September Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know

Having your wedding in September? We go through the bases and every need-to-know detail about getting married that month.

By McCall Minnor

September Wedding? Here's Everything You Need to Know
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The First Look ✨

It comes as no surprise that September is one of the most popular months to have a wedding. Ushering in the autumn season, September weddings enjoy the perks of cooler weather and gorgeous scenery, while also just avoiding the summer crowds. Across the board, it’s an ideal month to get married. But, like every other month, it comes with need-to-knows. Read on as we cover all of the bases.

The Basics

History and Culture

  • September’s popularity is a thing of relatively recent history, falling just behind June, another notably popular wedding month.
  • According to a widespread list of wedding superstition prose, September weddings suggest serenity and good fortune for the engaged couple.

Ideas and Inspiration

What’s In-Season

With the turning of the seasons, this month has plenty to offer in terms of in-season food and florals.

  • Plenty of delicious fruits and vegetables are in season throughout the month. Bring the tastes of the season to your courses or buffet by including broccoli, carrots, and kale in salads, potatoes and pumpkins in sides, and apples or pears in desserts.
  • As for flowers, stunning in-season buds include marigolds, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and roses.


While summer brings the heat, September welcomes more mellow temperatures and crisp, clear days. That being said, the weather varies based on location and can be a little tricky.

  • For most locations, this month will still feel like summertime, with coastal hotspots like Los Angeles and New York experiencing warm days that gradually turn into cooler nights.
  • In more northern states like Maine and Colorado you can expect the temperature to drop more quickly, with rich fall colors painting landscapes as early as the middle of the month.
  • September is also the peak of hurricane season. Because of this, there’s a bigger chance of wind and rain in the Atlantic and Eastern Pacific. Those flying into the East Coast—especially southern states like Florida—risk delayed flights due to storms.

Leading up to your wedding, stay on top of your date’s weather forecast, provide weather tips to guests via your wedding website, and always have a backup plan.


Many major holidays take us through the latter half of the year, with September alone having its fair share of observances, religious holidays, and celebrations. Double check these dates before setting your own to best avoid any scheduling conflicts.

  • September 6: Labor Day, Rosh Hashanah
  • September 10: Ganesh Chaturthi
  • September 11: Patriot Day
  • September 16: Mexican Independence Day
  • September 21: Harvest Moon Festival
  • September 26: Hoshana Rabbah

Hosting your wedding on a holiday weekend is up to you, but generally it’s good to avoid them because of the crowds. If you’ve decided to take advantage of a long weekend anyway, book your vendors well ahead of time.

Theme Ideas

Perhaps the biggest pro to having a September wedding is celebrating as summer shifts into autumn. Depending on your style, there’s a wide variety of scenery, weather, and themes for you to lean into.

  • Take advantage of beautiful seasonal scenery or nice weather and hold your ceremony and reception in an outdoor venue—like the beach, an expansive ranch, or picturesque mountainside.
  • Create a rustic, outdoor feel without braving colder climates by cozying up inside a barn, farmhouse, or cabin.
  • For the best of both, select a venue that can transition from indoor to outdoor or vice-versa, like an upscale restaurant with a deck and a view.
  • All for bells and whistles? Book a large estate surrounded by fall foliage to serve as your venue and accommodations.

Clothing Ideas

How you should dress for a September wedding largely depends on your location’s scenery and weather. Become familiar with the temperatures this time of year, and keep an eye on the forecast to inform what you should wear.

  • For warmer locales, opt for suits and dresses in lightweight fabrics like silk, organza, and linen.
  • For chillier spots, seek out heavier, elegant fabrics like brocade and silk mikado for dresses and gabardine for suits. Velvet works as a beautiful option for both.
  • Two things should primarily inform your color choices: formality and setting. Rich jewel tones are in season—sapphire being the month’s birthstone—and especially complement the changing scenery.

Zola Facts

Wondering how other couples are going about their September weddings? Here are some fun facts from Zola about weddings this month.

Couples’ Favorite September Wedding Invites + Paper Designs

September’s most popular Invites + Paper designs on Zola are great for gearing you and your guests up for your fall celebartion.

  • Riverside Suite- This timeless design features whimsical handwritten script that accents your custom photo.
  • Violin Suite- This classic design features dramatic script calligraphy over your own custom photo.
  • Bonnie Suite- This botanical design features leafy eucalyptus garlands that frame your wedding details gorgeously.

Average Guest Count for September Weddings

The average number of wedding guests on the guets list for September weddings is 125.

Popular Registry Adds for September Weddings

Couples getting married in September have these top three favorites added to their wedding registries:

Things to Consider


For the last several years, September has ranked among the top five most popular months to host a wedding. Alongside it are May, June, August, and October.

  • If your wedding is taking place in a trendy autumn location, bear in mind that the area may be crowded.
  • That being said, consider planning things on the earlier side. This ensures that you’ll secure the venue and vendors you want before they’re fully booked for the month.


Because a September wedding date is so desirable, it’s likely that vendors will raise their prices. This often happens in popular cities throughout wedding season, which is late spring to early fall.

  • Have this expectation when reaching out to vendors, especially if your desired location is trendy or popular.
  • When creating a budget, prioritize your must-haves and decide what can get cut or adjusted if need be.

With a high likelihood for great weather and even greater views, it’s clear why September is a coveted month for weddings. When planning your September celebration, remember these key takeaways: book early, budget wisely, and take inspiration from the changing of the seasons. And most importantly, remember to breathe and enjoy the process.

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