25 Wedding Pillar Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day

Looking to take your decoration to the next level for your special day? Check out the 25 wedding pillar decoration ideas to spruce us your colonial decor.

By Ruksana Hussain

Wedding venue pillars
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Though often overlooked, wedding pillars are just as vital as your tablescape and entryway decor at your wedding venue. And there’s no limit to what you can do with your wedding pillar decorations.

From traditional pedestal or pillar decoration ideas that include flowers and candles to modern touches like LED fairy lights and ice sculptures, there’s something to fit every wedding theme and decor style. Here, a few ideas to inspire you.

Traditional Glow

Light It Up

Go for festive charm with fairy lights and artificial ivy garlands twirled along the length of wooden pillars to bump up your wedding decorations. Especially recommended for an evening do.

Let It Flow

Dress up plain white wedding pillars in satin, silk, or self-patterned cloth in your wedding colors to extend the overall theme to the décor.

Flower Power

25 Wedding Pillar Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day Photo Credit // Unsplash

Consider a vase of colorful flowers arranged atop each pillar. Classic and impressive. Match them with your floral décor or your wedding colors.

Candles Galore

Large, oversized candles or candles in different shapes and sizes can add a dramatic look to elevate your wedding pillars.

Dependable Twosome

Flowers and candles are a pair you cannot take your eyes off. These two are guaranteed to enhance your wedding pillar decoration no matter the colors.

Sophisticated Style

Pretty and Posh

String beaded pearl along the length of the wedding pillar, then complete the decor with a floral crown for pure elegance.

Call It Crystal

If you’d like to add timed lighting to your entry, multicolor LED-lit crystal pillars put on quite a show.

Carved Contours

Carved wedding columns with hollow stands for LED lights or candles add extra drama to your décor, throwing patterns along the walls and floor.

Give in to Glass

Add a touch of class with elegant glass pillars that feature a giant candle in a decorative lantern atop floral garlands in your wedding colors.

Ornate Options

Intricately patterned gold or copper wedding pillars with brilliant red roses at the top can up your wedding pillars’ décor in spades.

Bring the Drama

Streetlight Style

Light up your wedding aisle as you walk to your chosen tunes with wedding pillars in the form of streetlights from special locations.

Balloons and Ribbons

25 Wedding Pillar Decoration Ideas for Your Special Day Photo Credit // Unsplash

Sometimes these traditional party items are least expected at weddings, but they can really help bring the celebration alive. When dressing up your wedding pillars, use varying sizes for maximum effect.

Do Over-the-Top Right

Stack wooden crate-style pillars to create a base, then finish the top with elaborate flower vases and larger-than-life floral arrangements to bring the outdoors inside.

Cultural Ceremony

Opt for gold pillars with intricate patterns and statues of the family deity adorning the crown. Bright flowers and tea lights complete the arrangement.

Oceanside Vibes

Drape wedding pillars in yellow cloth held together by supersized floral arrangements. Complete the look with pops of blue to bring together sun and sand.

Casual Chic

Bamboo and Blues

For an outdoor wedding, especially one by the water, use bamboo wedding pillars with floral streams, ribbons, and bows to tie into the surroundings and wedding theme.

Informal Dos

Decorate your wedding pillars with family photos, engagement shots. and other life events all strung together with thread.

Metal Mood

For a sleek, modern look, consider metal wedding pillars intertwined with either flowers, ribbons, or cloth accessories.

Silver or Gold

Wedding pillars in silver or gold with intricate carved patterns add a dash of panache without much effort, inviting your guests’ oohs and aahs.

Mirror Image

Silver mirror work pillars reflect your image as you walk down the aisle, creating ripples of movement through the whole ceremony.

Stop Them in Their Tracks

Ice is Nice

Choose luxurious marble pillars etched with floral or geometric designs and top them off with ice sculptures in a similar pattern.

Fancy a Gem

Tall wedding pillars with diamonds, crystals, and other precious gems decorating the body give you sparkling statement pieces and great conversation starters.

Wood is Good

Exquisite carved woodwork pillars with large lanterns, candles, or floral arrangements are aesthetically pleasing and awe-enticing.

Lifesize Lanterns

Instead of lanterns as décor, use larger-than-life lanterns as your wedding pillars to add some mood lighting and mystery.

Floral Sculptures

Decorate your wedding pillars with floral arrangements sculpted into hearts or other meaningful symbols to signify this special moment in time.

From economical to lavish, monotone to colorful, indulge in your greatest wedding planning dreams, and make those wedding pillars do more than just support other decor elements. Whether working with wedding planners and venues or trying DIY wedding options you found online, finding a wedding pedestal design that complements your colors and overall theme is an easy process you can enjoy with your partner.

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