Popular Wedding Ring Styles for 2021

We talk carats, cuts, cost, and comfort when choosing wedding ring styles in 2021.

By Ruksana Hussain

Popular 2021 Wedding Ring Styles
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Your wedding ring is one that you want to enjoy wearing every day of your life to celebrate that eternal bond you share with your spouse. While there is every variety to choose from when it comes to metals and gems, you also want to be mindful of cost and comfort. Popular wedding ring styles for the new year run the gamut and give you a few options to explore in creating your custom wedding ring or finding one perfectly paired to your liking.

Diamond Wedding Rings

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Though engagement rings typically star diamonds, wedding rings are equal contenders. Nothing says elegance more than a diamond wedding ring. Whether you go with a gold or platinum band, a traditionally styled diamond ring, or a more modern embellished style, one thing is for sure: your wedding ring will make you the center of attention at your wedding and after.

Black Diamond Wedding Rings

Though previously favored by male clientele, wedding ring styles featuring black diamonds have become more popular among females, too. Typically seen against a platinum or silver band, black diamonds shimmer differently from the gems usually found on wedding rings and deliver a polished contrast to commonly found wedding ring interpretations. They provide a subtle twist in color, but a big contrast in visual appeal.

Vintage Wedding Rings

Gaining popularity over the last few years, vintage wedding ring and vintage engagement ring styles have developed loyal followings. If you’re looking to add some old-world charm to your wedding, a vintage ring with exquisite designs, colorful gems, or other intricate details, is perfect. You have a few different eras to pick from and each has a signature style that will add oodles of sophistication to your wedding attire.

Mixed-Metal Wedding Rings

Rings that mix two precious metals add an element of novelty to your wedding band. These could be metals that both spouses favor and can lend themselves to some unique design variations. Platinum with gold or rose gold immediately brings a different look and feel to the style. Blending that with an appropriate diamond cut or other colored gems will certainly make your jewelry choices the talk of the town.

Beaded Wedding Rings

Moving away from a simple ring or wedding band, a beaded version brings another level of intricacy. Whether a vintage style, encrusted with smaller diamonds, or even studded with a little detailing on the edge, beaded wedding ring styles are great for wearing with your engagement ring or stacking up with other rings for different occasions. Paired with yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, it emphasizes the gem or center stone and creates an understated charm with a modern twist.

Themed Wedding Rings

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If you are both manga, anime, or pop culture enthusiasts and will be having a themed wedding, then finding a wedding ring style aligned with your overall look and feel is also an option. Nobody can stop you from designing that vampire show-inspired wedding band or the intergalactic-themed style you’ve always had in mind. A custom design can make any wedding ring style from Beauty and the Beast to Star Trek come to life.

Couples Wedding Rings

A coordinated wedding ring style is one to consider should you both like to head to the same jeweler for your wedding bands, save time amid wedding preparations, or simply have the remainder of your wedding day be truly personal and unique to you both. Including monogrammed accents, a special inscription, or other engraved lettering for matching wedding bands is one way to accomplish that.

Heirloom Wedding Rings

Nothing strengthens family bonds more than a family heirloom. Sometimes featuring family gemstones and sometimes starring multicolored or interlocking bands of gold, rose gold, and white gold to denote the past, present, and future of the married couple, heirloom wedding ring styles add a nod to your ancestors on a milestone occasion.

Your wedding ring is one that holds much sentimental value to you so take the time to truly reflect on a style that you will love wearing daily. Enjoy the process of choosing the perfect engagement ring and/or wedding ring that both you and your spouse will cherish.

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