Around The World Wedding Theme

Looking to showcase the globe at your ceremony? Here's all you need to know to have a worldwide wedding.

By Taylor Bryant

Around The World Wedding Theme
Photo by Zola

If you and your partner love to get away or have dreams of a destination wedding but don’t have the budget, then having your big day revolve around travel is the perfect alternative.

There are a couple of ways you can approach this particular wedding theme. One idea is to center your wedding around a specific destination or country. Or, say, a form of transportation (planes, trains, boats, etc.). Another is to have a more general amalgamation of international ideas packed into one night. The choice is truly up to you.

Postcard Invites

Sending snail mail while you’re traveling is a great way to update your friends and family back home about your adventures. It’s also a creative way to let them know that you’re getting married. Instead of fancy stationery, make personalized postcards your invitations. It’s not unique, but it will also give guests a hint of what the theme is for the wedding.

The Venue

In this case, your venue doesn’t have to be directly related to your theme. From a classic church to an outdoor location, any setting will do—as long as you’re able to dress it up with the necessary decor. If your travel theme skews more vintage, consider picking a place with some history.

Baggage Tag Seating Chart

We love the idea of using vintage travel tags (or passport holders, if your budget allows) as a way to let your guests know what table they’ve been assigned for the reception. A bonus? Go the extra mile to have them monogrammed, and they can double as party favors.

Additionally, each table can be a different country or city and the centerpieces can be a nice cultural nod.

A Fun Photo-Friendly Backdrop

Have guests pose in front of a large map or, if you want to get specific, blow up backgrounds from one of your favorite countries, be it a beach in Bali or the NYC skyline. Consider it a getaway without ever leaving the venue.

Around The World Wedding Theme Photo Credit // Katherine Ilona Photographer

Destination Signage

When guests first arrive at the ceremony or right before the reception, point them in the right direction via a sign inviting them to join you on your next adventure. Another popular idea is to outfit a post with the names of different cities around the world (consider hometowns and places you’ve traveled to or lived together) and include the distance in miles from your wedding venue.

A Global Guest Book

Instead of a book you’ll probably never open again, have your friends and family sign their names and write messages on a globe. Encourage them to make their mark on their favorite destination spot or even the country where their family originated from. Take it home and display it in your house for years to come.

Food and Drinks

Serve food and drinks inspired by places you’ve already visited or places you hope to (just make sure to do your research beforehand to be culturally accurate). You can pick one specific delicacy or you can go international and offer up a smorgasbord of dishes from around the world. Drinks can be the same—include everything from a mezcal margarita from Mexico to a Singapore sling cocktail.

A Honeymoon Fund in Lieu of Gifts

Around The World Wedding Theme Photo Credit // Gods Wedding Photographer

If you don’t have room for any more pots or pans, have your guests contribute to your honeymoon fund (you can even register for one) in lieu of presents. What’s more fitting for a travel-themed wedding?

Use these themed wedding ideas as a jumping-off point for your international wedding. It’s up to you what route you want to choose to go around the world.