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The Most Popular Wedding Flowers

Wondering what are the most popular wedding flowers? Take a look at our list to get ideas for your own wedding florals.

By The Zola Team

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If you’re not familiar with all the different types of flowers, selecting the blooms for your wedding can be an overwhelming task. There are so many varieties available that the options are nearly endless. Plus, it’s not just the type you have to consider—you have to think about colors and quantities, too.

Fortunately, your florist can help talk you through a lot of those decisions. That said, your conversations will be far more productive if you have some basic knowledge to help shape your vision. Below, a list of the most popular wedding flowers organized by price point to help you get started.

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High-End Flowers

Starting off with the more expensive flowers on our list, these blooms are coveted even outside the wedding decor industry. These blossoms come with a high price tag for a variety of reasons, including seasonality and locality. Regardless, they often remain a popular choice at weddings because of their beauty and other unique characteristics.


It’s no surprise that roses are one of the most popular wedding flowers of all time, if not the most popular. What may shock you, however, is that there are over 100 different kinds of roses and even more color varieties to choose from. Each type of rose offers something different—from large, luxurious blossoms to small, delicate buds—so you will always be able to find a rose that’s perfect for your floral arrangement. For example, garden roses have full and luscious heads making them perfect for a round bouquet, while spray roses are smaller with multiple buds per stem. As a result of their variety, roses are typically available year-round, but due to their high demand, prices are high.

Popular Wedding Flowers Photo Credit // Manuel Montenegro Photography


Revered for their voluminous and fluffy blossoms, peonies are perhaps the most coveted wedding flower. The delicate, round blooms emit a pleasant fragrance and are typically available in a variety of colors. However, they are unfortunately limited to seasonality from late spring to early summer, which drives up their price. As a result, many couples choose to incorporate peonies in their weddings sparingly, reserving them for the central bouquet and key arrangements, such as the head table centerpiece or entryway display.


These beautiful and exotic flowers are considered a modern classic and, as a result, are seeing a resurgence in weddings. They are delicate and elegant, but come in exciting colors, including vibrant sherbets and soft pastels. Though popular, many couples incorporate orchids into their wedding decor sparingly as a result of their high price. However, orchids make for stunning boutonnieres, floral hair accessories, and minimal centerpieces.

Sweet Pea

Another delicate flower, sweet pea blossoms emit a robust and candy-like scent that distinguishes it from all others on this list. These ruffled blooms are available in a wide range of colors, from soft white and pink to deep purple. Due to their delicate nature, however, they require more care and labor, which increases their price. In addition, they are only widely available in the spring months, so don't expect to find them for your winter wedding.

Moderately-Priced Flowers

Next on our list is a range of beautiful flowers that are more moderately-priced. Opting for these blossoms in lieu of the more expensive buds will allow you to get more for your budget. The mid-priced flowers can be a great option as your primary blooms, which you could then supplement with more expensive or cheaper flowers.


Though hydrangeas are actually a more expensive flower based on their price per stem, their full and voluminous heads mean you will need to purchase a smaller quantity than most other flowers, saving you some money in the long run. Traditionally seen in classic soft blues or whites, the hydrangea flower actually comes in a variety of shades, from dusty pastels to more vibrant colors such as burgundy and purple. With their primary season of availability in the summer months, hydrangeas are a beautiful choice on their own or used as fillers for more intricate arrangements.


Though most readily available in the spring, tulips are a popular mid-priced flower due to the variety of their appearance. Most of us think of the soft, uniform looking tulip when we first picture this flower, but there are a few different types available that can add interest to this classic flower. For example, double tulips have twice as many petals, giving them a fuller appearance; fringed tulips have a level of interest due to their ruffled petals; and the Rembrandt tulip flower has stunning red streaks running through its petals. With such versatility, it’s no surprise they are a popular choice for a variety of wedding styles.


Similar in appearance to roses and peonies, ranunculus flowers offer a more affordable alternative. All types of these flowers are generally the same size, but come in a large variety of colors, including white, pink, yellow, and orange. However, unlike their more expensive counterparts, ranunculus blossoms are rarely used as the star of any arrangement. Rather, they add a bit of whimsy and charm to more elaborate floral arrangements or bouquets.


Another wallet-friendly alternative to peonies, dahlias have a grand presence with their full blossoms and unique appearance. They are available in many beautiful colors and an array of different sizes (some can be as big as your head!), so you are sure to find a match for your wedding. A popular dahlia variety for weddings is known as cafe au lait, due to its unique coloring, which ranges from blush pink-peach to soft, creamy beige. Dahlias bloom mid-summer through fall, which makes it one of the most popular fall wedding flowers.

Affordable Wedding Flowers

Finally, the most affordable section of our list, these popular wedding flowers are more abundantly available, which is reflected in their pricing. Many couples choose to use these flowers for design elements and fillers that are not the center of attention. However, in the hands of the right florist, they can be designed into beautiful arrangements that anybody would be proud to show off.


One of the most budget-friendly flowers available, carnations are an excellent choice if you are trying to stretch your resources. They are a long-lasting blossom and come in a wide variety of colors. Carnations are available year-round and can be an attractive choice for bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces alike. One of the most unique things about this flower is its ability to enhance the beauty of the other flowers around it, which is why it is so often used in larger arrangements accompanied by more expensive blooms.


A type of mum, the daisy is another long-lasting and bright flower that can help couples stretch their floral budget. These flowers work just as beautifully in wildflower arrangements as they do paired with more traditional blossoms. Though often associated with summer and fall weddings, certain types of daisies, such as the Gerber daisy, are available throughout the year.

Baby’s Breath

Most often seen as a filler in larger arrangements, baby’s breath is a delicately beautiful and versatile flower. With the ability to add whimsy to any arrangement, this flower is the champion of budget flowers—a little bit of it goes a long way to complement any blossoms it’s paired with. Plus, depending on the style of your wedding, baby’s breath may be an excellent choice all on its own in dainty centerpieces or soft aisle decorations.

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