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By Emily Forrest

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One of the best parts of your wedding website is sharing the story of how you met. Though some guests may already know bits and pieces of how your romance started, writing it for everyone to read is a romantic and engaging way to have guests feel closer to you as a couple. Your guests also get to learn how your relationship began.

Each couple has their own unique story to tell. How you craft it, is what makes the difference. Need inspiration? Try one of our wedding story examples. We have hundreds of design options for you to choose from. These examples can help l give you an idea of length and tone to aim for when writing your own “How We Met Story.” For example:

We first met at a classmate’s party and didn’t think much of it. One day, after a long day of back-to-back-classes a bunch of us went to a karaoke bar. Both of us picked the song, “I’d Do Anything for Love”, and it just clicked. They went low, I went high. There were fist pumps. We harmonized by accident. That’s pretty much when we thought, “OK. This could be something.”

If you break down this example to use for crafting your own romantic telling, you’ll see how you should keep it to a few sentences with a few personal details sprinkled in. Start by answering these questions when thinking about how to write Our Story for your wedding website:

  • Where did you meet?
  • What happened and how did you feel after first being introduced?
  • When was your first date or when did you first feel a spark?

These three questions are the foundation of every love story. Consider the parts of your relationship that make it yours. That means elaborating with specific details—that’s what makes your How We Met special. Remember, you’re sharing your story with your friends and family.

Other ways you can incorporate your personalities and memories into this section of your wedding website include: funny moments spent together, travel experiences, shared interests, and plans for the future.

Funny Moments

Don’t be afraid to add humor to your wedding website in your Our Story examples. For instance, this could be a funny anecdote about how you met or how your relationship evolved. Did your first meeting stem from miscommunication and end up with your two worlds colliding serendipitously? Were you both caught in a downpour? Missed a flight and met in the airport bar? Think of the parts of your story that make you smile. Those are the parts that will make your guests smile, too.

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Travel Experiences

You can use a travel experience to tell the story of how you met. Or, maybe it’s part of your proposal story. Whether the proposal happened during a dreamy vacation on the beach or was a moment on a rugged backpacking expedition, these are the anecdotal moments people want to hear about when it comes to the spouses-to-be. Since the day you got engaged, the first question most people ask is: How did they propose? Give your guests the information they’re dying to know. Share the details of the moment on your wedding website.

Historical Events

A question to ask yourself for a wedding story is, how did the path of history lead you to a destined path to each other? Was it when your favorite baseball team won the World Series? It could be the day your city experienced a blackout and you found out you were neighbors. Perhaps it was a personal moment like when you started your first day at a new job and met your future partner at work. Or, it was when you met at the gym after starting a new workout routine. Take a walk back through memory lane of what possibly led up to your chance meeting for the first time. You fell in love with your fiancé for a reason. Explain what lead you to want to marry your partner.

Future Plans

Couples who have grown up together or are college sweethearts may feel as if everyone knows their origin story. If this is the case, include a peek into what your plans are for the future. For example, you can say something along the lines of, “We met in college and plan to pursue our dreams as a newly married couple in New York City.” The purpose of an About Us story is to take your guests on your journey with you up to this point, but also after your wedding day. Being witnesses to your nuptials is a special event that your loved ones don’t take lightly.

4 Tips on How to Craft Your Wedding Story

1. Write Like You Speak

Once you’ve decided on a direction you want to take for your version of Our Story for your wedding website, there are a few things to keep in mind as you craft it. First, write conversationally. Write as if you’re talking to a friend and add in your own slang and style into how you’d convey the story verbally. The story is not meant to be a professional record of how you met but rather an anecdotal, sweet tale of where the spark began. Keep it light and lively!

2. Keep It Short

Second, keep it to a short paragraph. No need to incorporate every aspect about the way you met, although they are all important to the full story. Remember, your guests already have a sense of who you are individually and in some cases, as a couple. You don’t have to provide the full background on either of you to be able to put your wedding story into context. It’s not meant to read like a biography, a single, shared memory will do just fine.

3. Add Color

Third, if you want to elaborate on your story of how you met, share it through photos. There’s a section on the website where you can add a gallery of images. Allow these to further tell the tale of your romantic journey. Whether it’s the first apartment you’ve shared together, places you’ve traveled together, or how you currently spend your time as a couple, a lot of a life together can be shared through pictures when you are limited to the words you can use.

4. Use Your Outline

Finally, if you’re feeling stuck, revert back to the outline of when, where, and how it all happened. Those are the basics for any good story and will leave your audience and wedding party satisfied and excited to read on about the proposal as well in anticipation for your wedding day. Sharing your wedding story on your website gives everyone a chance to relive the memories with you. It’s a way for couples to take a happy walk down memory lane.

Try Writing Your Wedding Story from Different Perspectives

An alternative way to incorporate both of your personalities and writing styles is telling your own version of how you met. If you decide to go this route, keep the sentence length to a similar number of lines. This is a unique approach to show the memories of what each of you remember, first impressions, and how you both came to the same decision of starting a relationship from there.

However you decide to approach your wedding story, keep it easy to read for your guests. Break up the summary into sections of one to two sentences per paragraph. By deciding on a framework together, you can come up with the tone that works best for you. Don’t sweat it too much, though. Everyone likes to be told a story, especially when it ends up in marriage.

After you’ve both written your versions, swap and read them to make sure they flow well together. Have fun with it. Think of it as an additional way to secure the wonderful memories that lead you to where you are today.

Following the Same Guidelines for Your Proposal Story

Once you’ve written your wedding story, it’s easier to write your proposal story. You’ll have a framework to work with and adjust to include how the proposal happened. You may find it’s easier to write the proposal story first, as it’s more recent. When crafting either your How We Met or Proposal story, stick to the basics first and then add in the details and humor as necessary. To elaborate, share photos about your journey.

The wedding story section is one of the first parts of your website that you’ll want to fill out. It’s the area guests gravitate toward first. Give the telling of it the time and thought it deserves as you craft what you want to say. As long as you’re authentic and writing from a relaxed place, the words should flow fairly easily.

You don’t have to be a professional writer to tell a great story, particularly one as beautiful as yours. Lead people to where the spark began and let them feel as happy in the moment of reading it as you are reliving it.

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