Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

If you’re having a wedding on the beach, having beachy centerpieces can be a great nod to your theme. Here's a list of centerpiece ideas for your beach wedding.

By Deanna deBara

Beach Wedding Centerpieces
Photo by Angie Diaz Photography

If you’re looking for a beautiful, tranquil, and inspiring backdrop for your wedding, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better spot than the beach. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or saying “I do” at a local wedding venue on the coast, beach weddings have become a go-to for couples, thanks to their versatility (you can go casual or formal) and, of course, their unparalleled views.

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Photo Credit // Rodrigo Moraes Photography

Because the beach is already such a gorgeous place, many couples choose to keep their wedding decor minimal. But, if you’re hosting a sit-down meal, one piece of decor you’ll want to have is table centerpieces.

But, what kind of centerpieces should you have—and how can you use your wedding backdrop to inspire your centerpiece design?

Here are a few beach wedding centerpiece ideas to get your creative juices flowing—so you can find the perfect centerpiece design for your big day:

Seek Out Seashells

When most people think of the beach, the first things that come to mind are seashells and sea glass. So, if you want your centerpieces to echo your beach wedding theme, try incorporating decorative seashells into your centerpiece design.

If you’re doing florals for your beach wedding, try filling the bottom of a glass vase with a variety of small seashells before adding water and flowers—or, if you want a bolder look, surround the base of the vase with an arrangement of larger shells. If you opt-out of florals, you can also make seashells your centerpiece focal point by arranging them artfully in a glass container with other beach-inspired materials (such as sand, sea glass, rocks, or sand dollars).

Want to make your centerpieces feel more personal? Invite your guests on a “seashell searching mission” in the days leading up to the wedding—then use the shells you collect together for your centerpieces.

Bring the Sand to Your Tables

The beach is where the land meets the sea, and if you want to incorporate the land part of that equation into your wedding ceremony or reception design, try working sand into your centerpiece.

Fill votives, vases, and glass containers of different heights and shapes, and then use them to anchor tea lights and candles for a glowy centerpiece that helps add a romantic ambiance after the sunsets. Dye sand in different colors (for example, to match your wedding color palette) and layer it in glass vases to create unique designs for each table.

The point is that a beach wedding is, by definition, grounded in the sand—so why not do the same for your centerpieces?

Recreate a Coral Reef

If you prefer the “sea” part of the beach, ocean-themed centerpieces can help you capture the essence of the sea in an eye-catching way on your wedding tables. And, if you want to grab your wedding guests’ attention, try designing your centerpieces based on a coral reef. Use shells, plants, coral, driftwood, and any other reef-inspired items (such as a sea urchin sculpture or a shell-inspired vase) to create unique centerpieces for each of your tables.

And, the best part, is that coral reefs are, by definition, diverse; they can be bold and colorful, soft and muted, or eclectic and unexpected—so whatever kind of look and feel you’re going for with your centerpieces, you can achieve it with a reef-inspired design.

Use a Beach-Inspired Color Palette for Your Florals

Beach Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Photo Credit // Cate Tenopir Events

If you want to keep things classy and elegant with your tables—and focus on floral arrangements—you can still bring a beachy vibe to your centerpieces by using a beach-inspired color palette to inspire your floral design.

Take a walk on the beach where you’re getting married and see what about the space inspires you. Did you fall in love with this particular beach while snorkeling with your soon-to-be-spouse? Use bold pops of color—such as coral, yellow, or purple—as a nod to the colorful fish and coral you explored on your trip. Does the calm of the ocean make you feel peaceful and grounded? Use muted tones of blue, green, cream, and tan in your floral arrangements to recreate that feeling of calm in your floral arrangement.

The point is that you don’t have to go full-on “beach theme” with your centerpieces to capture the essence of your wedding location—and if you want to stick with traditional floral centerpieces, using the beach as color inspiration is a great way to capture that essence.

Design the Beach Wedding Centerpiece That Feels Right for You

When it comes to centerpieces for your beach wedding decor, you have nothing but options. You can take your inspiration straight from your venue and use beach-inspired materials (such as sand, shells, and driftwood). You can embrace a more subtle nod to your beach theme by incorporating beachy colors into your centerpiece palette. Use these ideas as a jumping-off point—but whatever you do, the key is to make sure to choose a beach wedding centerpiece idea that feels true to you, your event, and your wedding style.

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