“Alice in Wonderland” Themed Wedding Ideas

Embrace the whimsical feel of an “Alice in Wonderland” wedding with our list of ideas and inspiration to get you started.

By The Zola Team

Alice in Wonderland wedding
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The traditional wedding has been redefined as couples are making their own rules for how they want to celebrate their important day. Add in a bit of whimsy with an “Alice in Wonderland” wedding. For those enamored with the magical playfulness of the famous Lewis Carroll characters, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the theme into your wedding details, while still making it feel unique and special.

Starting with save the date cards and ending with the wedding party send off, we have a few fun ideas to spark your imagination and creativity. Take a tumble down the rabbit hole and let your wildest dreams come true with an unforgettable way to celebrate your wedding day.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // ABM Wedding Photography

Design Your Own Garden-Themed Invitation

Let guests know not to be “late for a very important date” with a specially-created design that gives them a hint of what to expect at your ceremony. Customize with a White Rabbit illustration on your wedding invitation with a stopwatch that tells your guests when and where they should be when you say your vows.

Alternatively, use a garden-themed design like the Gardner Bloom or the Eastwick Block for your save the dates. Both of these designs have flowers that line the border to echo the idea of a secret garden, and they give your guests a clue as to the style of wedding that they’ll be attending.

Choose a Picturesque Setting

Speaking of secret gardens, the obvious choice for an “Alice in Wonderland” wedding is an outdoor celebration surrounded by flowers and greenery. Whether this is an afternoon, elegant tea service or an evening affair complete with an appearance by the Cheshire Cat, the location makes a difference when considering all of the details that will make your vision complete.

Another clever option is to consider venues that have a maze on the property. While this may take extra research, some botanical gardens, parks, or other outdoor spaces may have just what you’re looking for to amplify the theme. Having a maze for your guests to enjoy or use as an entrance into your ceremony only adds to the magic of the day.

Make It Literary

Couples who like the idea of an “Alice in Wonderland” theme likely appreciate the literary appeal of the characters and story. Use vintage books as centerpieces or have stacks of them spread throughout the reception. Turn to the language of the book when crafting your menu. List items under “Eat Me” and “Drink Me” like the directions given to Alice.

A is to have a bakery decorate individual cookies and cakes with these directives to use for your dessert table and/or to hand out as favors to guests. Paying homage to the book details makes the theme extra special and it will prove nostalgic for guests who enjoyed the story as children.

Play Up the Teapot Decor

To go full-fledged “Alice in Wonderland,” hosting an afternoon tea party is the way to go. Not only is it an elegant option, but it embraces the atmosphere to the max while still making the reception feel festive and romantic.

If a tea party isn’t the way you want to go, opt for teapot and tea cups decor to line the guest tables or use them as vases for flowers for a distinctive touch. To keep costs low, search for teapot settings at flea markets.

Another creative use of antique teacups is to serve champagne or wine in them, instead of traditional flutes and glasses. The unexpectedness of it only adds to the uniqueness of the day.

Use Suits for Place Settings

Arrange wedding guest seating by having each table represent a different card deck suit, of course making sure that one of them is the Queen of Hearts. As with using teapots and teacups for decoration, sprinkle playing cards along guest tables and in various spots throughout the reception. Hang them from the ceiling, attach them to chairs, or provide decks of cards as party favors for your guests.

Another idea is to frame a heart, spade, club, and diamond to decorate the bar or the photo booth area. Alternate these placements with mirrors to embrace the concept of “through the looking glass.” There are endless options when creating this storybook atmosphere.

Add in “Alice in Wonderland” Blue

Pay homage to Alice’s blue dress with something blue of your own. This can be a blue ribbon woven into your bouquet, blue bridesmaids dresses, or blue flowers at the ceremony and reception. Or, skip the traditional white bridal gown and choose a light blue outfit that is chic, rather than costumey, to wear down the aisle.

If you do want to stick with a lighter shade for your dress, such as cream or ivory, but you want to switch it up for the reception, this is a chance to go as unconventional as you’d like in a non-traditional wedding color to celebrate with your guests. What you wear is one of the most important parts of making your wedding day vision come to life.

Don Top Hats and Pocket Watches

If the bride’s side wears blue, consider having the groom’s side of the bridal party wear top hats and tails with pocket watches for a whimsical look. For a subtler approach, pick one of the accessories, rather than wear all three. Each is equally distinctive and works nicely with the “Alice in Wonderland” theme.

These additions can also be part of the decor itself. Place top hats and pocket watches on guest tables to add to the decor. Hang them from the ceremonial arch, attach them to the back of chairs, or propped at the guest book table. Choose different sizes and scatter them throughout the reception area as a recognizable nod to the story’s setting.

Have Fun With Wedding Signs

To mimic the colored signs guiding Alice in the story, paint arrow signs pointing to different locations for the wedding day, including your ceremony, reception, restrooms, photo booth, and any other setups or areas you want to guide your guests to. As an added feature, line the walkway with checkerboard flooring to add in more features from the book.

Follow this same idea for inside the reception. Have a sign pointing to the dance floor, bar, and cake line. It adds to the decor and keeps everyone in the know about where to go.

Indulge in a Mad Hatter Cake

A colorful, towering Mad Hatter cake is a cheeky way to play up the theme and have a show-stopping centerpiece. Ask your wedding cake baker to construct each layer to look a bit lopsided, or request that he or she top your wedding cake with pieces found at the Mad Hatter’s tea party.

Instead of a cake stand, artfully arrange a stack of books or use a chessboard to set it on. Additionally, as part of the sweets table, arrange heart-shaped cookies and candies on a multi-tiered tea tray as an homage to the Queen of Hearts.

Source Apothecary “Drink Me” Bottles

Use miniature bottles of alcohol or old-fashioned apothecary bottles to fill with drinks and an attached note that says “drink me” to pass out to guests. Place them on guests’ tables or have servers pass them out on trays as your guests enter the reception. Fill with pink lemonade or Shirley Temples for a non-alcoholic option.

A larger apothecary bottle can be used in place of the standard guest book. Invite guests to fill out slips of paper with marriage advice for you and your spouse to read later and keep as a memento.

Make the Reception Interactive

To further the theme, set up a table filled with rabbit ears, different sizes and colors of hats, and other accessories for them to wear during the reception or for candid photos. The idea is to allow the day to be playful with nothing too formal or fussy.

An alternative to a traditional photo booth is to stage a separate area with a tea setting and a game of croquet for guests to get their picture taken and play. This may also take the place of traditional dinner and dancing, depending on when and where your wedding is held.

Alice in Wonderland Themed Wedding Ideas Photo Credit // Serendipity Photography

Creating Your Ultimate Storybook Ending

Each couple has their own way in which they’d like to celebrate their special day. An “Alice in Wonderland” wedding is an alternative to a traditional setting and also serves as a way to spend the day with loved ones following an elopement or a courthouse ceremony. There are endless ways to embrace this nostalgic and magical theme that will delight guests and make your wedding day all the more memorable.

Just like your love story, your wedding day should feel uniquely yours with a storybook ending to match. There are no rules and restrictions for how you dream up your big day. With an “Alice in Wonderland” wedding theme, play up the whimsical nature wedding theme of the story and interpret it as an elegant take all your own. Be inspired by these ideas and take from them as you wish to highlight your own happily ever after.

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