Bright and Bold Wedding Theme

Love should brighten your life and make you bold—why not do the same to your wedding palette? Here are some bright wedding colors to liven up your wedding.

By The Zola Team

The First Look ✨

  • Warm Colors: Shine bright like the sun on your wedding day by choosing a warm color scheme of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Cool Colors: Keep things cool with a deeper hue like blue, purple, and green.
  • Rainbow Color Scheme: Can’t decide which color combo you like best? Use them all with these rainbow color scheme ideas.

Your wedding should be as bright and bold as your love. Forget playing it safe with a pastel hue. Go with your gut, and incorporate all your favorite colors into your special day. Whether you’re a sucker for fire engine red or love a piercing blue wedding theme, read on for some ways to incorporate these bright wedding colors into your wedding’s theme.

Warm Colors

If you want your wedding to shine as bright as the sun, then a warm-toned color palette is the way to go. Don’t be fooled into thinking delicate dusty rose pink and Champagne hues are the only style for a warm-toned wedding—make a statement with some bright tones that bring a sense of life to your big day. Bold reds that represent love, vibrant oranges that attract the eye, and stunning yellows associated with radiant joy can all be incorporated into a theme of bright wedding colors.

Bright and Bold Wedding Theme | Zola Photo Credit // Unsplash

When planning a colorful wedding scheme, you’ll want to consider these four areas where color can be added:

  • Attire: For a brighter take on attire, dress your wedding party in a bold shade of yellow or red. For groomsman, outfit them with a bright boutonniere for a subtle touch of color coming from both sides of the altar. This will prevent the people who are standing by your side fade into the background. Instead, all sides of you will pop.

  • Flowers: Incorporate bold colors into your wedding bouquet and centerpieces by using a bright variety of flowers. If you love yellow shades, sunflowers, yellow roses, and daffodils will provide sunny waves of color throughout your decor. For a bolder approach, orange wedding flowers will rev up the warm color scheme. Tiger lilies, begonias, and orange tulips are some options for vibrant orange tones. If you want a darker, more sultry color scheme, red roses are a classic choice for any couple looking to add a touch of daring color into their flower arrangements.

  • Tables and Plating: Table settings are a great way to incorporate bright wedding colors into your special day. Use gold silverware to match your beautiful, warm color tones. Orange tablecloths will add just enough color without detracting from other elements of the table setting decor. Pair this with red napkins and a wrap with yellow-toned jewels around the utensils for a consistently brilliant color scheme.

  • Walls and Lighting: While most venues come with neutral colored walls, this shouldn’t stop you from incorporating color into the overall look of the space. Hang brightly colored drapery from the walls—red velvet is a great way to go if you want a luxurious look. For something lighter, orange or yellow voile is a sheer material that can be layered to add beautiful texture and depth. Lighting can also be used to transform a space. Use red filters on the lights to set the mood and bounce some color off the walls.

Bright and Bold Wedding Theme | Zola Photo Credit // Unsplash

Cool Colors

If the cooler end of the color spectrum is more your vibe, you’ll probably have an even easier time incorporating your favorite shades into your wedding’s theme. Wedding decor often comes in a wider variety of these tones, so you’ll have a lot to work with when planning a wedding with these colors.

What colors are cool? Deep blues are calming on the eyes, elegant purples represent royalty, and vibrant greens add an earthy element that will make any reception feel alive.

If you’re looking for places to add your pops of color, try out any of these options for perfectly incorporated bright wedding colors:

  • Attire: Blue tuxedos are a stylish way to veer off the beaten path. If purple is your color of choice, dress your bridesmaids in a beautiful shade of eggplant or violet for a more unique take on the classic lilac shade that so many choose. Green bridesmaids dresses have also gained popularity in recent years, and a dark shade of forest green will look stunning next to the bride’s white gown.

  • Flowers: It can be tricky finding flowers that match your cool-toned theme, but it’s not impossible. Artificially-dyed flowers are a great option for incorporating any color you like, but if you’re looking for a way to follow your color scheme with truly cool-toned flowers, you still have some options. Morning glories come in striking shades of blue and purple and make a beautiful addition to any wedding bouquet. Add elements of greenery by using sizable leaves among the flowers in your centerpieces—this will also add a natural look that gives off enchanted forest wedding theme vibes.

  • Tables and Plating: For a color scheme that involves cool-toned, bright wedding colors, silver cutlery is the way to go. Pair this with purple tablecloths or indigo napkins for a sleek, but still colorful appearance.

Walls and Lighting: Purple and blue lighting is a common way to emphasize the dance floor at your reception. Go all out with a full lighting setup to have your venue drenched in bold tones that will have you feeling like you’re in another world.

Rainbow Color Scheme

For a die-hard lover of the bold and bright, a rainbow color scheme is the perfect way to cover all your bases. Whether you’re looking for a few rainbow touches or planning on going all out with this trending wedding theme, these ideas will reach all ends of the (color) spectrum.

  • Attire: Create a rainbow out of your bridal party by dressing each bridesmaid in a different color. Not only will this incorporate all your favorite tones, but it also gives each bridesmaid a chance to feel unique in her gown. The same can be done with groomsmen ties and boutonnieres for a subtler touch of rainbow. For wedding photos, you can also hold a rainbow umbrella for a fun pop of color that makes your pictures stand out.

  • Flowers: Create wedding bouquets and centerpieces of all shades to add a rainbow effect by using a variety in your flower selection. This ensures an eye-catching look that will have your guests wondering if you’re a trained botanist. If you want to stick to a single type of flower, tulips and carnations come in a wide range of colors that can all be incorporated seamlessly. You could also get a little funky with “rainbow roses,” which are real roses that are artificially-dyed, so each petal has its own unique color.

  • Tables and Plating: Use a different colored tablecloth or centerpiece for each table at the reception for an organized, rainbow look. This can also be done on a smaller scale by equipping each place setting with a different colored napkin. Silver cutlery will give a neutral look that won’t clash with your bold array of hues.

  • Walls and Lighting: Incorporate all the colors of the rainbow into your lighting setup for a fun, disco ball effect. Different shades of drapery can also be hung from the ceiling to create a beautiful, flowing look that’s full of color. LED lights are an easy way to add colorful lighting around tables, without the risk of heavier lighting catching fire. Place colored LED lights in a vase for a bright centerpiece that’s sure to match your rainbow rainbow color scheme.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold

Your wedding day is a time to be yourself. Don’t let the wedding bloggers or Pinterest photos box you into a lackluster color scheme that just won’t cut it for your personality. Your wedding should be as bright and bold as your love. Incorporate your favorite colors in a way that makes you happy, and ensure your nuptials look as though they couldn’t possibly belong to anyone but you two.

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