November Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Thinking about picking a date in November for your wedding? Here's all you need to fall in love with this magical month.

By Alexis Ferguson

November Wedding? Here’s Everything You Need to Know
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November kicks off the holiday season for many, making it an ideal month to gather loved ones together to celebrate a wedding. From the beauty of the shifting seasons to the anticipation of a new year around the corner, there’s so much this month brings to the table for those tying the knot.

Here’s everything you should keep in mind for a November wedding.

The Basics

History and Culture

There’s a reason why we think of family and feasts when November rolls around.

  • Historically November has always signaled the time for families to store the last of the autumn harvest in preparation for the approaching winter.
  • Early November marks the end of Daylight saving time in most regions, ushering in shorter days and longer nights that make up the holiday season.
  • According to a widespread list of wedding superstition prose, having a November wedding can be a sign of good fortune within your marriage.

Ideas and Inspiration

What’s In-Season

The rich foods and florals of autumn are perfect for bringing the best to the table at your wedding.

  • Hearty foods like squash, pumpkin, and sweet potatoes are great for making delicious soups and side dishes.
  • Brighten up your spreads by adding the sweet-tart flavors of apples, cranberries, or pomegranates to salads or desserts. These fruits also make for great decor and can double as edible wedding favors.
  • Flowers like chrysanthemum, marigold, aster, and jasmine are in season and stun along with other fall hues. Add earthy elements like feathers, twigs, or even dried floral buttons to make unique arrangements and bouquets.


With the weather finally giving way to the chillier side of fall, be prepared for lower temperatures, sporadic rainstorms, and even the first signs of snowfall.

  • The average temperatures within most major cities during November land between the 50s and 60s during the daytime and can fall into the 20s during nighttime.
  • Weddings taking place in more Northern regions run the chance of catching an early snowfall compared to more southern states such as Florida and Arizona that may still experience some sunny days.
  • This month marks the end of the hurricane season (November 30) for locations along the Atlantic but prepare for more mist-filled, cloudy days across all coasts as the year-end weather settles in.

Now more than ever is the time to stay locked into your weather forecast and remain up-to-date with both your vendors and your guests about changes to your wedding and backup plans.


November marks the beginning of the holiday season and the excitement in the air is there to show for it. Your wedding deserves the same energy, of course, so navigate these holidays if you’d like the main focus to be on your big day.

  • November 1: All Saints’ Day
  • November 4: Diwali
  • November 11: Veterans Day (U.S.), Remembrance Day (Canada)
  • November 25: Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)
  • November 28: First Sunday of Advent

Theme Ideas

November is home to some of the most romantic and whimsical wedding themes seen throughout the year.

  • Make the most of the fall foliage by hosting a rustic outdoor wedding filled with string lights, gourds, and chalkboards galore.
  • Channel your inner maximalist with a festival-style ceremony featuring bold colors, mismatched textiles, and even potential tarot readings.
  • Nothing says “cozy” like a warm banquet hall or a local auditorium ready to host your affair. A celestial theme is a great way to enjoy an event under the stars indoors.

Clothing Idea

The cool and cloudy days are here to stay, so bring the heat when you dress for your November wedding.

  • Sweaters and jackets are a must. Be sure you and your guests keep comfort in mind when planning your wedding attire.
  • If you’re not in the mood for cover-ups, a long-sleeved velvet number is also an elegant option. The same goes for fabrics like gabardine or brocade that can be equally stunning.
  • Color tip: With November bringing autumn to a close, the month is a free-for-all for warm colors. Make the most of those earthy tones while there’s still time.

Zola Facts

Wanting to know how other couples are celebrating their November weddings? Here are some fun facts from Zola about weddings this time of year.

Couples’ Favorite November Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

November’s most popular Invites + Paper designs on Zola are best for sending you and your guests warm fall vibes.

  • Octavia Suite- This painterly design features baroque florals and solid background, perfect for highlighting your wedding details.
  • Violin Suite- This classic design features dramatic script calligraphy over your own custom photo.
  • Galata Suite- This botanical design features leafy eucalyptus garlands that frame your wedding details gorgeously.

Average Guest Count for November Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guestlist for a November wedding is 137.

Popular Registry Adds for November Weddings

Couples getting married in November have these top three must-adds on their wedding registries:

Things to Consider


Though November may not be the busiest month in terms of weddings, it sure is packed with preparations for year-end festivities.

  • Plans to visit family and friends are often set in stone this time of year, so be sure to get your wedding on calendars early once you know when you’ll be celebrating.
  • If you’re looking to make your wedding super memorable, November is an ideal choice. Fewer weddings happening means all the more time to gush over your nuptials at the next family gathering.


Take advantage of the fact that November tends to be less expensive than the more popular autumn months.

  • Venues and vendors may be advertising lower prices the match the lower demand.
  • November weddings may be more budget-friendly, but keep in mind you may run into extra costs putting precautions in place for unforeseen weather changes.

Choosing your wedding month is often one of the first steps you take when wedding planning. If possible, be sure to weigh all your options before picking your official wedding date. If after taking things weather, wedding themes, and budgets into consideration you’re ready to lock in a date, drop it into your Wedding Planning Checklist, and start the countdown.

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