How to Bustle a Wedding Dress

Bustling your wedding dress is one way to make sure you can move and groove in your wedding dress during your wedding reception. Read on to learn how it's done.

By Jane Chertoff

How to Bustle a Wedding Dress
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The First Look ✨

  • Your bustle lifts and secures your dress train using buttons, hooks, or ribbons. Your seamstress may install a one-point or multiple point bustle, depending on what type of dress you have.
  • With an American bustle, you’ll lift the train and hook it over the back of the dress. With a French bustle, the train folds underneath the dress.
  • Always have your MOH or a trusted bridesmaid attend your final fitting, and practice your bustle before your wedding day.

Bustling a wedding dress can be a bit tricky to master. You’ll want to designate someone you trust, such as your maid of honor or another responsible bridesmaid, to be in charge of the bustle. She can attend your final dress fitting to learn how to bustle and practice (and even take notes, if needed).

Properly bustling a wedding dress depends on the type of bustle and the type of dress that you have, so make sure that you check with your seamstress for guidance before your wedding day.

Here’s an overview of how to bustle a wedding dress, so that you’ll be well prepared on your big day.

What Is a Bustle?

Bustles are sewn into the wedding dress to pull the train off the ground, usually with buttons, loops, and/or ties. This allows you to dance and mingle post-ceremony to your heart’s content, without worrying about tripping over your dress.

There are different types of bustles that a seamstress can add to a dress, including an over bustle or under bustle, depending on how the train folds into the dress. Your seamstress may use multiple bustle points to add a more dramatic look to the back of your dress. Or, they may use a simple one-point system where the train is secured by one-point on the back of the bodice.

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American (Over) Bustle

With the American, over, or traditional bustle, the train is simply lifted and hooked over the back of the dress along the zipper or waistline. This type of bustle adds a bit of lift or a cascade effect in the back of your dress that looks really fun in photos. It’s also usually a one to three-point bustle, so very easy to do.

  • Look for a hook along the train and an eyelet (where you’ll hook the train.) The eyelet is usually located half way down the zipper or along the waistline of the dress. (Alternately, your seamstress may use loops and buttons instead of hooks, depending on what type of dress you have.)
  • Lift the train and hook it into the eyelet.
  • Straighten out the bustle and you’re done.


The French (Under) Bustle

The French bustle is sometimes called the under bustle because, as the name implies, the train folds underneath the silhouette of the dress. With this style, there may be multiple points where they attach to for a dramatic effect, making this type of bustle a bit tougher to get the hang of. But, if your seamstress attaches ribbons to the dress for your bridesmaid, it can be fairly simple to bustle.

For a single-point French bustle:

  • Locate the ribbons attached to the dress—one will be underneath the train and the other sewn into the underside of the gown.
  • Bring the two ribbons together and tie them into a bow.
  • Straighten out the bustle and you’re reception ready.


For a multiple-point French bustle:

  • Look for the multiple ribbons and loops located along the edges of the train and underneath the gown. These may be numbered or color-coded.
  • Match up each ribbon to its loop and tie it into a secure bow.
  • When all the ribbons are tied, flip the bustle back over and you are ready to go.


The Hem, Ballroom, or Flip Under Bustle

The most seamless bustle is the hem, or sometimes called the ballroom or flip under bustle. With a hem bustle, the train is flipped over and secured along the hem of the dress. The dress will remain floor-length, too. With this type of bustle, there are multiple attachments sewn around the hem that the train will tie onto (or hook or button, depending on your dress.)

  • Lift up the train and locate the button loops or ribbons along the inside of the dress.
  • Tie the first ribbon together, or put the first button through the first loop, and work from left to right.
  • Work your way around until all ribbons or buttons are secure.
  • Release the dress and smooth out before sending the bride on her way.


The Austrian Bustle

An Austrian bustle uses the excess fabric from the train to create a ruched look. This is usually really simple for bridesmaids to bustle, when it’s time.

  • Look for the ribbon or cord running down the middle of the train, and pull on it, similar to pulling a drawstring.
  • This is then tied up at the designated point, usually along the center back seam of the dress.
How to Bustle a Wedding DressPhoto Credit // Unsplash

Tips for Bustling a Wedding Dress

Whatever style bustle your dress has, be sure to familiarize yourself with it before your big day.

  • Designate your MOH or another bridesmaid as your bustle expert. On the big day, she will be in charge, so make sure that she can attend at least one fitting with you to practice in person (and take notes, if needed.)
  • Every dress has a type of bustle that will work best. If you aren’t sure, work with a seamstress who is familiar with wedding dresses and can sew in the appropriate bustle for your dress.
  • Take most of your family and newlywed photos before your dress is bustled, so that you can show off your train in all of its glory.
  • If you plan on dancing the night away, you may want to ask your seamstress to install extra loops or buttons to ensure that the bustle stays secure throughout the entire event.
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