20 Free Wedding Website Templates That Will Inspire You

We count down our 20 most popular wedding website templates.

By Ruksana Hussain

20 Most Popular Zola Wedding Website Templates
Photo by Zola

The First Look ✨

Wedding websites have become integral to the wedding planning experience. Not only do they serve as a very important information hub for your guests from near and far, but they give everyone a glimpse into what your wedding will be like. They inspire excitement and anticipation. We’ve created plenty of beautiful wedding website templates to help couples express their wedding style no matter the look and feel intended. Scroll on to look at Zola users’ top 20 best customizable wedding website templates.

Things to Consider Before Browsing Wedding Templates

Before we dive into our best wedding website templates, let’s talk prep. Yes, much like other facets of wedding planning, you can prepare before creating your website. Don’t stress—there are no logistics involved, only your own creativity. If you’re the type to dive right in and see what you can make, absolutely go for it. However, if you’d like your website to work aesthetically alongside your wedding theme or paper suite, take a few minutes to think about what that might look like. Maybe consult with your wedding planner about a custom domain for your special day. Consider the following before you begin browsing our top 20 templates, so you have a broad framework of what you are looking for.

Wedding Theme or Color Palette

Your Zola wedding website isn’t just a means to get your wedding details and information out, rather it’s also an opportunity to get your guests excited about the big day to come. If giving everyone a glimpse into all the beauty and fun that your wedding will bring sounds appealing, keep that in mind as you start creating your web desgn for your wedding day.

  • What will it look like (location, venue)?
  • What colors will be most prevalent? What colors do you not like?
  • Will there be a theme for your web design?
  • How do you want your guests to feel?

Your Paper Suite

Assuming that it’s already been designed, your paper suite can be a great source of inspiration. You’ve already crafted a combination of colors, fonts, and possibly imagery that you enjoy and feel works with your wedding event theme. Take the things you love about it and seek out a template that looks similar. This will be especially easy if you designed your paper suite with Zola since you can find exact wedding website matches. That’s one less chore off the list of wedding planning items you have to work on.


Perhaps you want to prominently feature some of your engagement photos on your website; they’re stunning and meant to be shared, after all. There’s just one catch—your engagement session with your wedding photographer was a spring shoot, and your wedding is in winter. For that reason, the photos, and your wedding theme (or paper suite) don’t really match up.

No worries, there’s no iron-clad rule that says that your Zola wedding website must replicate your wedding. In fact, it can look any way you like for any reason. Why not take inspiration from the photos you want to share? Gather the three (or four, or five) photos you really want to upload and use them as a mood board for your wedding website design. Note the setting, colors, and overall feeling that they give you. Then, look for something similar among our many wedding website templates. You are sure to find something that grasps the same mood.

Our Top 20 Templates

Now that you have some idea of what you want your wedding website to look like, let’s look at the top 20 website templates used at Zola. Each of these is free to use, easy to work with, and has a place for every piece of information. Not to mention, they’re all utterly beautiful. Whether because of functionality or aesthetic—probably both—these are our 20 most-used wedding website templates.

1. Abbey

abbey 1150 Abbey is the epitome of classic elegance. A combination of serif and cursive fonts lends to a beautifully clean look, as do the thin and stylish lines that organize different sections of text. This template is perfect for the couple having a traditional or romantic wedding. Bonus: It comes in six different color schemes to match various seasons and wedding color palettes.

2. Galata

galata 1150 The Galata template is ideal for those hosting an outdoor or botanically themed affair. Clean text and a soft cream and black color palette are adorned with beautiful leafy imagery, leaning into a soft nature theme. This template also pairs beautifully with engagement photos with an outdoor setting.

3. Eastwick

eastwick 1150

Eastwick is a garden-inspired design, complete with leaf art placed delicately throughout against a crisp white backdrop. What makes this free wedding website template so special, is the different colors available. Opt for watercolor leaves in calming green tones or the same imagery in gold or rose gold foil.

4 Moonlight

morrison 1150

For a simple and clean design that oozes elegance, Moonlight is the wedding website design style that you can opt for. The focus here is entirely on the couple and the details of the wedding rather than creating a design masterpiece per se. Opt for this if sophisticated and subtle is the vibe you are going for. Your pictures will stand out against this gorgeous background.

5. Milky Way

milkyway 1150

The Milky Way template is the stuff of star-gazing dreams. An eye-catching navy blue serves as a backdrop, contrasted by white text. Gold foil, confetti-like dots frame each page, while a bold sans serif font gives off a city-esque celebratory feel. This template is perfect for a wedding set in the city or under a blanket of stars.

6. Napa

napa 1150

Our Napa template is all sorts of beautiful. It features floral illustrations in stunning shades of pink, purple, white, and green. Headlines are typed out in a sleek and easy-to-read cursive font, with all other bodies of text being a smooth, clean sans serif. This free wedding website template comes in three colors, with minor changes to the illustrations’ colors to match. Napa works wonderfully for a romantic outdoor wedding and reception.

7. Heaven

heaven 1150

Heaven deserves all of its praises. This golden floral design inspires a feeling of warmth and elegance, perfect for a sunset wedding or sunlit engagement photos. A stylish script elevates the template, while a soft yellow and white background is beautiful and easy on the eyes.

8. Verona

verona black 1150

Looking for a bold, yet classic website design? The Verona template is for you. Available in three dark and sleek color palettes, as well as one airy white one, it’s fitting for your black-tie celebrations and sophisticated affairs. We especially love the stylish, emphasized ampersand that bridges the gap between your and your SO’s names.

9. Cricket

cricket ivory 1150

The Cricket template gives us all of the outdoorsy feels. Available in four different colors—two light and two dark—it’s decorated with watercolor succulents adorned with roses and other plant life. It’s a perfect match for those getting married outdoors—especially in the desert.

10. Octavia

octavia white 1150

Octavia is bohemian elegance. Artistic, hand-painted flowers peek out from the sides of the template, helping it to feel especially romantic. Hints of cursive also lend to this, making for a sleek and spirited template. It comes in four colors, two of which also have a textured background.

11. Violin

violin 1150

Our Violin template is great for various weddings, be it a black-tie affair or intimate garden gathering. It features a handwritten-style script for headings and large text (such as your names and wedding date), giving this classic design a modern update. It also comes in crisp white or one of four pastel paintbrush strokes backing your headings, adding a breezy and artistic element.

12. Stevens

stevens 1150

The Stevens template is classic and cool. Playing with a few different font sizes and underlining, it’s perfect for couples wanting a modern update to your typical classy design. It’s available in nine different colors—from black white, to pastel blue, to mustard yellow—providing something for every season and location.

13. Cinderella Classic

steadfast 1150 This design is part of Zola’s Disney Magic Moments collection and sure to have the bride feeling like Cinderella being swept off her feet by a handsome prince, what with the dainty font, subdued color combinations, and overall simplicity. Pick this if you want a classic wedding invite minus too many bells and whistles. This is your grand invitation to the ball.

14. Blake

blake 1150

If your wedding is a black-tie event, your wedding website may as well be, too. The Blake template borrows design elements from classic wedding invitations, such as clean lines, a gorgeous mix of fonts, and a sleek border. It’s available in seven different colors—one for every kind of upscale celebration.

15. Woads

woads 1150

The Woads template is as unique as its name. The perfect cross between classic and unique, it comes in three colors (black, off-white, and navy). Each has dramatic light pink flowers, giving it a bit of whimsy. Its single sans serif font also lends an air of modern style.

16. Waterfront

waterfront 1150

Our Waterfront template is both soft and bold. Its asymmetrical borders, which look like paint strokes, provide texture and immediately draw the eye. Four soft color options further emphasize this breezy watercolor design.

17. Camden

camden 1150

Camden was made for lovers of the outdoors. Available in three colors (dark green, light green, and white), it includes a charming line of watercolor trees, followed by a couple of watercolor mountains. This template lends itself greatly to weddings taking place in the epic outdoors.

18. Oahu

smithandmills 1150

This is an exclusive Zola design which means you will not find this wedding website design anywhere else. This is perfect for seaside nuptials or a summer day shindig. The flowers, seashells, starfish, are all signs of a beachy wedding where guests can expect a lot of sun and sand when celebrating your big day.

19. Folly

escape 1150

One thing you cannot miss is the fun vibe of this invite which features bright colored fruit and flowers in addition to space for your happy pictures as the new couple to be. This is a great design for a couple planning a spring or fall wedding, or even a summer one, where seasonal produce might play a big role in the menu and décor.

20. Cruise

cruise 1150

All aboard our Cruise template. With an airy color palette and bright watercolor palm fronds, it’s perfect for beachy “I dos” that’ll take place under the sun. The bold font reads like a travel brochure, sure it’s to inspire excitement in your guests.

How To Create Your Own Wedding Website Using Zola

Zola makes it simple and stress-free to create a personalized, easy-to-navigate wedding website. With tons of templates to choose from and a place for every piece of information, getting your wedding information out there for guests or your wedding party has never been easier (or looked better).

There are many benefits to choosing Zola over other platforms and that includes some essentials such as password protection for the website and a custom website domain. But there are also a few additional conveniences such as integrated third party sites on Zola to avail of when building your gift registry and the functionality to collect RSVPs via RSVP forms, meal preferences, and other customized information you’re your guest list. You can also edit, hide, or reorder all the pages you see on the site as well as share information on dress code, and more personal details such as your love story via a photo gallery.

The options truly are many and give you plenty to play with when choosing the right website design for your wedding. You can already tell from the vast variety of options even in these 20 website designs that there is a lot that can be accomplished via a free Zola wedding website. Remove the stress of setting up a registry, then a site with information, and then an email invitation by hosting it all in one spot on Zola. The ease and convenience cannot be compared.

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