Luxurious Wedding Themes & Ideas

Are you looking to wow your guests with a fancy, elegant wedding? From an elevated dance floor to a towering cake, we have a list of wedding ideas to make your special day luxurious.

By The Zola Team

Luxurious Wedding
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The First Look ✨

  • Go for all things exquisite as you search for the perfect dress, suit, and shoes, and embrace those luxurious vibes with gold (or rose gold) decor.
  • Choose an elegant venue, like those with tall ceilings and balconies, and hire a string trio to serenade your guests and add to the romantic ambiance.
  • Use creative lighting to help craft your feeling of elegance and luxury. And whether it’s confetti, sparklers, or a vintage car, make sure your send-off is just as elegant as the rest of the evening.

In the world of wedding planning, there are luxurious wedding themes abound. Whether you’re going for something all white, timeless, and candle-filled or looking to jazz up the celebration with larger-than-life floral displays, here are some of our top luxury wedding ideas.

As you plan your day, remember, each couple is unique. Although these ideas can serve as a starting point for a luxury-laden wedding, feel free to add your own flair and creativity.

Enormous Flower Arches

As you fine-tune your favorite luxurious wedding themes, consider the walk down the aisle. One of the most gorgeous displays for an aisle is a series of large flower arches. Your colors and style will help you decide which flowers to choose, though simple white flowers with greenery can often give that luxury feel. After all, what’s better than walking down the aisle to the scent of sweet florals above your head?

 Luxurious Wedding Themes & Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Ice Sculpture

When you’re brainstorming luxury wedding ideas, an ice sculpture might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, when an ice sculpture is done right, it can wow your guests and make a huge statement. An ice sculpture can take on many different forms, like a giant ice ring in the center of the dinner tables or a letter sculpture that reads “Enter Your Last Name Here.” We also love the idea of ice sculptures set up at the bubbly bar, complete with floral-infused ice molds to keep the bottles cool and the bubbles crisp.

Creative Lighting

For luxurious wedding themes, creative lighting is key. Whether you’re going for a bounty of LED white balloons, covering the walls in layers of string lights, or giving the evening a pink or blue-hued tint, there are plenty of options to choose from. Even simple string lights hung just-so above the dinner tables will help to offer a feeling of elegance and luxury.

Elevated Dance Floor

An elevated dance floor, particularly if it’s a glass floor, will leave dancers feeling like they’re floating. It will also draw attention to one of the most important parts of your wedding reception—the dancing. If you’re exploring various luxurious wedding themes, you can also go the route of a mirrored dance floor or opt for dance floor decals with your initials or names. To give the feeling of all things luxury, an all-white vinyl floor with gold lettering will offer both glamour and romance.

Candlelit Ceremony

If you’re searching for luxury wedding ideas that are both easy to implement and budget-friendly, a candlelit ceremony is a lovely option. Depending on the atmosphere you’re looking to craft, there are tons of ways to incorporate the magic of wedding candles. From small tea lights to large multi-level hurricanes, think in big quantities that can truly make a statement. Candelabras or branched candlestick holders make lighting feel grand. Some couples even cover candelabras in florals to add a sense of luxurious whimsy.

Dress and Suit

A wedding dress and suit are entirely a matter of personal preference. But if you’re going for luxury, you’ll want to think in terms of all things exquisite. Try a ball gown with a dramatic veil. You can also incorporate texture like lace or adornments like pearls. For suits, don’t be afraid to go a little bit flashy. Try a dark colored tuxedo or a vested suit. For shoes, consider something fun like glitter and sparkles. Of course, luxury can be found in the timeless classics, too. If this is more your speed, a simple pair of cream satin shoes will do.

Party Bus

Chauffeur your guests to and from the wedding in style in a luxury party bus or limo. Guests will love being taken care of, especially if the bus or limo is tastefully decorated in wedding florals and twinkle lights. Make sure to communicate beforehand to see where your guests are staying and to let them know where the bus or limo will be picking up and dropping off. This way, they can plan accordingly.

Tall Cake

Whether it’s round, square, or done in the form of cupcakes, the wedding cake is always one of the stars of the show. When it comes to cake, many luxurious wedding themes turn toward the idea of something tall and grandiose. Make a stately impression with a multi-tiered wedding cake (we’re talking ten-tier, if you can manage). Cover it in florals or other fancy adornments, and when the time comes, get ready to dive in—preferably with a crystal cake slicer.

Elegant Venue

Of course, no list of luxury wedding ideas would be complete without the venue options. As you search for your perfect space to say “I do,” think of what evokes a feeling of elegance and charm. Tall ceilings with balconies, castle venues, and spaces fit for long tables with white table clothes, candles, and flowers often do the trick. Remember, when you’re venue-hunting, luxurious vibes can be created in all sorts of ways. A big white tent with twinkle lights on the grassy field of a family member’s property can be equally as stunning as some of the pricier alternatives.

Champagne Cocktails

 Luxurious Wedding Themes & Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

Luxury wedding ideas and Champagne go hand in hand. The good thing about Champagne cocktails as your signature drink is that they can be customized based on the time of year. In the winter, you may want to spruce up your flute with a sprig of rosemary and a splash of berry liqueur. In the spring, bubbles may call for an edible flower on top. Whatever the season, a champagne flute signals refined luxury (and the start of an exciting celebration).

String Trio

As you consider music for your big event, there are few things more timeless than a string trio. At a wedding, string trios bring romance and elegance to the atmosphere. You can use them for the ceremony, the reception, or both. Whatever you choose, they’ll help to set a thoughtful and grand mood.

Go Gold

There’s something so simply luxurious about all things gold. From the forks and plates to the chairs and candle holders, gold is one of the most popular colors for luxurious wedding themes. If true gold doesn’t appeal to you, rose gold offers a subtle and romantic alternative that’s equally as tasteful. Try rose gold flutes and candle holders or rose gold table cloths with big floral displays in the center (complete with white and pale pink roses).

The Send-Off

The best luxury wedding ideas don’t have to be limited to just the wedding itself. After you’ve been married and the celebration has come to an end, bring out pieces of luxury in your send-off. Drive off in a vintage luxury car with a driver dressed to the nines or sail off into the distance in a private boat. Have guests throw rhinestones, glitter, or send you off with sparklers. A wedding exit leaves guests with a lasting impression, so if you’re going for luxury, make it truly shine.

Create a Lounge

One of the best luxury wedding ideas we’ve seen is to create a bathroom lounge. Whether a guest needs a spot to freshen up their makeup after dinner or a quick place to enjoy a cocktail, a lounge near the bathroom offers the ultimate feeling of luxury. You can craft a small space that feels cozy and refined or, if you’re really looking to go big, rent a tent and deck it out with chaise lounges, velvet couches, and a few bar carts.

From a sparkling send-off to a table glittered in gold, we hope these luxurious wedding themes and luxury wedding ideas have you feeling all sorts of excited.

Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to think a little bit outside of the box. Remember, luxury doesn’t have to come with a hefty price tag. It doesn’t necessarily mean a helicopter send off (though if you can manage that, that’s bound to be beautiful). Sometimes, little luxuries can be found in hand-stenciled place cards or bubbles blown right after the moment you say “I do.” As with all things wedding-related, the key is to find what makes your heart happy and go from there.

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