25 Most Forgotten Wedding Registry Items You Need to Know

Don't miss out on these wedding registry must-haves. From a high-quality dutch oven to the small thermometer that makes all the difference, here are items you might forget to register for.

By McCall Minnor

le creuset kitchen registry items
Photo by Le Creuset

Registries have come a long way from place settings, stand mixers, and dinnerware (though we still gush over those, too). While you and your partner probably have a list of registry essentials you’re ready to add, chances are you forgot a few things. It happens—creating your registry can be overwhelming. The last thing you want, though, is to look back after your big day and realize you missed something you’ll use all the time.

When it comes to registering for items, you want to make sure you got it all, especially if you’re building a home together (or want some upgrades). Whether you already started or have yet to begin, take note of these can’t-miss items and gift ideas that are sure to contribute to your personal best wedding registry.

Kitchen Items You Can’t Forget

1. Cast Iron Skillet

lodge skillet Photo Credit // Lodge

Cast iron skillets can just about do it all—and a versatile pan among your cookware set is crucial. A cast-iron skillet can sauté, pan-fry, braise, bake, broil, sear, and roast your favorite dishes. Whip up weekend hashbrowns, sear a whole chicken, and bake giant cinnamon rolls—all in the same skillet. Plus, they last forever and the more you use your pan, the better it gets.

Register for the Lodge Logic Cast Iron Skillet ($34.99)

2. Quality Knife Set

knife set premier Photo Credit // Shun

Trust us, we know the superstitions around registering for knife sets. We’re here to confirm they’re only myths and, yes, you will regret not adding a high-quality knife set to your wedding registry. If you aren’t ready for a full 14-piece behemoth, start your collection with a smaller set. You’ll still be well-equipped with the essentials.

Register for the Shun Premier 3-Piece Knife Starter Set ($419.99)

3. Dutch Oven

liquida dutch oven Photo Credit // Liquida

Dutch ovens were made for large cuts of meat, courts of stew, and loaves of bread (among many other things). Keeping one in your kitchen is a cooking life-saver. Like a casserole dish, they come in handy when making large meals. Don’t be mistaken, though, you don’t have to wait for special occasions and holiday get-togethers to pull one out. You can—and should— use one any night of the week for things like pasta, chicken, and soups. Meal-preppers will especially love using one to cook large dishes at the beginning of the week.

Register for the Le Creuset Signature Round Dutch Oven ($419.95)

4. Cooking and Grilling Thermometers

3InLine KITCHENAID Instant Read Thermometer Photo Credit // Kitchenaid

Cooking thermometers are an often overlooked kitchen tool, but they add a lot to the kitchen in both taste and safety. For one, they help you accurately roast, grill, and cook food to the exact right temperature. Similarly, they let you know when food reaches safe-to-consume temperatures. It’s a simple gadget, but a necessary one.

Register for the KitchenAid Yummly Smart Meat Thermometer ($79.99)

5. Salt and Pepper Mills

kitchen wedding registry items Photo Credit // Le Creuset

Nice salt and pepper mills might seem unnecessary, but trust us, they should be a staple in your kitchen. Not only do they add a touch of style to your cooking space, but actually improve the taste of your meals. Here’s how: Spices, like salt and pepper, oxidize and lose potency after grinding. So, those pre-ground spices you have sitting in your cabinet aren’t at peak potency. At-home salt and pepper mills keep spices their natural state for as long as possible.

Register for the Le Creuset Salt & Pepper Mill Set ($74.99)

Bathroom Items You Can’t Forget

6. Bath Towels

Fact: On average, you should be replacing your bath towels once about every two years. Even better fact: Your wedding registry is the perfect reason to ask your loved ones for the luxury set of towels that you otherwise might not ask for (or purchase yourself). The difference between average towels and higher quality ones is a leap you’re sure not to miss—or turn back from. With the ability to make each shower or bath feel like a spa experience, how could you not register for them?

Register for the Parachute Soft Rib Bath Towel ($39.20)

7. Shower Curtain

Likewise, you might not think to replace your shower curtain(s) all that often. If you’ve run yours through the washer countless times or simply want to try out a new look, consider adding one to your registry gifts. Something as simple as this item can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom space.

Register for the Kassatex Hotel Waffle Shower Curtain ($74.99)

8. Bath Matt

Your bath matt is the step (pun intended) that takes you from out of the shower and into the rest of the world. For a clean and luxurious shower experience, you want a matt that’s soft, strong, and very absorbent. If your current choice doesn’t fit the bill, add an upgraded option to your registry.

Register for the Brooklinen Super-Plush Bath Mat ($21.75)

9. Countertop Organizers

An organized space means an organized mind—and since your bathroom should be a calm and relaxing place, we’re betting you’d like it to be organized, too. Keep everything in its place (or, finally give it one) with various bathroom counter organizers. From trays to accessories sets, you have countless sizes and styles to choose from.

Register for the Yamazaki Home Tower 3-Piece Amenity Tray Set ($47.99)

10. Bathroom Storage

Shower caddies, toilet paper stockers, shower shelves, and towel hangers, galore. There are plenty of things in your bathroom that can be stored away—and equally as many ways to do so. Reorganize or add some structure and style to your bathroom with some storage that keeps the area clear of clutter.

Register for the Umbra Cubiko Shower Bin, Set of 2 ($42)

Home Items You Can’t Forget

11. Trash Can

A nice, high quality trash can (in a finish that matches your other kitchen appliances) is a registry opportunity often waisted. Take your wedding registry as a chance to upgrade your own, whether it be in size, shape, finish, or style.

Register for the Simplehuman Large Stainless Steel Step Can ($179.99)

12. Home Devices

Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a home electronic, but haven’t felt the need to purchase it yourself yet. We get it—especially while wedding planning, it’s difficult to justify these types of purchases. Luckily, you can keep them in mind (and the minds of others) by adding them to our registry. Whether it’s a home security system, speaker system, or automated lighting, it can have a place on your personalized list.

Register for the Ring 8-Piece Alarm Security Set ($249.99)

13. Storage

With throw pillows, furniture, and wall art on the brain, it can be easy to forget one of the most space-changing items you can register for: Home storage. While decor and furniture can do wonders to make your home look good, storage is just as much of a heavy-lifter. Having some of your own allows you to tuck away any shoes, blankets, books, or other oft-used items in a stylish, organized way.

Register for the Honey-Can-Do Entryway Shoe Storage Bench ($129.99)

14. Laundry Hamper

Whether you’re looking for something bigger, more stylish, or something with wheels, registering for new laundry hampers is a smart move. This often forgotten home essential changes not only the way you tackle laundry, but the way your bedroom, bathroom, or laundry room looks. We’re not saying it’ll make you look forward to the task, but it can definitely make it easier.

Register for the Brabantia Dual Compartment Laundry Hamper ($118.99)

15. Outdoor Furniture

When most people think of home items, they don’t include things they might use in their outdoor spaces. Allow us to remind you that your wedding registry is a great chance to ask your loved ones for that outdoor furniture set, chaise lounge, fire pit, or bar furniture you’ve been eyeing. We recommend making these types of items group gifts, meaning several different people can contribute to purchasing it. Then, once it’s arrived at your home, invite your loved ones over for an outdoor hangout. It’s a win-win.

Register for the Safavieh 4-Piece Burbank Outdoor Set ($628.99)

Bedroom Items You Can’t Forget

16. Pillow Inserts

Thoughts of bedroom wedding gifts tend to lean toward high thread count linens, comforters, and sheet sets. While we’re big fans of these items, many people tend to forget other bedding essentials. Enter, pillow inserts. Though these typically last several years, depending on materials and care, this is the perfect time to ask your wedding guests for an upgrade. Add your desired down, memory foam, or hypoallergenic pillows to your registry and look forward to cozy nights comfortably drifting off to sleep.

Register for the Parachute Standard Down Pillow ($119.20)

17. Mattress

We know, a new mattress is quite the purchase. That’s why it’s an ideal addition to your wedding registry wish list. Though we understand the hesitation to go big on the gifts, this is the perfect opportunity to utilize Zola’s group gifting option. If you haven’t replaced your mattress since your college days—or would just like an upgrade—consider adding it to your wedding registry list.

Register for the Casper Original Hybrid Mattress ($971.25-$1,571.25)

18. Air Purifier

Allergy sufferers know the benefits of owning an air purifier well. Keep dust, allergens, and even odors at bay in your bedroom by adding one to your wedding registry gifts list. This gift is especially ideal for couples who own (or plan on owning) a pet or pets, as one can help reduce pet dander and remove pet hair from the air.

Register for the GermGuardian AC4825W 3-in-1 True HEPA Air Purifier ($99.99)

19. Space Heater

Live in a cold climate or a home that tends to retain chilly temps? Consider adding a space heater to your wedding registry checklist. When running your home heater isn’t ideal (hello, steep utility bill), taking a space heater and placing it in the room you’re in can be a life-saver.

Register for the Stadler Form Anna Ceramic Heater ($99.99)

20. Throw Blanket

With popular bedding such as comforters, duvets, and sheets on the brain, you might forget to register for a couple beautiful throw blankets. Even one has the ability to take your bedding up a level, adding some color and texture to your cozy space.

Register for the Crate And Barrel Equinox Sweater Knit Throw Blanket ($89.95)

Miscellaneous Items You Can’t Forget

21. Carry-On Luggage

Prepare for your honeymoon (or any future trips) by including travel necessities in your registry. Carry-on luggage is extremely convenient, especially if you’re the type of traveler that likes to zip through the airport. As this isn’t something people usually rush to replace unless necessary, take this chance to ask for an upgrade.

Register for the Paravel Aviator Carry-On ($350)

22. Packing Cubes

Likewise, make your future travels—and the packing that precedes them—easier with packing cubes. Not only do these make packing a breeze, but they ensure that your things stay organized as you travel by plane, train, or car.

Register for the CALPAK 5-Piece Packing Cube Set ($67.99)

23. Pet Accessories

Don’t forget the fluffier (or scalier) members of your family when crafting your registry. This is a wonderful chance to get some new items for your pets, be it a stylish litter box cover, automatic little box, comfy bed, or new food and water bowls.

Register for the Baxton Studio Romy 2-Door Litter Box Cover ($90.99)

24. Gift Cards

Sometimes people are more willing to gift the happy couple cash or gift cards. That way, the couple can use it in any way they desire. For this reason, we suggest adding at least one gift card to your wedding registry. Luckily, from Home Depot, to Amazon, to Hulu, to Zola itself, you have plenty of options to choose from.

Register for the Zola Gift Card ($25-300)

25. Cash Funds

Cash funds are an extremely easy and convenient way to collect cash gifts from your loved ones. (Goodbye, envelopes that may get lost in the flurry of your wedding day!) What’s more, with your Zola registry, you can create cash funds for specific things, such as a home renovation project fund or honeymoon fund. Guests love seeing these, as it lets them know they’re contributing to something you’re working toward.

To add your own, simply navigate to your Zola Registry, click “Manage Registry,” then “+Add Gifts.” Then, select “Add Cash Fund” and fill in the requested information. Pro tip: Make sure your registry is connected to your wedding website, so your guests have easy access to it.

Whether you’re a soon-to-be newlywed couple picking out firsts for a new home or are just looking to upgrade some appliances and other items, be sure to bookmark these wedding registry ideas (or, better yet, add them directly to your Zola Registry now). Start married life on a good note by knowing you didn’t forget that one thing (or five) that you wanted.

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