Festival Themed Wedding for the Music Loving Couple

Are you a music-loving couple? We put together a list of suggestions on how to stage a music festival-themed wedding.

By Nilina Mason-Campbell

Festival Themed Wedding for the Music Loving Couple
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If you and your partner share a love of music, a musical festival-themed wedding could be just the route to take when it comes to your nuptials. Whether you’re planning a destination wedding or want to stick local, we put together tips and ideas on how to achieve a festival-themed wedding that celebrates both music and your community.

Printed Materials

There’s nothing more coveted than a backstage pass. Fashion your wedding stationery for your save the date in the form of an exclusive laminate—lanyard and all. Alternatively, your invitation’s graphic design can be a concert poster/lineup inspired by your actual program, but presented like a concert bill. When it comes to your guestbook you can design it to be like an autograph book fans might greet bands with after the show. At your reception, you can create your place holder and table markers to look like backstage passes.

Staging and Location

Plan your event like a destination wedding—even if your guests aren’t traveling far. Whether it takes place in a local park or an expansive field, create a festival atmosphere where your guests feel like they’ve been sequestered. Remember: Part of the fun of a music festival is that it feels like an escape from the real world. There’s no reason your festival style wedding should feel any different.

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When it comes to outdoor spaces, rental fees and permits may cost significantly less than those associated with traditional venue rentals. Even if you’re staying in or close to town, this kind of outdoor setting helps transform the vibe of your festival wedding. That said, traveling shouldn’t be ruled out either. Just as most festivals are destination events where the lineup/bill of artists dictates its worthiness, your coupledom isn’t any less of a draw. Maybe you want to channel a certain desert festival and decamp with your nearest and dearest somewhere desert-adjacent like Joshua Tree and its surrounding towns? Or maybe you want to head out of the city and rent some farmland for a rural setting? It’s all possible.

You can also go the glamping route and pick a venue with vintage trailers on site. These can serve as guest quarters or personal dressing rooms for the couple as you get ready for your wedding ceremony.

Wherever you end up, make sure you look into acquiring a space with acreage so that every wedding guest has the room to make themselves comfortable. Camping is practically synonymous with outdoor festivals, plus the added space will allow for necessary elements like large tents for your ceremony, catering, and entertainment.


Don’t forgo live music. When planning your wedding budget, keep in mind artist guarantees do add up, but there’s no reason you can’t put together a multi-band bill to entertain your guests. The performers can either all be of the same genre, or you can opt for different types of music to better appease a wide audience. Imagine bands and/or deejays performing on temporary stages or musicians gathered around the campfire after dusk.

Live music doesn’t need to be limited to your aisle walk or reception, either. Think creatively by arranging things like a musician to greet guests as they arrive at your wedding venue.

In terms of decor, you could use vintage vinyl records as the centerpieces of your tables. To do so on a budget, turn to local record stores—they often have discount bins you can rummage through.

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Wedding Favors

Create items for your guests that draw inspiration from coveted concert merch, like a locally screen-printed T-shirt or a one-inch button pack printed with your wedding date and/or your faces. Print out a poster size version of your invites in an artful way. And if you’re committed to live music, maybe even provide guests with a personal pack of earplugs. Depending on who you hire to provide music, you could even give out download codes to guests who want to revisit the music of whoever performs.

A music festival-themed wedding can create a memorable experience beyond just the event. It allows you to create a unique gathering dedicated not only to your love, but also to creative expression overall. You can call upon your local community to execute a full court experience from audio to visual and beyond. Music has long had the ability to bring people together, so what better theme for the ultimate union?

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