into your decor.
  • All of the items included for the wedding registry for minimalists range from $31.96 to $299.99.

You’re engaged and checking off your list as wedding plans move forward, but now it’s time for the wedding registry. If you’re a couple that consider yourselves minimalists, it may be difficult to want to put stuff on the list that may add clutter to your space.

Depending on your wedding guests, you may want to limit the number of gifts that you put on your registry. Brainstorming with your partner is one of the fun parts about wedding planning, but with so many gifts to choose from, it can be difficult to decide what items you truly need.

Why Should You Have a Minimalist Wedding Registry?

Creating a minimalist wedding registry means that you can stick to the basics and ask for exactly what you need, especially if you are combining two households and you already have everything that you need. This will save time having to declutter later on down the road. Requesting basic items also means that you won’t end up throwing away or donating items that you never end up using. Choosing to limit the number of things in your house allows you to ensure that your home has enough room for the things on your registry.

Create Your Minimalist Wedding Registry

From a rolling laundry basket to a Roam smart speaker, Zola has your back with a gift guide that will keep things to a minimum.

Bristol 8-Piece Table Linen Set $65.99

If you like to entertain, then this set of four slub cotton napkins and four placemats will help get the party started, plus it’s a great minimalist gift idea. There are three colors to choose from to set the mood and the table.

Roe 5-Piece Flatware Set, Service for 1 $49.99

Make your dine-in experience a fashionable one with this flatware that comes in cool shapes. This five-piece flatware set, which is a great gift for any minimalist friend, is designed exclusively for Zola, and you can use it for casual or fancy meals.

Emma Matte Dinnerware Collection $31.96 - $155.99

The perfect gift for the minimalist couple, this collection is simple, yet it packs a colorful punch. It’s ideal for everyday dining or impressing your dinner guests with its artisanal trendy look. The best part of this thoughtful gift is that you can mix and match the colors to fit any occasion.

Sensa All Purpose Wine Glass, Set of 6 $83.99

Gifting wine glasses is a great idea, especially when they have this unique shape that has a wide bowl for your favorite vino. Whether you’re celebrating as newlyweds or entertaining guests, this modern tapered design is a thoughtful gift that’s sure to be a hit.

Top Class Collection $44.99

Stock your minimalist bar with this collection of glasses. Pick the old fashioned design or all-purpose for your glassware. The sleek basic lines will add to your morning juice or even a cocktail after work.

Roam Smart Speaker $169

Pump up the jams with this Roam Smart Speaker. This is a great gift idea that doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it’s portable, so you can enjoy music, voice control, and multi-room listening on WiFi or Bluetooth streaming. The bonus is that the battery lasts all day long.

Go Pro HERO8 Black $299.99

This practical gift is perfect for capturing all of your memories. The HERO camera is versatile, and you can even add more lighting, pro audio, and an additional screen thanks to the optional Media Mod. This minimalist gift is small enough to put in your pocket.

Shaillee Matte 2-Piece Baking Dish Set $39.95

If cooking and baking is your jam, this is a great minimalist gift idea. You’ll need a pair of these ceramic baking dishes to serve anything from casseroles, lasagna, cornbread, or peach cobbler in style.

Tosca Slim Rolling Laundry Basket $94.99

Another practical gift idea, this laundry hamper is tall and can accommodate a large load. It has a handle and wheels to help you transport it around the house with ease.

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