How to Choose Wedding Chair Sashes

Don’t know how to choose the right wedding chair sashes? Our experts can help! Read on for our top tips and advice.

By Shameika Rhymes

Wedding Chair Sashes
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Your wedding is one of the most memorable moments in your life, so it’s no wonder that you want it to be accented with a perfect bow. Unfortunately, some event spaces can ruin that perfect aesthetic with their chair selections for your wedding reception. If this sounds like your situation, Zola is here to help.

The best way to hide those chairs is to dress them up with sashes, just like they’re a part of the bridal party. Chair sashes are strips of decorative cloth that are tied around the back of a chair in a bow, often paired with a chair cover. Picking the right fabric and color will have your guests wowed while they look for their seat.

But how do you pick the right chair sashes for your wedding reception? We’re here to assist you with making the right choice.

How to Choose the Right Wedding Chair Sashes For Your Reception Photo Credit // Unsplash

1 Set a Budget

How much have you set aside for your reception decor? Much like shopping for everything else for your wedding, having a dollar amount in mind before you begin your search will help you avoid the heartache of falling head over heels in love with something that’s way out of your price range. Create a wedding budget for your chairs and any other decor items that you want for your special day.

2 Choose the Right Color

The good news is that you don’t have to choose sashes that perfectly match your linens. You also don’t have to match the chair covers or bridesmaids dresses. You can get creative and pick colors that complement your palette in fabrics such as sheer organza for the linens with satin sashes.

Tip: Visit craft stores so you can check out the various colors, fabrics, and patterns to make sure that it will accent your wedding theme and decor.

3 Pick the Right Material

The most common materials are organza, satin, tulle, and spandex bands. Damask taffeta or L’amour sashes are also an option. The type of material that works best on the chairs will depend upon the look that you’re going for with your reception.

  • Organza: A sheer material that looks like mesh but is stiffer than tulle.
  • Satin: This shiny, silky material can be more expensive than organza, but it’s easier to work with when tying it around the chairs.
  • Spandex Bands: This is wrinkle-free and can be reused later for another special event, if you need them.
  • Damask Taffeta: These give off a more formal vibe for chair bows, and you can get them in prints or color block combos. For example, you may find a sample fabric with a white background and raised velvet print, which would be beautiful at a winter wedding.
  • Tulle: This material is a fine mesh net fabric that has more stretch to it than organza.
How to Choose the Right Wedding Chair Sashes For Your Reception Photo Credit // Unsplash

4 Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you’re crafty, then you can create the look that you desire yourself and even save some money. All you’ll need is some fabric, scissors, (maybe) a sewing machine, and your personal touch to create your wedding worthy sashes. Make sure to find out ahead of time how big the chairs are and how many you’ll have to cover so that you can figure out how much fabric you’ll need for your venue.

5 Consider Renting

If you have over a hundred chairs, then buying or creating sashes can drive up your budget. You can rent wedding chair covers and sashes in a variety of colors. Compare costs, prices, and quality before making the decision to buy or rent. When picking high quality fabrics, renting is the cheapest route.

6 Pick the Right Size

There are usually two widths for chair sashes, six or eight inches. The standard length is about 108 inches. Width is a personal preference, but the wider the sash that you pick, the more it stands out, helping to turn your reception chairs into a masterpiece.

7 Showcase Your Sashes

There are so many ways to display the sash on your chair or chair covers. Depending upon your wedding theme, you can go traditional or unique in making your chair sashes stand out. Look into some of these ideas:

  • Traditional Bow: This classic look is great for honoring traditions and it makes your chair look like a reception gift. The sash is wrapped around the front of the chair back and tied in a bow.
  • Side Knot: Switch things up and style the side of the chair where the sash ends will hang off to the side. You can also do a traditional knot, which is on the back of the chair. Either way, both give a breath of classic elegance.
  • Flower Loop: Get creative and bring the floral look to your chair sashes. You create this look by following the traditional bow procedure and creating smaller loops to make a flower that is reminiscent of your love blooming.

Planning wedding decor is daunting, but Zola is here to help make your wedding dreams become a reality. For more information on decor design for your reception, check out this blog to figure out your wedding style. For more tips on how to get started on wedding planning, click here.