10 Gorgeous Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Looking for fresh wedding table decoration ideas? Zola has got you covered. Check out our favorite styles with this complete guide.

By Shameika Rhymes

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When it comes to wedding table decorations, there are a variety of flowers that can make the center of the table pop. Some couples opt for traditional flowers in a neutral color palette, while others experiment with unique wedding centerpiecesto really make a statement. Not sure which direction you’re leaning towards? Take a look at these 10 wedding table decoration ideas to create the right ambiance for your special day.

1. Dim the Lights

Parties are more romantic and fun when the area is dimly lit. A candle arrangement with a classic and timeless feel can make for very romantic table decor on your wedding day.

Candles: There are numerous types of candles that will give you just enough light, but still keep that romantic allure. For your table decorations, try:

  • Taper candles with a tall candlestick decorated with greenery
  • Pillar candles grouped together on the table or hung from light fixtures
  • Tea light candles floating on water inside glass pillars or hurricane vases
  • Votive candles inside clear cocktail tables or on top of the table

String Lights: String lights are trendy and add plenty of twinkle to your table. Drape string lights along the chairs or even on the table for some shine.

Lanterns: Old-fashioned lamps add a fairytale-like effect to reception tables and can dictate if you go in a casual or formal direction, depending on their shape and style.

Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

2. Bring the Outdoors In

Flowers aren’t the only option when it comes to bringing color to the table. Even a small pop of greenery can lend a natural element to an indoor venue. You can also add height to the table design with a centerpiece holder like a tall vase to elevate your arrangements on the wedding table.

Leafy Centerpieces: Use your wedding decor to celebrate the season:

  • Autumn Leaves: Fall into a romantic vibe with red, gold, and orange leaves as your centerpiece.
  • Palm Tree Leaves: Create a seaside ambiance with tightly wrapped leaves that flare out at the top of the vase.
  • Moss: The magic of moss can transform your table into enchanted decor reminiscent of the forest. Try adding a moss runner to the table for a rustic feel.
  • Potted Cacti: Bring the desert to the party by adding a colorful pot that matches your color palette.
  • Pieces of Wood: Use a slab of wood as the base for a floral or fruit centerpiece.

3. Bring on the Vineyard

A bottle of wine not only complements the meal, but can also add that extra kick to your table setting. Bottles of wine also work well for family-style receptions, so guests can refill their own glasses. You can even personalize the bottles with labels—think table numbers or your monogram. Colored or Antique Glassware: Make the table pop with glassware that matches your wedding theme.

4. Do It Yourself (DIY)

If you’re sticking to a tight budget, head to the nearest arts and crafts store to turn your reception tables into a toast-worthy setting. Think tissue paper flowers using floral foam to hold your blossoms, or even faux flowers tucked into sand-filled vases or small wine glasses. A few other wedding decor ideas we love include:

  • Birdcages: Add some color to make them stand out or leave them as is. Either way, it’s still a unique look.
  • Chalkboards: Personalize them by taking an old frame and spray painting it to match the rest of your wedding decor. Use it to write table numbers or a message to your guests.

5. Table Runners

For a simple, but statement-making wedding table decoration idea, adding some texture to your table with fabric that spans the length of it. The right runners can even take the place of tablecloths, depending on the look you are going for.

6 Put Fruit on Display

Fruits come in a variety of colors, so creating a fruit display that matches your wedding colors should be easy to find. Try displaying the fruit in various ways including:

  • Melons: Hollow out the center of a melon or pineapple then place a vase and flowers inside.
  • Sliced Pomegranate: Place the exotic fruit on a tray for a tropical look.
  • Oranges, Pears, or Apples: Place them in tall, clear vases to make them stand out.
  • Pumpkins: Pumpkins add a seasonal touch to an autumnal wedding.

7. Capture the Moment

Nothing says we belong together like pictures that tell your love story. Pick out a variety of photos and use a different one for each table. Personalize the frames by painting them to match your color palette.

8. Mason Jars

These vessels are the perfect complement for a rustic wedding. Fill mason jars with tea candles or ultra fine twinkle lights to add a romantic ambiance, or use them as place card holders.

9. Edible Arrangements

Who doesn’t love to be able to nibble on snacks before the main meal? Consider using the following:

  • Charcuterie Board: Fill it with cheese and crackers for guests to enjoy while others are being seated.
  • Bread and Butter Board: Get creative, and layer the breads into a beautiful arrangement adorned with butter.
  • Fruit Bowl: Use in-season fruit to pay homage to the season.
  • Stacked Cake Plates: Fill them with anything from candies to fresh grapes, blueberries, and apples to pull double-duty as a centerpiece and appetizer.
Wedding Table Decoration Ideas Photo Credit // Unsplash

10. It’s a Novel Idea

Replace standard floral centerpieces with stacks of books. You can even get specific with titles that speak to who you are as a couple.

However you decide to decorate your table, there are a few steps between planning to walk down the aisle and heading to the reception. Zola is here to help you. For more tips on how to get started on wedding planning, click here.

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