48 Fall Wedding Ideas for a Breathtaking Autumn Day

Get inspired by the stunning beauty of autumn and these unique fall wedding ideas, from velvet touches to illuminated aisles…

By Jane Chertoff and Georgie Darling

A bride and groom exchanging vows under a wooden arch outdoors in the fall.
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Autumn is one of the most idyllic seasons to get married. Get inspired by our favorite fall wedding ideas, and plan a special day you won’t forget.

With its changing colors, gorgeous foliage, and cool temperatures, it’s no surprise that fall is one of the most popular seasons to say “I do.” It can also be more budget-friendly, especially if your fall wedding takes place in late October or early November.

Whether you want a full-blown Halloween event or a dreamy fall-inspired affair, there’s something cozy and warm about autumn weddings. For festive inspiration, here’s a list of fall wedding ideas, with everything from napkins and fall decor to serving s’mores.

Before we get started with all things fall wedding decor, food, outfits, and colors, a few tips:

  • Search online for "fall wedding centerpieces,” but also "thanksgiving centerpieces," "fall centerpieces," "autumn centerpieces," "fall decor," and "autumn decor,” — especially if you're looking for subtle fall wedding ideas.
  • Fall wedding ideas don’t have to be orange. We've included plenty of fall wedding decor ideas with a huge range of shades.
  • Leaning into a fall theme can keep your wedding budget-friendly with seasonal dishes and decor.

Best fall wedding ideas of 2024

1. Carry a fall-inspired bouquet Fall-inspired Bouquet What better way to embrace fall foliage than by incorporating it into your wedding bouquet? Include eucalyptus, seasonal flowers like coneflowers, dahlias, and celosia, or maybe even a bushel of berries!
2. Dress your wedding party in rich colors dress-in-rich-colors Use your bridesmaids’ attire to accent your fall-inspired decor! Choose rich fall colors such as burgundy, copper, or taupe for dresses and tuxedos. This is one of the best fall wedding ideas to include your wedding party in the overall theme.
3. Decorate with fairy lights fairy-lights Create a magical experience by decorating your ceremony and reception with fairy lights. Incorporate them into suspended foliage, pillars, and even your ceremony arch to add some twinkle when you say, “I do.”
4. Incorporate seasonal centerpieces seasonal-centerpiece Make the season the focal point of the reception by incorporating festive centerpieces placed on slices of wood. If you want extra height, utilize sticks and branches and creatively wrap foliage around them.
5. Include copper elements Copper Elements If you’re not a fan of traditional metallics, add subtle copper elements to complement foliage centerpieces and candles. Copper tones pair perfectly with a green or pink color palette, ensuring whites and blacks pop.
6. Opt for rustic wooden seating wood-seating If you’re looking for outdoor fall wedding ideas, consider offering seating on wood stumps or benches to add a rustic, down-to-earth feel to your wedding that works perfectly with the fall foliage.
7. Create a barrel bourbon bar barrel-bar Wooden seating won’t work in your location? Rustic fall wedding ideas on a budget include a cheaper (yet just as effective!) alternative, like serving bourbon to add a Southern flair to your outdoor wedding. Set up the bar on a wooden tabletop perched on barrels with rustic floral arrangements for the full effect.
8. Incorporate produce into centerpieces produce-centerpiece Don't stop at flowers when you’re thinking about fall wedding decorations! Including produce like apples, berries, or wheat can add a special, seasonal touch to your reception.
9. Say “I do” under an arch of foliage Autumn foliage wedding arch Reading your vows and saying “I do” under a floral arch always makes for a romantic and beautiful ceremony. Add festive elements like branches and autumn leaves to tie it together.
10. Get crafty with gold leaf accents Gold leaf accents Leaves are a staple part of fall. But if you’re looking for something a little more chic, dip a range of leaves in gold paint (or spray them yourself) and dot them throughout your centerpiece and other decor for a classy, fall-friendly finish.

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11. Exit on a hayride Exit on a Hayride What better way to close out the perfect fall wedding than by making your exit on a hayride? Cozy up as newlyweds wrapped in a fuzzy blanket before you head off to your honeymoon destination.
12. Opt for a seasonal snack bar seasonal-snacks If you don’t want to serve a full course after your wedding ceremony, style a self-serve snack bar with seasonal treats like fruits, pie, and smoky sliders. This fall wedding idea works great when you’re on a budget!
13. Hold your ceremony in a forest ceremony-in-forest Add a rustic feel by holding your ceremony in a forest where fall leaves can speak for themselves. Utilize tree stumps, hang lanterns from branches, and incorporate string lights to add ambiance.
14. Embrace natural foliage embrace-natural-foliage Work with the season by embracing the natural foliage. Whether it’s bright red and orange falling leaves or rich autumn blooms, include nature’s festive beauty as a part of your big day.
15. Add leather accents Wedding Leather accents Leather accents are a subtle touch that can help tie your fall wedding together. These small details add a sophisticated feel to your big day, whether it’s place cards, table decor, or suspenders for the groom.
16. Line the aisle with pumpkins line-aisle-with-pumpkins Pay homage to the autumn season during your ceremony by lining the aisle with pumpkins. Use a variety of shapes and sizes or alternate colors to make this fall wedding idea sing. You can also add some greenery or apple accents at the base.
17. Make the fireplace a focal point fireplace-focal-point If your venue has a fireplace, take advantage by making it a focal point of your special day. Decorate the area with fall foliage and candles, and add seating to give your guests a cozy place to chat.
18. Make use of gem tones gem-tones Pull your ceremony together with colorful details. Rich gem tones like burgundy, emerald, and gold make for a wedding color palette that ties in with the fall season.
19. Accent your guest book table with monogrammed pumpkins Monogrammed Pumpkins Add a white monogrammed pumpkin to your wedding guest book table or sweetheart table. Use metallic, copper, or rich gem tones to contrast with the white pumpkin.

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20. Include edible decor edible-decoration Decorative barrels with apples, mini pumpkins, and berries will go a long way in tying your fall wedding together. Style the displays with wooden stumps, fall greenery, and candles.
21. Keep guests warm with cozy blankets cozy-blankets Keep your guests warm with fuzzy blankets or complimentary scarves they can take home. Keeping guests comfortable adds to the cozy vibe that comes with this fall wedding idea.
22. Integrate contrasting pops of color contrasting-colors Complement red and orange autumn hues with contrasting pops of color. Emerald and sage pair beautifully with warm tones while accentuating their brightness. You can add black accents to create a moodier vibe.
23. Opt for pie instead of cake pie-instead-of-cake If you’re not a fan of traditional fall wedding cake ideas, spice it up by serving pie at your rustic wedding instead! Pumpkin, apple, or pecan are perfect flavors for celebrating the fall season.
24. Add pops of black pops-of-black Add pops of black, such as black silverware or candles, to contrast with your white dress and make you the center of attention on your special day.
25. Wear velvet attire velvet-accents Spice up the wedding party’s wardrobe with velvet dresses and tuxedo jackets, and complete your own look by adding some velvet statement pieces. Maybe your ideal fall dress is the classic white one. Or maybe you’ve got plenty of other fall wedding outfit ideas that could come to life with interesting fabrics.
26. Choose moody tones for your glassware colored-glasswear Instead of regular clear glassware, switch it up with colored glasses to add flair to tablescapes. Colors like red, amber, emerald and pink look great on a tabletop with a centerpiece.
27. Add floral chair sashes floral-chair-sash Add fresh autumn florals to your reception chairs to bring nature indoors. For an even more romantic feel with this fall wedding idea, dress the chairs in velvet sashes and add small touches of flowers and foliage.

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28. Use terracotta or burgundy linens terracotta-linens Sometimes less is more when it comes to wedding decor. Embellish your reception tables with simple terracotta or burgundy runners or linens to add a small pop of color to the evening.
29. Wear a flower crown or fall-motif hairpiece leaves-in-hair Add flair with a DIY flower crown for yourself, your bridesmaids, or your flower girl. An October outdoor fall wedding is an opportunity to rock your natural hair and add a hairpiece with flowers, maple leaves, or feather motifs. If you prefer your autumn theme a little more subtle, this is one of the best fall wedding ideas that takes virtually no time.
30. Take photos with the foliage capture-foliage Don’t miss out on the chance to capture photos in the fall foliage. Even if your wedding is indoors, get your wedding party together to snap a few portraits outside in the autumn leaves during golden hour. This fall wedding idea might be a little weather-dependent but should be a safe bet if you’re getting married in September.
31. Add apple accents apple-accents Apples are a simple way to add pops of color to your wedding arch. Incorporate the fall harvest by adding baskets of apples or making DIY apple tealight candles.
32. Design a harvest-themed reception menu harvest-themed-menu Everyone loves Thanksgiving dinner, so design a harvest wedding themed menu. Offer turkey or ham for your entree, and serve your favorite Thanksgiving sides!

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33. Incorporate feathers incorporate-feathers (1) Feathers are overlooked but are a great way to incorporate fall into your wedding day. Add them to table centerpieces, guest place cards, or fall wedding cakes. Feathers can also make a beautiful addition to a natural updo.
34. Add touches of plaid touches-of-plaid We’re not asking you to wear plaid to your wedding — unless that’s your thing! Instead, add touches of it to your fall wedding decor ideas, such as on your tablescapes or wedding invitations.
35. Add dashes of warm pinks warm-pinks If autumn reds and oranges aren’t your style, incorporate warm pinks into your wedding color palette. Deep pinks pair well with burgundy, beige, emerald, or sage tones.
36. Have a pumpkin wedding cake pumpkin-weding-cake Who doesn’t love a pumpkin roll at this time of year? Serve the dessert alongside cake at the reception, or even better—have a pumpkin-flavored wedding cake with cream cheese frosting.
37. Serve caramel apples caramel-apples Make delicious caramel apples and serve them up at the cocktail bar or as wedding favors. If you want to give them a bit of a kick, infuse the apples with whiskey before coating them in caramel for a yummy treat. The seasonal nature of caramel apples makes them a great shout for fall wedding food ideas on a budget, too.
38. Seat guests on hay bales hay-bale-seating Bring the farm to your wedding with hay bale seating. Incorporate your wedding colors by adding styled covers to the bales for added comfort.

39. Serve warm beverages Hosting a dry wedding reception? Rather than offering fall-themed alcoholic drinks, serve up warm beverages like lattes, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider during cocktail hour.

40. Use white pumpkin place cards white-pumpkin-placeholders Instead of your typical reception place cards, write the names of guests on mini white pumpkins. To add to the autumn vibes, use burgundy, emerald, or deep orange paint for the calligraphy. This crafty fall wedding idea won’t add much to the cost of your wedding.
41.Add metallic touches metallic-touches Bring out the magic of the fall season with subtle metallic touches. Paint pumpkin stems, adorn reception tables with metallic candle holders, or incorporate copper tones into your ceremony archway.
42. Hang foliage hang-foliage Want to save space in your place settings? Instead of large florals, opt for a sleek and simple candle centerpiece with beautiful autumn foliage suspended from above. This is one of the best fall wedding centerpiece ideas if you’re on a decor budget.
43. Use pampas grass pampas grass centerpieces One of our favorite centerpiece ideas for fall weddings includes using pampas grass. This feathery, plumed grass adds a touch of boho to your wedding day. Its neutral color goes well with any color palette, as fall decor in wedding centerpieces, wreaths, or bouquets.
44. Illuminate with lanterns lanterns Lining the aisle with lanterns is a beautiful way to illuminate the walkway, especially if it’s a cloudy day or an evening ceremony. Alternatively, add suspended lanterns above your reception centerpieces to add a warm, ambient glow.
45. Frame corners with autumn flowers floral-fill Keep the venue cozy for an indoor wedding ceremony by framing corners with blooming autumn flowers like chrysanthemums, goldenrods, and amaranthus paired with gourds. This is one of the best fall wedding ideas if you’re hoping for some ‘gram worthy snaps throughout the day.
46. Hang colorful fall wreaths floral-wreath Put a spin on traditional green wreaths with colorful fall flowers, branches, and strings of berries. Have your florist set the vibe by hanging wreaths on doors to welcome guests.
47. Choose a muted color scheme muted-colors Let nature speak for itself by selecting a simple color scheme that makes the fall foliage pop. Colors like beige and muted sage tones contrast incredibly well with bright fall leaves.

48. Send out plaid fall wedding invitations Plaid is a fall staple, but maybe you don’t want to incorporate it into your actual wedding day. If that’s the case, maybe plaid wedding invitations or escort cards are more your jam!

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Whether you’re recently engaged or in the thick of wedding planning (enter, free wedding planning tools), this list of fall wedding ideas will inspire you to plan magical nuptials you’ll never forget. From the wedding dress to your wedding aisle and beyond, infuse autumn’s beauty into your celebration for a wonderful seasonally inspired day.

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