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A Guide to Wedding Ceremony Programs


Wedding ceremony programs communicate valuable information to your guests about your ceremony service—find out all you need to know to choose, word, and personalize your wedding programs.

How to Master Your Wedding Day Timeline + Example

Getting Started

To ensure your big day flows smoothly and keeps everyone on track, here's everything you need to know about timing the day of your wedding.

Wedding Ceremony Order & Outline


Craft a seamless wedding ceremony with our guide to the perfect order. From vows to procession, plan every moment for a meaningful celebration.

Programs you can cherish forever

Just like a wedding video, your ceremony program is a snapshot of your incredible day. Your program will be a keepsake that you and your spouse can look back on years in the future and reminisce about the moment you joined your lives. Zola is dedicated to making your ceremony perfect with our fully customizable wedding program templates.

All about wedding programs

What are some examples of great content to include in a wedding program?

Some couples choose to explain parts of their ceremony in their wedding program. They may elaborate on the meaning behind a chuppah, for example, or jumping the broom. They will also often name who is in the wedding party and list the agenda for the ceremony.

Why are wedding programs important to our ceremony?

Your wedding program provides important context for guests and helps them understand what’s happening. If you are incorporating any special traditions in your ceremony, the program can be a great place to explain the meaning behind the tradition for guests who may not be familiar. They can also add decorative flair to your ceremony! Choose a design that feels true to you as a couple and fits the vibe of your wedding.

How many programs are needed for the ceremony?

Order at least as many programs as you have guests attending, plus some extra. You don’t want to be caught empty handed if a guest loses their program and needs another! You may also want to keep one as a keepsake or to include in photos.

Why do we need a wedding program?

Your ceremony program should include a basic breakdown of the ceremony for your wedding day. With tons of wedding program templates and printing options, Zola makes it easy to customize your wedding program. Our ceremony program templates provide a basic outline that you can easily personalize with your unique details, leaving you with the ideal wedding ceremony program!

How do we make our program as unique as our wedding?

When choosing your wedding stationery, go with something that reflects your unique style as well as the theme of your special day. You can also add fun facts, your wedding hashtag, and other playful details to your wedding programs to showcase your personalities. There are tons of cool ways to spice up your ceremony programs—here are a few ideas inspired by real Zola couples!

Fun Facts and Stats About You Two

Numbers are a great way to get a closer glimpse into the lives of a couple. There’s a good chance that some of your wedding guests either know you or your spouse well, but not both of you together. Here’s your chance to open the door to who you are as a couple. Some examples are:

Vacations Taken: 7
Years Dated: 2.5
Children: 0... for now
Combined Naps: 322
Dogs: 2 (not enough!)
Back Rubs Promised: 478
Back Rubs Given: 3

You and your spouse will have a great time coming up with a collection of fun and unique stats. It will make your programs pop and it’s something fun to do as a couple to take some stress out of the planning process. Add these stats to the back of your ceremony program and we guarantee your guests will appreciate this playful info while waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Fun Facts About Your Wedding Party

Your wedding parties are an important part of your big day. Adding some fun facts about your bridesmaids and groomsmen to the back of your wedding programs is a great way for your guests to become acquainted with your closest friends and family.

To save time, you can ask your wedding parties to fill out a fun, quick survey and choose everyone’s best answers for your program.

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