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How Much Do Wedding Arches with Flowers Cost?

Considering a wedding arch with flowers for your wedding? Read on for average flower costs and how to make the most of your budget in creative ways.

By The Zola Team

wedding arch with flowers
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The First Look ✨

  • Wedding arches with flowers can cost anywhere from $75 to $125 depending on your choice of style and materials.
  • Cut costs ordering a DIY wedding arch from a store and setting it up yourself, or you can hire a professional to take over the set up for you.
  • For an additional charge, spice up a simple floral arch with tulle, ribbons, or other wedding decor to create an overall cohesive look.

A wedding arch with colorful flowers is an elegant addition to any ceremony, but will it fit into your budget? As with other wedding details like the cost of bridal bouquets, the answer on the cost is: it depends. Likely the answer will be dependent on how extravagant you want to go.

On average, you can expect a floral arch to range anywhere from $75 to $125, with the flowers as an additional expense. Material, style, and where you’re sourcing it from all factors into the overall price. Adding fresh flowers to the arch increases the cost substantially, depending on the type of flowers and additional materials you use to decorate it.

The good news? There are several ways you can customize arches to make them feel specially tailored to you, even if overall cost falls on the lower end of the spectrum. For ideas on how to budget for this kind of setup and how to choose what to add or edit out, read on.

How Much Do Wedding Arches with Flowers Cost? Photo Credit // Julie Lim Wedding Photography

Choosing the Appropriate Material and Style

The first thing to consider is the type of material of the wedding arch decoration. Many are constructed with wood, but metal options and wire setups are also available. Just note: The sturdiness, size, and shape of the arches will make a difference in the cost. While you may want to stick to a less expensive setup, can you be confident about the quality? Will it be able to hold the flower arrangements you’d like to use with it?

To keep costs low, consider borrowing or renting wedding arches from vendors or even friends or family members who may have used them previously. Additionally, if you are having an outdoor wedding, is there an area that can be used as a natural arch, like low-hanging trees? Getting creative and using makeshift floral arches can really make a difference in the final numbers.

Deciding Between a DIY or Professional Setup

The most cost effective approach is to order the wedding arch from a store and assemble it all yourself, but this isn’t necessarily the easiest method. Taking charge with DIY, you can truly customize the arch. And if you think you’ll be too busy, you can ask family or your bridal party to help pull the look together.

On the other hand, hiring a professional to deliver your floral wedding arch means you won’t have to worry at all. Once you’ve communicated your vision, the job is entirely up to them.

Accessorizing With Flower Options

After you’ve settled on an approach, it’s time to think about flowers. This is where you’ll want to carefully track costs. If you’re purchasing these separately from the wedding arches, make sure you have a budget for each. Compare costs to see if it’s less expensive to purchase together as a packaged deal.

The flowers for your wedding arch decoration should complement your bridal bouquets and other flowers throughout the reception and ceremony. However, you can go as minimal or all-in as you’d like to manage your budget, while still achieving the look and feel you’re aiming for.

For example, a boho-style or beach wedding may call for a more simplistic approach. A wedding arch with flowers strategically placed in one corner or spaced out matches this type of low-key vibe. On the other hand, an extravagant affair may call for enough flowers to cover every inch of the wedding arch.

Less expensive fresh flowers like Baby’s breath or carnations can fill up the backdrop setting without pushing the limits of a budget too far. Incorporating big, leafy greenery can also create an elegant look without the need for as many flowers, which will help keep costs more manageable.

Adding Wedding Decor to Make the Most of the Design

A simple, floral arch with a few, well-placed flowers is lovely on its own. However, adding tulle, ribbons, and other decor add to the overall effect. Each of these items should be factored into your total cost. They can quickly add up if you don’t put them in your budget beforehand. To get the most out of your wedding decorations, use them for both the ceremony and the reception.

This beautiful setup can be staged as the entryway for the celebration. It can be used as a backdrop for a photobooth. Or, it can be a way to frame the bridal party table. With all of the effort and excitement you put into planning for your flowers, it deserves to be used as much as possible to add to your big day.

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Questions to Ask Your Wedding Vendors

If you’re considering having wedding arches with flowers at your celebration, you may work with your venue’s coordinator, florist, or both to see your plans come to life. Be prepared with questions to ensure everyone is on the same page and you’re not spending more than necessary to create the backdrop of your dreams.

What Is Included With the Ceremony Setup?

Venues vary in what they offer in terms of decorations for both your wedding ceremony and reception. They also often have strict guidelines on who they will work with in terms of vendors and what is and isn’t allowed on property. Ask if they have wedding arches available as part of their setup.

However, even if they have wedding arches available, you may still want to use an outside vendor. Make sure this is approved by the property and ask what qualifications or arrangements need to be made for this to occur.

How Are Flowers Priced for the Wedding Arches?

Knowing your budget beforehand helps florists create flower arrangements that won’t exceed what you’re willing to spend. If you want flowers to cover the entire arch, this is obviously going to cost more than a simple sprinkling across the top.

Talk this through with your florist as you decide on the type of flowers, greenery, and any additional fabric that you want to add to your wedding arches. This way, they’ll be better equipped to meet your design requests while staying in budget.

How Much Do Wedding Arches with Flowers Cost? Photo Credit // Emma Cleary Photo and Video

Who Is in Charge of Setup?

Most wedding venues are well-versed in working with outside vendors, but make sure it’s clear who’s responsible for assembling (and disassembling!) your wedding arches on the big day. If you’re having the arches delivered from your florist or another third-party vendor, they will likely take it down soon after the wedding ceremony and pack it back up in the same way they delivered it. However, if you’re using the wedding arches for the reception as well, your venue coordinator may schedule a convenient pickup time.

Will the Arch of Your Dreams Work Out?

You know what they say: When there’s a will there’s a way. When it comes to figuring out cost for any of your wedding details, get creative with how you want your wedding to look. There are many ways to save money and budget in the most important details. Allow venues and florists to come to you with solutions on how to make your dreams come true.

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