Alternative Wedding Themes For The Unique Couple

Non-traditional weddings are the new norm. Here are our favorite alternative wedding themes.

By Taylor Bryant

Alternative Wedding Themes For The Unique Couple
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The First Look ✨

Before picking out a dress and decorations, hiring vendors, or even selecting a venue, couples should settle on a theme for the wedding, which will shape the look and feel of the entire day.

Some common themes include romantic, vintage, modern, bohemian, and traditional but there’s no one-size-fits-all approach, nor are there any hard and fast rules. What’s important is that you pick something that speaks to the story of you and your partner as a couple, and, sometimes, that can include something totally off the beaten track—and that’s okay! Often, the best weddings are the ones packed with personality and creativity; they’re the ones you remember.

So, if you’re in search of more out-there, alternative wedding themes, we have some ideas ahead. Push the boundaries as far as you’d like, it’s your day after all.

Alternative Wedding Themes For The Unique Couple Photo Credit // Nathalia Frykman Photography

Favorite TV Show or Movie

Do you and your partner have a favorite movie or TV show that you love to watch together? Take that obsession and make it your theme. Turn your big day into the roaring ‘20s and invite every wedding guest to dress up in their best flapper garb for a “Great Gatsby” wedding. If you’re having a winter wedding, transform your venue into Winterfell for a “Game of Thrones” theme (minus any nods to the bloody red wedding). Divide your reception tables into different Hogwarts houses and have fun with some “Harry Potter” magic. Or, take your day to the next galaxy for a “Star Wars”-themed wedding. The options truly are endless.


While we love a Christmas/winter-themed wedding just as much as the next person, it’s a little predictable. If you’re planning for a fall wedding, take advantage of the spooky season and celebrate the holiday with lots of pumpkins, cider, dry ice, candy, and, of course, costumes. If you don’t want the chaos that might come with people dressing up, you can have a simple masquerade reception, instead. Or, if you want to lean into the chaos, you can go zombie.


Love the vibe of Coachella, but are maybe too old to attend the festival itself? Recreate it for your unity ceremony. Rent large tents (an outdoor location is a must), have a VIP guest book, give out flower crowns, hire food trucks, and splurge on a live band. It will be just like attending a big music gathering, except you’ll be surrounded by people you actually like (and hopefully there aren’t long lines for the bathrooms).


Who doesn’t have good memories of going to the carnival as a kid? You don’t have to rent an elephant or lion or anything like that (unless you want to) for this wedding idea, but you can still embody the nostalgia via cotton candy, boxed popcorn, lots of balloons, and fun games. Bonus points for a bouncy castle and on-site face painting.


Weddings are often referred to as happily ever afters, so why not lean into the idea of a fairytale-themed wedding. A castle-like, dream wedding venue is the perfect setting, a ballgown dress is a must, and a horse-drawn carriage definitely wouldn’t hurt.


Alternative Wedding Themes For The Unique Couple Photo Credit // Picturesque Memory Photography

Is your partner a big Marvel fan? Indulge him or her with a superhero-themed wedding ceremony. You don’t have to go over the top with superhero wedding decor for this alternative wedding idea, but little hints such as incorporating the color of his or her favorite character into the day, decorating the wedding cake in celebration, or even wearing superhero-inspired t-shirts under your outfits (or having the wedding party do so) to then reveal in pictures or on the dance floor are cute ideas.

Animal Themed

If you’re a big animal lover and want to incorporate that into your wedding, there are a couple of ways you can go about it. A safari-theme is a unique wedding choice, as is a jungle-theme (outdoor wedding venues and lots of wildflower bouquets and floral arrangements are ideal for both). If you have pets, you can include them in your wedding day by dressing them up and having them act as ring bearers.

“Alice in Wonderland”

Go down a deep rabbit hole with this fanciful and unique wedding theme idea. As the bride should naturally take the role of queen of hearts, she can opt for a wedding dress that includes embroidered hearts, and the groom or groomsmen can wear top hats. As far as decorations go, each reception table can include its own tea sets and you can encourage posh attire with matching fascinators. Of course, having a croquet set for guests to play is a must.

Whichever unique, non-traditional way you choose to celebrate your love is entirely up to you.

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