Movie Wedding Themes We Love

We listed some of the most picturesque and cinematic movies to consider for the theme of your big day.

By Amanda Mitchell

Movie Wedding Themes We Lov
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Whether you love the glitz and glam Hollywood-style, you and your partner bonded over a specific movie, or if you just live for a reason to get dressed up, there are plenty of ways to incorporate a movie theme into your wedding. Below we've gathered some of our favorite options from movies you know and love.

The Wizard of Oz

There are some beautiful touches from this legendary movie to add to your wedding decor and inspiration. Add blue gingham—like Dorothy's famous dress—either in the table linens or even as the aisle runner, or dress the bridal attendants in yellow to represent the yellow brick road. Red sparkly shoes are a must, even if they only serve as decoration or a table centerpiece. When it comes to flowers, poppies are essential for a Wizard of Oz-themed wedding, too.

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The Great Gatsby

The 1920s and art deco themes are nothing new to weddings, but adding a flair of Fitzgerald can make the day a little more unique. Keep the wedding colors simple—think blacks, golds, whites, and one green element to represent the green light motif in the book and movie. Glitter, gold, pearls, diamonds, feathers, furs, and even a red carpet are all textiles big in the film and are great to keep in mind when decorating the event. Cover the room in books and romantic vintage quotes written in a typewriter font, and keep the Champagne flowing all night long.

Coming to America

Kandi Buruss and Todd Tucker first put this classic 80s movie on the map as a wedding theme, and it's a no-brainer. Not only is the film beloved, but its wedding scene is by far one of the most famous—and who doesn't want to feel like royalty on their wedding day? Celebrate African heritage at your wedding by incorporating rich reds, golds, and purples into the event and over-the-top seating at the bridal table. And please, please, have someone there to sing "She's Your Queen to Be."

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

There are so many wedding themes within the overarching theme of this 1961 film starring Audrey Hepburn—the allure and pastiche of the 1960s, the glamour of 60s New York City, and of course, Tiffany blue. If you want to have a wedding with throwback allure, little black dresses, and tiaras, take a few notes from this famous movie.


Love mystery games and looking to incorporate a little fun into your big day? Have a dark, gothic, mansion wedding inspired by the cult 90s movie. Vintage flatware, burgundy, and deep purples, and even a scavenger hunt and mystery search for your wedding guests can make your day a dramatic affair.


A Grease-themed wedding, based on the movie starring Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta, involves poodle skirts, rockabilly style, and lots of leather and lace. You and your partner can be hopelessly devoted to each other, while also chowing down on 90s diner food. At the end of the night, you can drive off into the sunset in a red corvette like Danny and Sandy.

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Alice in Wonderland

The best thing about an Alice in Wonderland-themed wedding? Your options are as endless as time. Pick a black and white color scheme, while covering the entire venue with vintage clocks and teapots in place of vases. It can be a garden-themed day with touches of velvet or a more evil queen-themed with tables covered in playing cards and red and white roses.

Star Wars

If you love the idea of a wedding "in a galaxy far, far away," a Star Wars theme is perfect for you and your wedding. Whether you're getting married on May 4th, plan to integrate Princess Leia buns into your hairstyle, or love the idea of Luke and Leia wedding cake toppers, the film franchise has a large well of ideas to pick from. You can even have your family and friends send you off in an arch of lightsabers.

Your wedding itself will be a cinematic affair, regardless of the theme, but if there’s a movie that’s important to you and your partner, adding a few bits of decor and inspiration can make your big day special.

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