What Are the Best Flowers For a Beach Wedding?

We've rounded up the best flowers for your beach wedding bouquet based on their durability, seasonality, and stunning appeal.

By The Zola Team

Planning a wedding by the beach already has an idyllic, built-in atmosphere, but a few special touches can take your surroundings to new heights. When choosing the right wedding flowers to accommodate your dream celebration, consider a beach wedding bouquet that will be able to withstand warmer temperatures and wind, all while looking beautiful against an ocean backdrop.

The best choice is to keep the arrangements and greenery simple. Also, if you’ve chosen to have a destination wedding, ask for recommendations from your local florist and floral designer regarding the types of flowers that are native to (and in season) for the location.

Certain flowers that may be expensive or unavailable in your hometown may be abundant and less costly when planning a ceremony by the beach (See our guide on how to do wedding flowers cheap). Here are a few of the best beach wedding flowers to consider for your big day.

Flower Choices + Bouquet Tips for Your Beach Wedding Bouquet Photo Credit // Janine Meuche Unsplash

Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are elegant and timeless. Better yet, they can stand up to the tropical temperatures that are part of most beach weddings. With their feminine, curved blooms, a calla lily is striking on its own. A small wedding bouquet looks equal parts simplistic and stunning, or for brides who want to incorporate the flowers in a bigger way, they work well with greenery and baby’s breath.

Calla lilies pair well with the romantic glow of candlelight for wedding receptions, standing regally with their long, thick stems to double as table decorations. There are various color options, such as deep purple or even black, to put a dramatic spin on a longtime wedding flower favorite.


Roses are the champion of flowers for any style of wedding. You can never go wrong with roses. They are available in every color imaginable and can be the star of the show or sit beautifully in the background. When incorporating roses into a beach wedding bouquet, consider using hues that echo the shades of the sunset: vibrant reds, warm oranges, and flecks of yellow. They’ll pop against the serene backdrop of white sand and blue ocean water.

Whether you go for a single color or mix it up with a variety of hues, roses complement any ceremony nicely, plus are readily available nearly everywhere you go. As a centerpiece idea, cut full rose blooms and let them float in shallow water bowls, sprinkle rose petals down the length of a table in place of a fabric runner, or simply let your wedding party’s bouquets double as decoration by placing them in vases at the reception. There are endless ways to incorporate roses into your celebration, which is why they make an appearance at most weddings.


Like roses, daisies have a timeless appeal and are able to adapt to any situation. They are sweet floral design additions to a bridal bouquet, especially if you are planning an ultra laid-back wedding celebration on the beach. Carrying a handful of white daisies tied with a simple ribbon is classic in its simplicity. They, too, are a good flower choice for flower crowns or other wedding adornments and decorations.

Daisies may not be the first flower you think of when planning a beach wedding, but they do fit in quite nicely. There’s no rule that says you have to stick with only exotic flowers when planning your beach wedding.


The waxy, leaf-like blooms of the anthurium flower make it a steady choice to stand up to saltwater, sand, and other natural elements that may weigh heavy on your floral arrangements. Although they are less common, these flowers have a distinctive flair that embodies the airy, ethereal aspect of a beach wedding. They can be used in wedding party bouquets and are a good choice for table decorations when accompanied by other greenery or pops of color.


Warm regions, such as Hawaii, are known for their breathtaking beaches where plumeria trees thrive. Their star-like quality and alluring color make it one of the best beach wedding flowers to use. They won’t wilt easily under the sun and offer their own natural brightness to any bouquet. Plumeria is a wonderful choice to create flower crowns and corsages and add to archways.

Use them to drape over the back of chairs, the tops of tables, and other areas of your reception. Plumeria instantly creates a happy vibe for your celebration and adds a subtly sweet smell to engage the senses in a different way. Embrace this warm-weather popular wedding flower and add a tropical punch to your decorations.


Orchids are sometimes known to be a finicky flower, but all they need is plenty of water to thrive. Their pretty petals and rich colors are an ideal choice for a beach wedding flower. Make sure to leave them in water until it’s time to carry them down the aisle, and they’ll hold up nicely throughout the ceremony.

Small jars of orchids at the wedding reception are an elegant touch. Also, strings of orchids hanging from your ceremony archway have a unique and exotic appeal. No matter how you use them, one thing’s for sure: Orchids add a truly special touch.


Poppies are an unexpected, but welcome choice for a beach wedding flower. They are vibrant and can stand up to hot temperatures, plus come in an array of pretty colors. They look great paired with other varietals and can stand on their own among a bed of greenery. When using as part of reception decor, they offer a modern, artistic touch to a wedding’s aesthetic.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Beach Wedding Flowers

There are certain factors to consider when planning a wedding by the beach. First, you’ll want to ensure your flowers will be able to stand up in the changing weather conditions, such as high winds, scorching sun, and possible rain. Choosing flowers with delicate petals may leave you with more ending up on the sand than in your bouquet. If you have your heart set on a type of flower that’s not as beach-friendly, ask your florist if there is a similar counterpart that won’t fall apart as soon as the ceremony starts.

Another thing to think about is maintaining simplicity with the number of flowers you use. You don’t want to compete with the already stunning beach backdrop. The view takes the place of the need for large floral arrangements placed outside. Instead, consider a row of flower petals lining the aisle or smaller bouquets of flowers held in place at the end of each row of chairs. Also, don’t discount the exquisite drama of well-placed greenery. Whether it’s palms, ferns, or other green plant leaves to add to your floral arrangements, greenery has a stunning effect.

The same simplistic approach goes for the archway where you’ll say your vows in the wedding ceremony. From an aesthetic standpoint, you’ll want every flower to be perfectly placed. However, from a practical standpoint, securing the arch to the ground (and the flowers to the arch) is more important.

Additionally, when planning a beach wedding, consider looking for flower options outside of your wedding venue. You can find cheap wedding flowers with more customization for your bouquets and decorations when working with outside vendors. Give your wedding coordinator or flower vendor an idea of what you’re looking for by identifying certain colors you’d like to see, as well as colors you don’t care for. The same goes for the types of flowers you’re drawn to and the ones you could do without.

It’s helpful if you share images that visualize the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. This gives your florist a good starting point to approach you with ideas and incorporate your dream flowers for your wedding day. However, if you already have your exact flower and color scheme picked out, even better. You can discuss if this is doable based on the location and season where you plan to say “I do.”

Flower Choices + Bouquet Tips for Your Beach Wedding Bouquet Photo Credit // Ariana Kaminski Unsplash

Make the Most of Your Beach Wedding Flowers

Beach wedding ceremonies are magical. Go with the less is more approach when deciding on your beach bouquet, and use the landscape to your advantage. Your flowers will only add to what’s already a gorgeous setup.

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