Wedding‌ ‌Website‌ ‌Inspiration‌ ‌to‌ ‌Get‌ ‌You‌ ‌Started‌

Explore this collection of our favorite artistic designs to help guide your wedding website inspiration as you customize your own site.

By The Zola Team

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Every wedding is unique, except for one thing—the endless amount of details that go into planning the celebration. Everyone experiences this on some level. The beauty of creating a wedding website for your upcoming nuptials is that you can store all pertinent information in one place. That way, whenever someone asks you the date and location of your wedding, or where you’re registered, among the countless other questions you’ll field during this time, you’ll have a link ready for them, so that they get everything they need.

Get wedding website inspiration by scrolling through the hundreds of stunning designs and themes we have available to customize and make your own. A good wedding website is informative, fun, and personalized to who you are as a couple. Customize it and update it as the wedding date draws near. Relay the story of how you met, include your proposal story, and share photos of the two of you as a couple.

The people in your life who love and care about you are excited to share this time with you. A beautifully-crafted website gives them a peek into what you’re experiencing and makes them feel part of your joyful time from the beginning.

There are hundreds of wedding website designs to choose from. Since everyone has their own particular style and taste, it’ll be fun to scroll through and start to narrow your choices down to just a few. It all depends on your color and typography preferences, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. We’re sharing 15 of the best wedding website examples to spark your inspiration and get you started.

Wedding‌ ‌Website‌ ‌Inspiration‌ ‌to‌ ‌Get‌ ‌You‌ ‌Started‌ Photo Credits // Zola


If a dreamy, floral aesthetic is what you’re seeking, look no further than the Octavia wedding website template. The hand-painted design gives off an air of bohemian chic, ideal for a spring garden or park wedding setting. The elegant font balances out the breezy appeal of the design to give it a more formal feel. It’s a clean, bright look that draws your guests’ eyes directly to the details of where they can find all of the important wedding day information.


The stately luxury of the Griffin design highlights an elegant affair with a nod to formal, high society traditions. It’s refinement at its best and it serves as a preview for the wedding celebration to come. Full names scripted in elaborate cursive set against the dramatic, navy blue backdrop adds refinement to the design. Purposeful details, such as the crest with the couple’s first initials, make this selection special without being over the top.


Lovely and simplistic, and soft and inviting are some of the words used to describe this whimsical wedding website design. The border creates a postcard feel for couples who are planning a destination wedding or for those who want to highlight their shared love for travel. In addition to the classic option of navy blue or the modern gray-green alternative, the color customization can be tailored to accommodate a fall wedding date with a warm pumpkin spice hue or brightened up with light turquoise for a spring celebration.


The Valdino wedding website design is an interesting choice for artists and creatives of all kinds. The hand-drawn flowers and bold, black lettering exude a minimalist appeal. It’s a perfect match for weddings held in unique venues, such as art galleries, music halls, or open-air warehouses. The simplistic nature of this design leaves room for you to fill in all the wonderful feelings and ideas surrounding the wedding.


A gorgeous, bold website design like this one immediately captures the attention, without being flashy. It doesn’t get more classic than a black-and-white color combination, which couples can use as a template to add in their own colorful photos and details. The special typography and clean border lines create space to share all the wedding details for the upcoming nuptials.


For couples envisioning a stunning night beneath the stars for their wedding celebration, Splendor may be just the design they’re looking for. The magical quality of the star-flecked pattern and the casual, yet artistic script embodies a mood of romance and magic. If you’re planning to say your vows illuminated by nature’s twinkly lights, invite your guests to share in your celebration with this design.


Make room for modern romance with the incorporation of the infinity symbol of the Powell wedding website template. With a signature of forever from the couple, this artful approach leans on the idea of less is more. Classic typography and plenty of white space seems simplistic, but really leaves room to focus on the important message of forever. This canvas serves as a visual representation for couples who want to minimize the details and emphasize their union.


Color-blocking is the name of the game with this stunning design. The bright colors exude warmth and happiness to complement all of the details surrounding the upcoming nuptials. The website design’s main page mimics the cover of a book, authored by the happy couple. It’s a fresh take on color combinations that work well together in a vibrant way. If being a little unorthodox and staying true to you as a couple rings familiar, the Peak design may be for you.


The rich nature hues available and the modern typography provide an elegant aesthetic to this wedding website design. However, it’s anything but traditional. The date spacing and sidebar placement of the “How We Met” and “The Proposal” sections are significant and unique. It’s the kind of design that looks best with black-and-white imagery, so as to not disrupt the stylish look of the website as a whole. Play around with the customization and see what fits best as you experiment with this design.


The free-spirited appeal of the Lachlan wedding website template mirrors a painter’s canvas, with little concern for having everything neatly aligned. The right flush of the text and bold font are unexpected features that are a beautiful match for artistic personalities. At first glance, the design looks simplistic, but the more people visit the website, the more the appreciation for avant-garde comes through.


Simplicity with the addition of the right amount of details is how to define the Lyons wedding website design. There’s no need for adornments with an array of color options to choose from and a thick, scrawling typography to swoon over. This pick is ideal for couples who want to keep their wedding celebration quiet and special, surrounded by their closest family and friends in an intimate affair.


This breezy, floral design is complementary for an afternoon wedding taking place in a quaint outdoor space, such as a city park, family backyard, or hidden garden. The whimsical feel complements a sunshine-filled celebration that leans toward the casual side. For the couple who wants a laid-back start to their new life as a married couple, the Picnic template does a good job of emulating that vibe.


The illustrated blooms and bold color options of the Mikasa template serves as increasingly popular wedding planning website inspiration, particularly for couples who plan to say their vows outdoors. It’s a pretty match for weddings set in botanical gardens, near a forest of trees, or another natural setting where flowers and plants are an important part of the ceremony. The romantic scroll of the main section adds an extra special touch to an already extraordinary design.


The palm design of the Mantova wedding design template gives off truly tropical vibes. With bold, classic colors to choose from, it has a timeless appeal with a standard typography and spacing between sections. It’s a popular choice for couples who are planning a destination wedding or want to bring in some of the tradition of island culture into their own celebration. Either way, it gives your guests a sneak peek of what’s in store for your upcoming nuptials and gets them prepared for the big day.


Picture dancing into the wee hours of the morning among twinkly lights strewn all around with the Moonlight option. The design gets its inspiration from the Jazz era, a time where everything was tinged in opulence and grandeur. The celebration of getting married is prime time to indulge in this level of luxury, and embrace all the reasons to sparkle.

Making a Wedding Website Design Your Own

With so many gorgeous design options to choose from, you’ll find one that calls to you. Make it your own with as much or as few details as you want. Add in photos and information about your upcoming nuptials. This common online space is where guests will visit when they want to learn more about you as a couple and how you plan to celebrate your special day. It’s as functional as it is festive.

Tap into your creative side as you make any of these design templates your own, and share with everyone your love and excitement for your upcoming wedding celebration. Now that you’re engaged, it’s time to let everyone know when and where you’re getting married, and have them join in on the joy with you!

Wedding‌ ‌Website‌ ‌Inspiration‌ ‌to‌ ‌Get‌ ‌You‌ ‌Started‌Photo Credits // Zola
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