Popular Disney Wedding Themes

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Disney Wedding Themes
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The First Look ✨

  • Feel like a disney princess by adding themes and decorations from Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Cinderella.
  • Bring Disney World to you and give your guests a destination wedding by recreating the happiest place on Earth in your wedding reception venue.
  • When it comes to your Disney wedding, you have plenty of options. And for total wedding guidance, you always have Zola, your wedding expert.

Your wedding should be a testament to the things in life that make you happy. And what could be happier than a wedding filled with Disney magic? Whether you’re a Disney movie superfan or you take a trip to Disney World every year, a Disney wedding theme is perfect for your special day.

If you’re already wondering how much Disney is too much Disney? Here’s a simple answer: There can never be too much Disney magic. So, incorporate a few elements here and there or go for a full-blown Disney wedding.

Whichever you prefer, below you’ll find Disney wedding theme ideas that will combine your happiest day with the happiest place on Earth.

Feel like a Princess, Literally

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Every bride deserves to feel like a princess (and every groom a prince charming). While some may take this idea metaphorically, you can step it up a notch by making your movie-themed wedding based on your favorite Disney movies.

Movies provide a ton of inspiration for decor, and using a film for your Disney wedding theme will give you endless inspiration for planning an utterly magical wedding reception.

Show Your Guests a Whole New World

Take a page from the 1992 classic Disney movie Aladdin, and turn your wedding into the mystical city of Agrabah. Aladdin-inspired nuptials, from the gold touches to the magic carpet, is going to have your Disney-themed wedding feeling especially luxurious.

  • Gold and Purple: Aladdin’s main colors are gold and purple. Incorporate these colors into your wedding theme by using purple and gold marigolds in your centerpieces, purple napkins wrapped around gold silverware, and purple walls illuminated by gold lighting.

  • Light Blue: Another statement color in Aladdin is the light blue found in Jasmine’s signature outfit. Dress your wedding party in stunning light blue gowns and tuxedos if you want to take some styling tips from the princess of Agrabah, herself.

  • Two-Piece Gown: For the bride who wants to rock a Jasmine-inspired look herself, shake up the traditional wedding gown by opting for a two-piece gown. Two-piece gowns have gained popularity in recent years, and showing off a little midriff will perfectly embody this desert theme.

  • Drapery: The sultan’s castle in Aladdin is marked by its elegant drapery. Hang soft, luxurious fabric from the ceilings and walls to get this beautiful Agrabah-inspired decor.

  • Magic Carpet: Every Disney lover knows an Aladdin-themed wedding wouldn’t be complete without a magic carpet. While you won’t actually be able to take flight on it, a magic carpet rolled down the aisle will make you feel like you’re flying toward the altar.

Be the Belle of the Ball

If you’re looking to throw a beast of a wedding, try embodying the charming decor of 1760s France with a Beauty and the Beast-themed wedding.

  • Yellow Gowns: Yellow bridesmaids dresses are a great way to incorporate this theme. Having your loved ones step out in beautiful yellow ball gowns would make Belle herself proud.

  • Rose Centerpieces: What’s more iconic than the mysterious rose Beast hides away in his castle? Incorporate this element by making roses the flower of choice at your wedding. Bump up the Disney theme even more by encasing them in crystal as a centerpiece, just as it appears in the film.

  • Candelabras: While you can’t bring your decor to life, you can style it to resemble the beloved household objects in the movie with wedding candles. Light your wedding venue with elegant candelabras and chandeliers that say to your loved ones “be our guest!”

  • Tea hour: Shake up the traditional cocktail hour by turning it into tea hour (yes, these can still be hard teas, don’t worry). Swap Champagne flutes for cute tea cups and saucers. Choose china with purple, blue, and gold elements to emphasize the resemblance.

A Beautiful Wedding Under the Sea

Give your Disney wedding theme some legs by taking inspiration from The Little Mermaid. A tale of love so powerful it breaks the barrier between land and sea… what could be a more perfect movie to celebrate your connection?

Transform your venue into an aquatic paradise with some of these ideas:

  • Mermaid-Style Gown: If you’re a bride who really wants to feel like Ariel, look no further than a mermaid-style gown. The tight silhouette and glossy fabric of this gown will have you feeling ready to grow gills and sing a ballad under the ocean.

  • Blue Color Scheme: Bring the colors of the sea into your Disney wedding theme by making blue the star of the show. Blue walls, tablecloths, and lighting will do the trick. Complement the blue with some bright wedding colors in your accent pieces, such as hot pink flowers or popping yellow napkins, to really give off the effect of a coral reef.

  • Seashells: Many weddings incorporate seashells into the decor, but a Little Mermaid theme will take this stylistic choice to a new level. Add seashells or starfish to centerpieces, plating setups, or even the bouquet for a truly aquatic feel.

  • Rent Out an Aquarium: If you really want your guests to feel like citizens of Atlantis, consider renting out an aquarium for your reception. Being surrounded by real ocean creatures will take a lot of the work out of trying to create an under sea environment.

Take Your Wedding From Rags to Riches

Take a classic approach to your Disney-themed wedding with inspiration from the most famous love story there is: Cinderella. From crystal elements to a light blue color scheme, this rags to riches theme will be a perfect fit for any Disney lovers wedding day.

  • Princess-Style Gown: If there’s one thing Cinderella knows, it’s how to rock a ballgown. A voluptuous princess-style gown will have any bride looking ready to meet her prince charming down the aisle, and it’s going to fit into the theme perfectly.

  • White and Blue: Cinderella’s colors are white and light blue. These work together perfectly to create an enchanting environment for the reception. White flowers in your centerpieces, light blue drapery for the walls and ceilings, and light blue napkins with white tablecloths are some subtle ways these colors can be incorporated into the decor.

  • Crystal Elements: Is it really a Cinderella-themed wedding without some crystal? Take inspiration from Cinderella’s glass slipper by working a few sparkly touches into different places at the reception. Crystals can be added to centerpieces, wrapped around utensils at place settings, or incorporated into the lighting with some twinkling chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. If you want to drive your theme home, you can even place name cards inside crystal slippers at every table, because a guest's seat is—in a way—their perfect fit.

  • Ride in Style: If you really want to take the theme to the next level, pull up in a horse -drawn carriage. You don’t even need a fairy godmother (or a pumpkin) to accomplish this. Many companies rent out carriages for weddings, and the average cost is between $500 to $800—a little pricier than a limousine, but definitely more unique.

Bring Disney World to You

Popular Disney Wedding Themes | Zola Photo Credit // Unsplash

Your wedding should feel like the happiest place on Earth. What better way to do that than by taking inspiration from the happiest place on Earth: Disney World. Have your big day resemble everyone’s favorite amusement park by incorporating Disney World elements into your wedding’s theme:

  • Mickey and Minnie: Embody Mickey and Minnie with your decor by incorporating polka dots, using a red, black, and white color scheme, or projecting their silhouettes on the wall at the reception. This is a cute little reminder that your love is as strong as one of history’s most famous cartoon couples.

  • Get Married in a Castle: Take notes from Disney’s magic castle by planning your ceremony somewhere similar. Many castles can be rented for weddings, and you won’t feel far from Disney World getting married in one. If you’d rather hold off on the Disney theme until the reception, try adding elements from the magic castle into your venue. Colorful lighting, whimsical hedges, and blue and white brick are some of the ways you can turn your venue into the famous Magic Kingdom.

  • Fireworks: If your state allows them, fireworks are a great way to rev up your Disney wedding theme. Set fireworks to go off at the end of the ceremony to commemorate your first kiss as a married couple.

The Choices Are Endless

The Disney universe is vast. There are so many paths you can take when planning a Disney wedding theme. Whether you want to feel like a princess, a prince charming, or you just want to bring the joy of Disney World into your wedding, the choice is yours.

Consider these Disney wedding theme ideas when planning your special day, and don’t be afraid to go all out. This is a day you’ll want to remember as well as you do Disney trivia.

To ensure you’re the happiest couple on Earth, check out Zola’s helpful wedding tools.

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