How to Make Your Wedding Chairs Look Elegant

Looking for new ways to revamp your wedding chairs? We can help! Read on to find out how.

By McCall Minnor

Beautiful Wedding Chairs
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Wedding chairs are the one detail that you don’t want to overlook for your big day. Your guests will need a place to sit during the ceremony and wedding reception, and Zola is here to help you turn those rented chairs into elegant stylish seating. With so many other details to worry about while planning a wedding, it’s easy to stack the chairs on the back burner, especially if the venue provides them or your budget doesn’t allow you to rent fancier ones. The chairs will be a part of your photos, so you want to make sure that they match your wedding palette and decor.

From floral arrangements to leafy garlands or jewels, chair backs can be as simple or extravagant as you’d like. The options are limitless, and Zola has your back. Here are five ways to make your wedding chairs look elegant and stylish on your big day.

#1 A Hint of Vintage

Drawing from the past, a vintage wedding theme is already elegant, classic, and timeless. Here are some ways to make your wedding chairs stand out on your wedding day:

  • Sheer Lace: These lace chair covers add just the right amount of romance to the aesthetic. The frilly fabric is appropriate if your wedding is Victorian era inspired. Create a bow, drape it, or even weave it through the chair, because it won’t wrinkle.
  • Macrame Nets: For a boho vintage wedding, try adorning macrame nets with clusters of flowers to hang on the back of the chairs. You can even reuse the nets later.
  • Costume Jewelry: Get creative and use costume pearls as a part of the wedding chair decor. A strand draped across the back of the chair like a garland is an elegant statement. Using fabric and a vintage brooch is a classic, simple look that can go a long way on your wedding day.

Wedding Chair Tip: If your bridal gown is vintage lace, then the lace covers may be a bit of a competing element. Instead, choose the lace chair cover to mark reserved aisles at the wedding ceremony or for the guest book attendant’s chair.

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#2 Go Rustic

For wedding themes that are a bit more rustic, lace and burlap adds some flair to the chair. Adding sprigs of hay or wheat will make it stand out. Burlap is affordable and easy to work with, as you can use it as a sash, bow, or even a chair cover.

Wedding Chair Tip: For large weddings, get burlap rolls and lace rolls to save money.

#3 Let Nature In

Including natural greenery adds a garden feel to your decoration. Create garlands of ivy or honeysuckle to hang along the backs of the chairs, or even use ribbon to tie bundles of foliage to every seat. The upside to using greenery is that it won’t wilt and can withstand hours of picture taking. Try using one of these options:

  • Garlands: Leafy greens with some strips of fabric on the wedding chairs can add some texture to the look.
  • Wreaths: This is a take on nature at its finest with a wreath of leaves and delicate flowers. This look makes for a stylish option for outdoor weddings.
  • Floral Arrangements: For a romantic touch, try adding fresh flowers for your chair wedding decoration. Roses, sunflowers, or any beautiful bud will bring your wedding chairs to life when displayed on their own or mixed with fabrics.

Wedding Chair Tip: Incorporating fabric not only adds style, but it helps support the flowers and hides any water treatment tubes that florists use to keep your flowers standing tall.

#4 Fun With Fabrics

Wow your guests with fabric on the chairs that match your wedding decor. Chair sashes—strips of decorative cloth that are tied around the back of a chair in a bow— and draped fabrics evoke an elegant look for your wedding reception. Sheer fabrics, such as tulle and organza, can be draped along the chairs in any way that you choose. Here’s a variety of fabrics that work well:

  • Organza: A sheer material that looks like mesh but is stiffer than tulle.
  • Satin: This shiny, silky material can be more expensive than organza, but it’s easier to work with when tying it around the chairs. Create a satin bow with costume jewelry to cinch the middle for an elegant, yet simple addition to your wedding chairs.
  • Spandex Bands: This is a wrinkle-free option that can be reused later for another event, if you need them.
  • Damask Taffeta: These give off a more formal vibe. You can get them in prints or color block combos.
  • Tulle: This material is a fine mesh net fabric that has more stretch to it than organza.
  • Sequins: Create a sparkling sequin train. To create the look, use sequin table runners or fabric rolls. You can accent it with a simple flower or brooch to finish the style.

Wedding Chair Tip: The good news is that your chair sashes and fabrics don’t have to match your linens perfectly, nor does it have to match your bridal party. With fabric, you can create bows, knots, or double flower loops. The sky's the limit when you have fun with fabrics; get creative.

#5 Ribbon in the Sky

If your chairs already have the look that you’re going for, but you need a simple, yet elegant way to update them, use long ribbons for decoration. Try these looks:

  • Ribbons With Flowers: A stunning style that uses a thick satin ribbon and small flowers to give a whimsical design. Customize to fit your wedding colors.
  • Tie Ribbon Strands: If sashes aren’t for you, then this look will put a bow on your wedding reception. Tie simple ribbon strands in uncomplicated knots and allow them to dangle from the chair. Try a monochromatic look, alternate ribbon colors, or create a fading color scheme.

Wedding Chair Tip: It’s better to buy more ribbon than you think you’ll need, as it takes a lot to cover every single chair for your guests.

Planning wedding decor can be overwhelming, but Zola is here to help make your wedding dreams become a reality. Check out this blog to figure out your wedding style. For more tips on how to get started on wedding planning, click here.

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