7 Big Wedding Planning Tasks You Can Do From Home

There are still plenty of wedding planning tasks to tackle while abiding by COVID-19 safety measures. Stay on track with these wedding planning tasks you can do from home.

By McCall Minnor

couple poses by graphic wall after wedding
Photo by Zola

Planning A Wedding During A Pandemic: Every wedding planning journey has its twists and turns. To make sure your path is as smooth as possible and to help you keep an eye out for tiny potholes and giant roadblocks, always follow the advice of your local health guidelines and the recommendations set forth by the CDC. The state of the pandemic can change quickly, but by staying informed, you can make it to your destination—wedded bliss—without a hitch.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, many engaged couples have made the difficult decision to postpone their weddings. It’s distressing for those couples, as well as the couples still planning for their weddings later in the year. It can be hard to know how to proceed with planning in such uncertain times.

For obvious reasons, many aspects of wedding planning currently can’t or shouldn’t be done (venue walk-throughs and makeup trials, for example). However, many aspects of wedding planning currently can and should be done. There are plenty of tasks that don’t require in-person assistance. You don’t have to lose out on all the planning fun just because you need to stay at home right now. Here are some wedding planning tasks you can do from home (or wherever you’re currently quarantined).

Create or update your wedding website.

Under typical circumstances, a wedding website is an incredibly useful tool. In the current situation, it’s paramount. On top of being a hub of information with helpful tools—like a built-in registry and online RSVP function—it’s also your platform for widespread updates and announcements.

Sending out mass texts or emails to reach each of your guests can add stress to an already taxing time. Creating or updating a Zola wedding website, though, allows you to keep your guests informed all at once. There’s also an announcement function specifically designed to support couples affected by the coronavirus.

To set up your wedding website alert:

  • Head to your wedding website.
  • Look for a box right at the top of the page.
  • Select one of our pre-written announcements and turn on “Show Announcement.”
  • It’ll now be shown as a pop-up in red text at the top of your wedding page.

You can also update your website to show any change of plans, be it a new date, location, or simply, “we’re still figuring things out!” Let your guests know that they can find the latest updates on your page and refer to it from here for more.

If you’ve yet to create a website, now is the time to do so! Chances are if you’ve made your engagement or a wedding date public, you’ve been receiving countless questions from friends and family. Take this time to make a website with the information you do know so that everyone can be on the same page. Added bonus: Seeing your wedding website go live is sure to lift not only your spirits but everyone else’s too.

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Narrow down what you want to wear.

Not being able to go physically try on wedding dresses, tuxes, or any other attire might be crushing your spirit a bit now. But now’s the time to start really thinking about what you want to wear and how you want to look at your wedding.

Dedicate time to hunkering down and really looking through inspiration to find out what styles you want to try on once you’re able to again. Pinterest, Instagram, magazines, and wedding websites are great sources, as well as films and high profile weddings in history and pop culture. Save photos and notes on silhouettes, colors, and styles that you gravitate towards for future reference. And don’t forget things like shoes and accessories!

Speaking of shoes, now is an opportunity to order a pair (or four). Doing so now gives you more than enough time to have them shipped, try them on, compare styles, and exchange sizes if need be. It also provides you with the fun experience of actually trying things on.

If you want to go the extra mile, also consider looking into what you want your wedding party to wear. As far as wedding style is concerned, your options are endless—and you’ll want to look through a good amount of them before deciding.

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Research and contact vendors.

This are still plenty of ways to research and be in touch with various vendors. Generally speaking, any online research will, for the most part, stay the same. The only caveat to that is that you may encounter that some vendors that you reach out to are currently closed as they may not be considered an essential business, depending on location. For example, a caterer or a restaurant may be closed right now.

That said, you still have access to their websites and reviews—as well as Zola’s Wedding Vendors database—and will most likely be able to get through to someone if you decide to contact them.

What should I ask for?

Once you contact them, you have a few options. You won’t be able to meet with them in person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t test out their services. Ask if potential caterers offer non-contact takeout or delivery so that you can taste test their food. Request demo reels and mixes from DJs, bands, and ceremony musicians. Set up FaceTime or phone meetings with any potential vendors so that you can discuss at length your vision and their services.

While researching vendors, don’t forget to also look into officiants, bartenders, guest accommodations, transportation services, or any others that are relevant to your wedding day! A bit of research and an email or phone call can go a long way.

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Update or create your dream registry.

If you already have a Zola wedding registry ready to go, now is a great opportunity to give it a review and make any changes that you want. Think about what’s really important to you and swap out things that you added but aren’t crazy about now.

If you haven’t created your Zola registry yet, might we suggest starting one now? This downtime is the perfect time to look around your space and start to decide what you want to add to yours. What areas of your home need updating? What’s a new electronic you’ve been dying to have? Have a pet you want to get some new things for? Add them to your registry.

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Order and write thank you notes.

While this isn’t exactly wedding planning, it’s definitely something you can get a jump on! If you’ve already had an engagement party, bach party, or wedding shower, you’re in a pretty unique position where you can send out thank you cards.

Oftentimes, you have so much going on in the months leading up to your wedding that you don’t have time to send out thank you notes or cards for these special celebrations. If you find yourself with a bit more time on your hands, take advantage and write or order some now.

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Continue to plan with your wedding planner.

If you’ve chosen to work with a wedding planner, continue to touch base with them and ask for their assistance when needed. Even—or especially—when you feel stuck or in a rut, schedule video chats or phone calls so that you can stay on track. They’ll also be able to keep you up to date with any relevant information and advice they might have for you, which will undoubtedly be a big help and relief. Have any questions? Need some positive reassurance? Talk to your wedding planner.

Get started: Contact your planner!

Prioritize time together.

Last, but definitely not least, plan regular quality time with your significant other. We know, you’re likely spending all your time with your partner right now, but carving out real time to spend together beyond the day-to-day interactions can make a big difference.

Take time to decompress and be together. If you’re living together, break out the board games, try out a new recipe, or have a classic, romantic candlelit dinner. Not living together or are currently separated? Watch a movie (hi, Netflix Party!), have dinners over FaceTime, or play an online game together. Whatever works for you—just be sure to stick to it.

Wherever you’re at in your wedding planning, we’re here to help you through the entire process. If you have any questions or need assistance any step of the way, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at support@zola.com.