5 Tips to Work Art into Your Wedding

Looking for a beautiful way to set your wedding apart? Keep reading to learn how to elegantly work art into your wedding.

By Anni Irish

5 Tips to Work Art into Your Wedding
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The First Look ✨

Planning for a wedding comes with its own unique set of challenges. From deciding on the color scheme, venue, and theme there are a lot of moving parts to keep track of. One of the biggest issues couples may also face with wedding planning is where they are drawing inspiration from. Creating a memorable experience for you and your guests is important, and you may get inspo from the most unlikely places, such as a piece of art or even a trip to a museum or gallery. Incorporating artistic flair into your wedding can be a great way to showcase aspects of you and your partner's personality, but also can be a great way to showcase the larger aesthetic of your wedding.

When it comes to using art as a jumping-off point for a wedding events professional, David L. Di Vincenzo, vice president and creative director for events has seen it all. Di Vincenzo, who has a background in art, has helped plan weddings in museums such as New York City's Noguchi Museum, as well as helping couples translate their inspiration from works of art into real life.

“I often find great joy in translating paintings into an event design. I am struck by color and the relationships between colors in paintings. I think it comes from my training as a student at the Atelier Leo Marchutz doing Plein air painting in the studio and landscape,” says Di Vincenzo.

Di Vincenzo finds inspiration in the everyday and in art in general. From the work of Paul Monet, and various artistic movements, and even in specific colors of works of art, these details have worked their way into events he has organized and created.

“For one of our winter tasting events I was having a moment with Joan Mitchell paintings and translated the gesture and color palette of the non-objective work into the event design,” says Di Vincenzo.

These kinds of details matter and, for a pro like Di Vicenzo, can also become the basis of an event. Whether you want to feature an installation, a whole wedding planned around a specific piece of art or artistic movement, or bring in subtle accents that are inspired by it, here are five tips to help you plan for an artsy wedding.

Be Open to How to Use Art in Your Wedding

There are lots of ways to use art as part of your wedding. From simple details such as a color scheme or in floral arrangements, or even using a specific piece of art as a jumping-off point there are various ways to have art be a part of your special day. Having a specific idea in mind of what you want to do for your wedding theme is important, but being open and flexible as to how this may come together is also important.

“When a couple uses a work of art as inspiration, it has the potential to feel too much like a themed event rather than a celebration of a couple and their shared lives and love. I encourage couples to take inspiration from the work of art and to capture the essence of it—or the feeling that they experience when viewing it—rather than attempting to re-create it. They can transform the original into a representation of their aesthetic and expression of who they are as a couple,” says Di Vincenzo.

Trying to recreate something is hard to do in general and by trying to hold onto the elements that make a specific work of art special to you and your partner, can help make your wedding feel more like you. Being open to how things come together can also free you up to more possibilities.

Think About the Venue and Location

When it comes to planning a wedding, the devil is in the details. While you may have an elaborate aesthetic planned with a lot of various elements that come into play for your big day, a big thing to keep in mind is your wedding venue.

Even though you may have a very specific theme in mind and how you want it to look, sometimes the physical location may not match up as well with the larger aesthetic that you are going for.

“As with any wedding design, a couple needs to consider their venue/location when deciding on a design, [as] not all designs translate well into a setting. For example, in our space, which is a conservatory, when a couple wants to utilize Art Deco as an inspiration point I introduce them to Art Nouveau. The softer aesthetic with curved lines and botanical elements presents much more cohesively in our space than the more modern lines, geometric shapes, and inorganic materials of Art Deco,” says Di Vincenzo.

Instead, thinking about the space overall, as Di Vincenzo points out, and the ways in which you can achieve your dream wedding look by helping to accent the best parts of your location/venue can really go a long way. Be sure to talk to your events planner and staff at the venue/location to help you get a better idea of what to expect, but also how you can transform it into your dream wedding. By considering the kind of artistic-themed wedding you want and what you can do at your venue can also help with the planning and give you a better idea of how it can be achieved realistically.

Another way to approach the venue is to also try to find one that fits the overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve. Perhaps you want something that is Art Deco or Renaissance-inspired, or even something that is more modern. Having those details in mind when you pick your location or venue can also help to bring your art-filled wedding to life. Think about unique spaces such as a museum or even a gallery, too.

Think About Subtle Details

There are lots of ways to bring some artistic details into your wedding that don't have to be as involved as creating your whole event around it. Perhaps you want to have specific flatware or dishes that remind you of a piece of art or artistic movement. Or, maybe it's even in the linen, prints, and patterns you pick out. These simple design elements can really elevate your wedding to a new artistic level that you might not have thought of before. Or, even having things such as clear chairs in your overall space can also help to draw attention back to the artistic space you have created for you and your guests.

“Print elements can be a subtle way to introduce artistic inspiration into a wedding design. A couple whose inspiration may be from Monet’s nympheas series could engage a vendor to create beautiful water-color inspired invitations, printed menus, and place cards,” says Di Vincenzo.

Having smaller cakes or cakelets is another way to think about how to incorporate art into your wedding. Picking out a few pieces of art that are your favorite and having a baker use them as a source of inspiration or recreating them in some way could be another way to add some kind of artistic flair.

Also, think about how you can translate the kinds of art you love through other details such as floral arrangements, having really artfully done table décor with things such as the place cards, menus, and more. A wedding cake can also be thought of as a statement piece and can serve as another way for your inspiration to come through. Di Vincenzo also notes working with local bakers/pastry chefs who can incorporate artistic elements into the cake and other baked goods that you may have for your wedding can create beautiful confectionary showpieces for your special day.

Using Art as a Focal Point of the Décor

Depending on how art-forward you and your partner are looking to go, there are also ways of using art as a focal point of the wedding. For example, if you are having your wedding ceremony in a sculpture garden, museum, or even an art gallery, using the art there as the main focus can be a great way to incorporate it. And it can also allow you to scale back on some other elements of your décor.

However, if your venue/location is less art-filled there are ways to bring details that will help highlight the kind of artwork you love. Using an array of small and large easels to showcase a bar, table cards, and more is a great way to incorporate art into your bid day. Having specific drawings or paintings throughout the space that could also act as a perfect backdrop for the signs or features around the dance floor or various spaces in your wedding is another way to incorporate art, too.

Even thinking about having some alternative entertainment like a live painter can add another creative level to your wedding. He or she can capture the action in real-time and your wedding guests can leave with art made from your special day.

Think About How Your Wardrobe Can Incorporate Art

Art and fashion go hand in hand. And when you are looking for more ways to include art into your big day, using it as an inspiration for your wedding dress or other wedding outfits is a great way to bring some more creativity into your big day. Perhaps you have a favorite artist and have always loved the way he or she dresses, or there is a specific art movement that you are drawing inspiration from, or perhaps it is a specific work of art, no matter what it is, there are ways to translate this to your wedding look.

Thinking about specific colors, fabrics, and textures can help you guide your choices. Even a specific cut or shape of a dress or garment can also be another jumping-off point for you to pull off the ultimate art-inspired wedding look.

There are so many different ways to use artwork in a wedding, and, more importantly, to show off your personal style as a couple. Think about what artistic elements are most important for you, and then highlight the things you want to focus on to help guide the wedding planning process (and even make it easier). Being clear about the kind of aesthetic you want and what artistic details are important—however big or small—will help make it a fun and stress-free experience for you, your partner, your families, and your vendors and wedding planner.

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