7 Perfect Fall Wedding Colors That Look Stunning

Having a fall wedding? Decorate with colors that compliment this time of year. Check out these color schemes!

By Jane Chertoff

Wedding Color Schemes Perfect For Fall
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It’s time for your fall wedding—the air is crisp, leaves are changing, and porch steps are littered with pumpkins. There’s a lot to love about this transitional time of year and plenty happening in nature to take inspiration from for your wedding color scheme. That doesn’t mean you have to go with a traditional red, yellow, and orange color palette though.

As a couple, decide on a color palette that speaks to you and represents you as a couple. Remember that it’s ok to buck wedding trends and current wedding color ideas to make your nuptials unique. If you love pale pink normally found in spring weddings, don’t be afraid to incorporate it into your big day. It’s up to you and your partner to use wedding ideas that reflect who you are as a couple.

From rich cranberry or burnt orange to deep jewel tones, there are plenty of elegant and beautiful options for a fall wedding color scheme. Whether you select a color palette below or branch out on your own, your tones will set the stage for your special day. Here are five fall color schemes to consider. P.S. Some may surprise you!

7 Most Perfect and Stunning Fall Wedding Colors

Jewel Tones

With summer behind you, it’s time to embrace a deeper color palette for your autumn wedding. And although you may have heard of jewel tones before, you may not be familiar with these fall-season tones.

  • Emerald green - pairs well with burgundy, mustard, and burnt orange tones

  • Burgundy - this deep red hue pairs well with other reds for monochromatic color combinations

  • Plum - if you want this deep purple in your big day, combine it with maroon, marigold, or teal for a striking look

  • Ruby - pair this dark red with sapphire, emerald green, and amethyst for a fall wedding theme

  • Terracotta - this deep orange is the color of terracotta flower pots, and it makes an interesting combination with dusty blue or mauve tones

These fall wedding colors are also a richer alternative to black or grey, and look gorgeous as decor for both your ceremony and reception. They also mix well with velvet, gold, moss, and wooden elements.

Some ideas for incorporating jewel tones into your wedding day include:

  • Have bridesmaids choose long fall-appropriate bridesmaid dresses in the rich color of their choice

  • Mix jewel-toned vintage tinted stemware and napkins

  • Use high-stem vases filled with boldly colored bouquets and candles

  • Choose rich jewel-tone invitations that include flowy fonts and tuck them inside of gold envelopes

  • Consider a naked cake decorated with sugared blackberries, raspberries, or florals in a jewel-toned color scheme

Red-ish and Maroon Tones

Cranberry and other reds are gorgeous and romantic accent colors for a fall wedding. You can use these deep tones to inspire your wedding decor. Another idea is to incorporate real berries in various aspects of your wedding ceremony and reception.

Deep red tones also pair especially well with gold, champagne, white, yellow, florals and greenery. Wondering what red tones to include in your fall wedding color palette? Here are a few ideas. Bonus: These colors also work well for a winter wedding.

  • Cranberry - pairs well with holiday tones for a late fall wedding

  • Maroon - creates a striking look, especially when used in bridal bouquets with other reds

  • Burgundy - couple this hue with greens or creamy tones

  • Deep red - add bold pops of this tone alongside golds and oranges

  • Ruby - perfect for fall color scheme with other jewel tones

  • Dark red - use this with browns and dark hues for a moody event

  • Rust (bordering on an orange hue)

Here’s how to incorporate red wedding color combos into your decor:

  • Choose a buttercream cake decorated with real cranberries or serve red velvet cake or cupcakes

  • Serve cranberry juice cocktails before the ceremony or cocktails with cranberries and sprigs of rosemary in them

  • Use bouquets of flowers with roses, calla lilies, and ranunculus in cranberry tones mixed with white roses and greenery

  • Drape cranberry-colored fabric over a simple wooden arch for a gorgeous wedding ceremony focal point

Wedding Color Schemes Perfect for Fall Photo Credit // Unsplash

Keep It Sweet!

Although pink may not be ultra-traditional for a fall wedding tablescape, it’s perfectly acceptable to include it. Here are a few sweet, light red tones to consider.

  • Dusty rose - this pink with a brownish hue looks lovely with green

  • Mauve - close to dusty rose, mauve is a great complement to blue

  • Pale pink - a monochromatic red palette thrives with a few pale pink blooms

  • Pastel pink - the lightest of pinks, this almost functions as white for a fall wedding

  • Hot pink - this bright color pairs well with navy blue and adds a fun vibe

  • Fuschia - another bold pink, this falls into a more purple tone

Even if you don’t want to have explosions of pink, consider adding hints of the color to your nuptials. Here’s how:

  • Add pops of hot pink into a monochromatic red color palette

  • Use mauve paired with burnt orange and mustard yellow for a boho feel

  • Ask your wedding party to pick out their own outfits in tones of mauve or dusty rose

  • Have your bartender create a pink signature cocktail garnished with a thin slice of grapefruit

  • Anchor an outdoor wedding ceremony with Persian rugs featuring dark pink hues

Paint It All Orange

When you think pumpkin, bright orange may come to mind. But in slightly lighter shades and paired with neutrals like sage green, blush, and dusty rose, pumpkin can be a gorgeous choice for a fall wedding palette. This look is especially beautiful for an outdoor wedding, and here are a few hues for the fall wedding season.

  • Terracotta - this traditional flower pot color matches almost anything

  • Burnt orange - pair this earthy tone with marigold and maroon

  • Marigold - borders on yellowish-orange for a boho vibe

  • Pumpkin - as a traditional, bright orange, pumpkin is a quintessential fall wedding color

  • Golden orange - a bit more yellow than pumpkin, it looks striking set against blues or greens

  • Deep coral - darker than its summertime counterpart, this tone is perfect for autumn

Here’s how to decorate with this color scheme:

  • Have bridesmaids wear a lighter orange, sage green, or blush dress of their choice

  • Decorate wedding reception tables with mini pumpkins, sage clusters, and candles

  • Serve a naked wedding cake decorated with pumpkin, sage, and blush flowers for a rustic look

  • Create ceremony arch decor with garlands made of sage, pumpkins, and autumn wedding flowers

  • Pair pumpkin orange with sage green and blush on your wedding invitations

Yellows and Greens

Bright yellow isn’t trending, but warmer mustard yellow paired with greenery works beautifully for indoor or outdoor fall weddings. If you wish, you could also mix these shades with another fall color, like merlot or navy blue. Zola has you covered if you want a yellow or green wedding and need color ideas for your special day.

  • Mustard yellow - think more of a brown, golden mustard instead of the traditional yellow condiment

  • Light marigold - this annual, summer flower color is often used in Indian events

  • Emerald green - use this deep color with other jewel tones

  • Sage green - paired with pink, yellow, or orange, sage is a lovely, soft complement

  • Forest green - this tone garners its name from stately trees

  • Bright yellow - lemony and citrusy, bright yellow is a fabulously happy hue

  • Greenery - another colorful neutral, this leafy tone matches just about anything

  • Teal green - with a slight blue tone, teal is an interesting addition to an autumn affair

  • Pastel yellow - don’t discount this spring wedding favorite, but pair it with orange or navy blue for a fall event

Here are some ideas for using this combination of colors:

  • Have the bride wear mustard yellow heels for a pop of color with a white wedding dress

  • Dress groomsmen in mustard yellow ties and add a pop of green (eucalyptus or succulent) to the fall boutonniere

  • Gift the wedding party mustard cardigans to wear for photos on a chilly day

  • Use mustard chargers as an anchor element for your table setting

  • Have your florist recommend seasonal floral arrangement and greenery ideas, like solidago and Queen Anne's Lace

Something Blue

As the weather turns, the classic combination of grey and navy blue is especially appealing for a late October or November wedding. Pairing these traditional hues with another pop of color like burnt orange, burgundy, gold, or silver would also be ideal for a fall celebration. Looking for early fall blues? See below.

  • Navy blue - as a classic favorite, navy acts as a neutral for your fall wedding

  • Dusty blue - make a statement and pair this color with orange

  • Gray-blue - perfect for suiting, grayish blue is a different take on traditional gray

  • Deep turquoise - with a touch of green, this deep aqua is reminiscent of deep, tropical water

  • Sapphire - between navy and royal, sapphire is a beautifully regal color

  • Royal blue - as a bright happy blue, royal makes quite a statement

Here are a few ideas for decorating with this color scheme:

  • Have the bride wear navy heels as her something blue to complement her wedding dress

  • Serve blueberry-inspired cocktails to coordinate with rustic wedding centerpieces

  • Put groomsmen in grey-blue jackets or suits, and have them wear a coordinating tie

  • Ask bridesmaids to wear dusty blue dresses

  • Decorate the reception with navy table linens, candles, and elegant seasonal bouquets

Keep It Neutral!

Take cues from your wedding venue's neutral, earthy tones to create the perfect fall color palette. Either pair these neutrals with color or use them on their own for a striking monochromatic scheme.

  • Charcoal gray - as an almost-black tone, charcoal is a bit softer for your wedding day

  • Black - ideal for a formal affair, black can anchor a perfect neutral palette

  • Brown - pair brown with oranges, rust, and golden yellows for a traditional fall color scheme that mimics nature

  • Taupe - as a light brown hue, taupe can lighten up darker neutrals

  • Dusty gray - perfect for an early fall wedding, this lightish gray is easy to pair with other tones

  • Creamy whites - of course, you can use traditional white, but creamy tones work best for an autumn affair

  • Metallics - tones of yellow gold, pewter, or rose gold definitely have their place on your big day

Here’s how to include neutral colors on your wedding day:

  • Have your groomsmen wear suiting in black for a formal wedding, brown for a rustic wedding, or gray for a daytime event

  • Bridesmaids would look striking in black gowns to complement a white wedding dress

  • Incorporate metallic touches in your centerpieces and other table decorations at your wedding reception

  • Pick shoes to wear in an unexpected neutral tone, such as charcoal or taupe

  • Although it’s difficult to find blooms in black and gray, include brown and creamy white elements in your ceremony backdrop and floral installations

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