Wedding Website Examples and Inspiration: Themes and Designs

Need some wedding website inspiration? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite wedding website templates. Read more here.

By Taylor Bryant

Zola Wedding Website
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Now that we’ve walked you through what information to include when you build a wedding website, here comes the fun part: figuring out a theme and design.

We stand by our previous advice of having your website complement the style of your actual wedding theme—whether it’s modern chic or bohemian. A great way to translate that online is by being selective about the colors, images, and even typography.

Thankfully, a lot of wedding companies—including Zola—have website builder templates for you to choose from that you can then customize to your liking. Ahead, we list out some of our wedding website template favorites (there are over 300 to choose from) that will hopefully help spark some inspiration for your own custom wedding website.

Old School Charm

This is a classic wedding template design with a sophisticated feel. It's great for the traditional couple (hence the monogram) and is perfect for a wedding taking place at a country club or another equally posh wedding ceremony location.


For the couple that lives for adventures, this is a nice nod to nature. It’s a good option if you’re having an outdoor wedding ceremony or just know that there will be a lot of greenery involved.

Romantic Vibes

Wedding Website Examples and Inspiration: Themes and Designs Photo Credit // Unsplash

A deep red color like this one automatically reads romance. Specifically, the kind that takes place in a cabin, next to a fireplace, in the middle of winter. So, if you’re opting for a cold-weather wedding, this could be a good choice.

Tropical Getaway

As soon as you see the spiked palms on this website, you immediately know from the destination wedding website that it is going to take place somewhere warm. It’s a big hint for guests without giving away the entire theme.

Cute Colorblocking

We love the use of color on this website which, for some reason, reminds us of a quirky startup. It gives off a playful energy that’s bound to make any aesthetic-obsessed millennial happy.

Simple and Sweet

Thanks to script text, this website design is simple and to the point, while still remaining chic. It’s a great choice for an array of wedding types, from beachfront to ballroom.

Cultural Elements

If you know you’re having a ceremony and reception that follows the traditions of your culture, it’s a nice idea to incorporate that wedding detail into your website. This bold and bright website uses Indian motifs and is a preview of what’s sure to be an equally bold and bright wedding.

Architecturally Approved

This website manages to be both fun and grownup at the same time. The architectural lines and shapes with the abundance of white, marbled space pairs well with black and white photography.


Sometimes all you need is a minimalistic, to the point website. If you don’t want to spend more time making any other style decisions, go for this simple text and type layout. The wedding day is where the real effort should be directed anyway.

Big Typography Fans

For the couple for whom typography is king, we present the graphic designer-approved layout. The color combination gives off Nashville or Austin vibes that are retro and contemporary all at the same time.

Starry Starry Night

Black is a bold, unexpected choice for a website that gives off an air of Great Gatsby-like glamour. It’s also perfect for a wedding that’s taking place outside and under the night stars.

Trendy and Bright

This website reminds us of a playful, trendy restaurant—in the best way possible. The bold colors are stunning and the traditional Mexican motifs add a hint of folklore.

Wanderlust Lovers

We’re obsessed with this sweet, muted green and nude combination. The “you’re invited” sticker is reminiscent of a passport stamp, which makes us think it would be perfect for a destination wedding. Or, it can simply be a nod to the couple’s love of traveling.

City Setting

Make clear where your guests will be partying (and perhaps where the couple also met) straight from the get-go by including an outline of the skyline. In this case, it’s pretty obviously New York City.

Gingham Style

Perfect for a backyard or barn wedding, this gingham print makes known what kind of environment guests can expect. Think preppy and sweet.

That Fall Feeling

Another great option for a winter or fall wedding, thanks to deep, warm hues.

Beach Babes

This website is nautical and beachy without being too obvious. It’s ideal for a wedding taking place alongside the water.

Vintage Perfection

This wedding website template has plenty of vintage style and charm reminiscent of a western ranch—perfect for a rustic wedding.

Wedding Website Examples and Inspiration: Themes and Designs Photo Credit // Zola
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