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Registry Gifts for Beach Lovers

Looking for gift items to add to your wedding registry? We can definitely help. Read on for our list of registry gifts for beach lovers.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Registry Gifts for Beach Lovers
Photo by Zola

Whether you seek a sun-drenched escape or the moody ocean waves of the Pacific Northwest, a lake culture vibe, a frontline view of an urban riverbed, or one sheltered by trees in the woods, there are so many types of shores to explore for an outdoor loving couple. Maybe you’ll be heading to a tropical locale for your honeymoon or plan to hit a coastline as weekend warriors well into your marriage. There are plenty of accessories that’ll aid in your adventures.

We put together a list of great beach themed gift ideas for any ocean lover to help you relax and unwind and stay happily fed and engaged in activity should you choose. One of the most special gifts to be given is one of an experience, and these items will only aid in making your future outings and memories more special by adding to the vibe, atmosphere, and convenience.

Perhaps you have many outdoor-loving guests on your invite list. They’ll certainly understand the power of good gear in improving your adventures and experiences, and these items may catch their eye for just that reason. Even without steadfast beach plans in mind, these ten beach lover gifts are great to add to your wedding registry, so that you have your bases covered when the sand, stones, and water come calling, beckoning you to the beach.

Picnic Time 2-Person Catalina Picnic Basket

Picnic-Time-2-Person-Catalina-Picnic-BasketPhoto Credit // Picnic Time

Fancy an outdoor meal with your sweetheart on the beach? This picnic basket is the perfect gift for any ocean lover. It comes with all the essentials for a romantic meal on the go for two. There’s a pair of everything to make sure you and your significant other are covered. That foresight includes two porcelain plates, ceramic mugs, plus pairs of various cutlery, a corkscrew, and even salt and pepper shakers. That’s to say nothing of this classic basket itself—made of willow and with a sweet watermelon-inspired fabric interior. The basket is arranged in a way so that all the accessories are held and affixed to the inside of the lid with stylish straps so that all the room inside remains unoccupied, ready to hold the food and libations that you bring along.

Coleman 48-Quart Cooler

Coleman-48-Quart-CoolerPhoto Credit // Coleman

An iconic classic, this blue and white cooler is instantly ready to keep your food good during a day in the sun. Its roomy interior allows you to pack a full meal worth of food and beverages, plus bags of ice to keep your stash from overheating. Whereas with a smaller container, you might need to get picky with your organization, what you bring and use, like purpose-made, slender specialty ice packs, this allows enough space for store-bought bags. Its hard plastic exterior will hold up fine against a foundation of sand, so no need to be precious about setting it down either.

Picnic At Ascot Travel Folding Table

Picnic-At-Ascot-Travel-Folding-TablePhoto Credit // Picnic at Ascot

Ever had the pleasure of sharing a meal around a circular wooden table, perhaps fashioned from a spool for large cables? This folding table captures that same feel, but with more convenience. While most folding tables come in a square or rectangular formation with a hard and weighted tabletop, this table mirrors the folding camping chairs that are so ubiquitous outdoors. Made with ultra-durable polycanvas, it folds out to a full circle. The surface includes four built-in mesh cup holders, so that you can entertain the company of friends, family, or another couple as well. There’s also an underlayer to rest additional accessories and gear. Play a game of cards, relax with some food—the possibilities are numerous.

Kelty Outdoor Low-Loveseat

Kelty-Outdoor-Low-LoveseatPhoto Credit // Kelty

This folding loveseat takes what’s best about folding camping chairs and ups the intimacy by essentially marrying two together into one. Now you can sit side by side without any distance or armrests in between. Cozy up together on the beach with more comfort after surfing or under a starry sky in front of a beach bonfire. This is a nice, portable option instead of two separate seats. And since it fits two, you can take advantage of all that provides, such as snuggling in a single mermaid tail blanket with ease.

GoSports 12-Piece Solid Wood Premium Cornhole Set

GoSports-12-Piece-Solid-Wood-Premium-Cornhole-Set Photo Credit // GoSports

With this particular beach gift set, you get two wooden boards, so that you can square off against each other side by side. There are also eight bean bags, so you can take four turns each without stopping, plus a rule sheet and carrying case. Bringing this set along on your beach outing ensures several rounds of wholesome fun for you, your partner, and any other guests, too.

Picnic At Ascot 2-Person Picnic Cooler

Picnic-At-Ascot-2-Person-Picnic-CoolerPhoto Credit // Picnic at Ascot

Any beach-goer will definitely love having a cooler. The setup for this picnic cooler bag combines the best of both worlds with everything you’d want in a traditional basket set, along with chilling capabilities. This way, you can set out for a full day of food without worrying whether anything will spoil in the sun.

This set also allows for an eco-friendly option, so that instead of using disposable plates and cutlery for your outdoor feast, you’re able to use the provided acrylic wine glasses, plates, flatware, corkscrew, and more.

There’s a zippered front compartment that safely and securely holds all of the included accouterments, and then the main insulated interior is reserved for the food and drink you’ll bring along. All this organization and convenience is then dressed up in a stylish black and white houndstooth print with an ebony carrying strap that’ll slide neatly over your shoulder as you dash from the car or house to the sand.

GSI Outdoors Outside Inside 7-Piece Freestyle Soft Bocce Ball Set

GSI Outdoors Outside Inside 7-Piece Freestyle Soft Bocce Ball SetPhoto Credit // GSI Outdoors

Outdoor games present the ultimate bonding experience. Keep the spirit of fun alive with this bocce ball set. It includes seven balls in an array of primary colors, plus a black mesh carrying case. Its compact size makes it ideal to slip into an over-the-shoulder tote beach bag or simply carry directly under your arm on its own.

YETI Rambler 14 Oz Mug With Magslider Lid

YETI-Rambler-14-Oz-Mug-With-Magslider-Lid-BlackPhoto Credit // YETI

No doubt you’ll want something to drink on the beach, be that coffee, sparkling water, ice cold lemonade, or something boozy. The beauty of this travel mug is that anything goes. Be it cold or hot, food or drink, you can transport it and serve yourself directly from this cup. It has a clear lid, so you can keep track of what’s inside and prevent any pesky leaks on the go. This handled mug fits 14 ounces, and both the lid and cup are dishwasher safe.

Welhome Luxury Oversized Cabana Beach Towel, Set of 2

Welhome-Luxury-Oversized-Cabana-Beach-TowelPhoto Credit // Welhome

No beach trip is complete without a dedicated beach towel. And we’re not talking about your basic body towel pulled from your bathroom linen closet, but a lengthy towel ready to meet your needs on the shore. This cabana towel runs six feet long and nearly four feet wide. Perhaps you’ll be taking dips in the water, or maybe you plan to lay about and soak up the solar rays as a sunbather—directly on the sand or in a lounge chair. Plus, it comes in a set of two, so that you’re both covered from the get-go. Made of 100 percent Turkish cotton, using this towel creates a luxurious experience capable of offsetting any errant grains of sand.

Corkcicle Slim Arctican Can Sleeve

Corkcicle-Slim-Arctican-Can-SleevePhoto Credit // Corkcicle

Ever wish you had a drink cozie for your hard seltzers or slim cans? This adjustable sleeve was made to serve just that purpose. It was built to fit a variety of cans and keep them cool while you drink in style.

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