Fun Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Ideas

If you’re planning a post-wedding brunch, you’ll need to let your guests know. Check out these fun post-wedding brunch invite ideas.

By Deanna deBara

Fun Post Wedding Brunch Invitation Ideas
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  • There are a few different elements that you’ll need to keep in mind when designing your post-wedding brunch invitations—including paper options, color, and the overall style and aesthetic of your brunch invitation design.
  • Include the time, date, and location of your post-wedding brunch, how guests can RSVP, and how to let you (or the brunch host) know about any dietary restrictions.
  • You can have more fun with your brunch invitation design—for example by sending invitations in fun brunch-themed shapes and designs or including a photo of you and your partner enjoying your favorite brunch foods.

Your wedding day is one of the biggest celebrations of your life. And these days, many couples like to keep the wedding party going by hosting a brunch the day after the big day.

If you’re planning a post-wedding brunch, you’ll need to let your guests know—and that means sending invitations.

Let’s take a look at everything you need to know about post-wedding brunch invitations—including what to consider during the design process, what to include on your invitations, and fun ideas to inspire your invitation design:

What Are the Key Elements to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Post-Wedding Brunch Invitations?

There are a huge variety of invitation options out there, so when you’re narrowing down the choices for your post-wedding brunch invites, there are a few key things that you’ll want to consider, including:

Invitation Materials

When it comes to invitations, you might think, “paper is paper,” but nothing could be further from the truth. When choosing materials for your post-wedding brunch invitations, there are so many invitation paper options to choose from.

So, what are some of the most popular options?

  • Smooth. Smooth paper is (as you might have guessed) smooth, lightweight, and has just a hint of shine. If you’re thinking about featuring a photo on your brunch invite (either of you and your partner, or of the epic brunch foods you plan to serve!), smooth paper is a great option.
  • Eggshell. If you prefer a more matte finish, eggshell paper is a similarly lightweight paper option—just minus the shine of smooth paper. Eggshell also makes colors look more vibrant and saturated, so if you want color to take center stage on your post-wedding brunch invitations, eggshell is definitely a paper option that you’ll want to consider.
  • Recycled. Using recycled paper is a great way to keep your invites as green and environmentally friendly as possible, without sacrificing quality.
  • Pearlescent. If you’re a fan of all things glam, pearlescent paper—which has an iridescent finish—is a great option.
  • Double thick. If you want your invites to feel more substantial, double thick paper—which, as the name implies, is twice as thick as typical card stock—could be the right paper for you.

Once you’ve chosen your paper, another material that you may want to consider including on your post-wedding brunch invitations is foil.

With foil stamping, you can permanently transfer metallic and/or pigmented foil (either in a design or text) directly onto your invites, which can add a touch of shine and sparkle and make your invites feel that much more special.


The materials of your post-wedding brunch invitations are important. But, just as (if not more) important is the design—and the design process starts with choosing an orientation or layout for your invitations.

Your wedding invite can either have a landscape orientation (which is wider than it is long, like a landscape painting) or a portrait orientation (which is longer than it is wide, like a portrait). Either orientation works great for wedding invitation design; you just need to choose which orientation feels like the best design choice for your invitations.


Next on the invitation design to-do list is choosing the colors to feature in your post-wedding brunch invitations.

If you want your post-wedding brunch invitations to feel on-theme with your wedding, using your wedding colors is a great way to accomplish that goal. But, you certainly don’t have to use your wedding color palette; feel free to incorporate whatever colors you like! If you want to have fun with it, you might use the foods you plan to serve at the brunch as inspiration for your invitation color palette (for example, incorporating colors of different fruits—such as reds, blues, yellows, and oranges.)


When designing your post-wedding brunch invitations, it’s essential to consider each individual design element. But, it’s also important to consider the overall style or aesthetic that you’re going for and make sure ensure that each component you're choosing fits in with that style or aesthetic.

For example, do you want your invites to have a breezy, boho feel? Funky and modern? Or, do you want to keep your design simple and classic? Knowing the style or aesthetic that you want to capture on your invitations will help you during the design process and make sure that the design elements you choose (for example, color palette or paper type) help you achieve the look you’re going for.

What Information Should You Include on Your Post-Wedding Brunch Invitations?

You’re designing your invitations because you want your wedding guests to join you for an epic post-wedding brunch. In order to accomplish that goal, you need to include some key information on your invitations, including:

  • Details about the brunch. Your guests need to know when and where the brunch is happening, so make sure to include details about the time, date, and location of your brunch (including an exact address).
  • Parking information. Depending on where you’re hosting your brunch, you may also want to include information about parking (for example, if you’re hosting your brunch at a restaurant and parking is valet only, inform your guests so that they can be prepared).
  • The hosts. If you and your soon-to-be spouse are hosting the brunch, there’s no need to include that information on your invitation. But if someone else is hosting the brunch for you (for example, if your partner’s parents are hosting the brunch at their home), you’ll want to share that information on your invite.
  • RSVP information. In order to properly plan for your post-wedding brunch, you need to know who is planning on attending (otherwise, how will you know how much french toast and mimosas you need?!). So, make sure to include information about how to RSVP on your invitation—including who to RSVP to, their contact information, and when guests need to RSVP by.
  • Dietary restriction requests. Chances are that there’s going to be at least one or two people on your guest list that have dietary restrictions. If you plan to accommodate those restrictions, you’ll also want to include a note about that on your invitation. (For example, something like “If you have any special requests or dietary restrictions, please let us know by [X date] and we’ll do our best to accommodate.”)

What’s the Process for Designing Post-Wedding Brunch Invitations?

When you’re designing your post-wedding brunch invitations, you’ve got two options: you can either hire a designer to create a custom design, or you can use an invitation template and design the invite yourself.

If you want to hire a designer to come up with a custom design, that’s certainly your prerogative. But, keep in mind, working with a designer can be time-consuming and pricey (and that wedding budget could be put towards other things, such as upgrading your wedding venue or hiring an amazing wedding photographer).

So, if you want to get your post-wedding brunch invitations designed quickly and affordably— without sacrificing style or quality—using a template is a great option. With a pre-designed template, all you have to do is find the template that matches your style and vision, customize it with your brunch details, and voila—invites done. (Zola has hundreds of invitation templates to choose from, so whatever your invitation style is, we’ve got you covered!)

When Do You Need to Send Your Post-Wedding Brunch Invites?

When you send your post-wedding brunch invites will depend on a few factors.

If planning your post-wedding brunch is part of your wedding planning process and you have all the details for your brunch in time—you could send them out either with or shortly after your wedding invitations. That way, guests know about all your wedding events from the get-go and can plan to stick around after your wedding ceremony and reception to enjoy your brunch.

If you’re planning the brunch closer to your wedding date, not to worry! As long as you send invitations out about a month in advance, that gives your guests plenty of time to fill out that RSVP card. (Just keep in mind that if you’re hosting your brunch at a restaurant, they may need a headcount a few weeks before the event, in which case, you would want to get your post-wedding brunch invitations out sooner to give your guests time to RSVP before you have to let the restaurant know how many people are planning to attend.)

Fun Post-Wedding Brunch Ideas

Need a little inspiration for your post-wedding brunch invitations? Here are a few fun ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Illustrated/Graphic Invitations

A post-wedding brunch (typically) isn’t as formal as a wedding, which gives you some room to have fun. So, why not feature a fun illustration or graphic on your post-wedding brunch invitations?

For example, you can make the background of our invite an illustration of a brunch buffet—or incorporate cute cartoonish characters in the shape of your favorite brunch foods on the perimeter of your invitation design.

Photo Invitations

Photo invitations are hugely popular for wedding events (including engagement parties and bachelor or bachelorette parties)—so why not incorporate a photo into your post-wedding brunch invitations?

While any photo of you and your soon-to-be-spouse is great, if you want to stay on theme, consider adding a photo of the two of you enjoying some of your favorite brunch foods. (Nothing says “come hang out with us at a post-wedding brunch!” quite like a photo of you and your partner enjoying a huge stack of pancakes.)

Shaped Invitations

Traditionally, invitations are square or rectangular. But, if you want to do something different and fun for your post-wedding brunch invitations, why not experiment with different shapes? For example, you might send invitations cut out into the shape of a champagne glass (mimosas!), an egg, or another breakfast/brunch food (such as a strawberry).

Menu Invitations

When you go out to brunch, you typically order from a menu. So, why not incorporate that menu idea right into your post-wedding brunch invitations?

With this idea, you can just design your invitations to look like a menu—or, if you want to take it a step further, you can turn your invitation into an actual menu with the items that guests will be able to enjoy at your post-wedding brunch.

Design the Perfect Invitations for Your Post-Wedding Brunch

There’s no right or wrong way to design post-wedding brunch invitations. But now that you know the ins and outs of the design process (and have some fun ideas for inspiration), all that’s left to do is get out there and design the perfect post-wedding brunch invitations for your event.

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