16 Wedding Website Design Ideas

Need inspiration for your wedding website? Check out these 16 wedding website design ideas to get your creativity flowing as you plan for your big day.

By The Zola Team

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Continue the excitement of getting engaged by creating a wedding website that will serve as a place to share all of your celebration information. At Zola, we offer some of the best wedding website design options available. Plus, you can personalize the website templates and make them your own.

When securing wedding website design ideas, consider different color options, layouts and fonts, and overall aesthetic to find the one that captures your love story the best. Consider how the website design complements your wedding decor and overall vision for your special day.

Select a Website Design Based on Your Wedding Colors

Most of our design website templates have color options to complement the main colors you plan to have in your wedding. Classic colors like crimson and navy are popular choices, while pastels are also a go-to option for many, especially for spring and summer weddings. There’s also the option of sticking to neutral colors like white, gray, or metallics, which are always chic.

Keep It Classic With Bold Hues

The rich scarlet hue of the Abbey wedding website design makes a bold statement with its simplistic lettering that allows the color to take center stage. The cursive print for the names and bold lettering for the wedding day details exudes sophistication that’s ideal for a seasonal celebration.

Going for navy blue wedding vibes? The navy blue pop of the Woads template is gorgeously complemented with a romantic floral design. It focuses on an elegant appeal that matches well with other colors couples may want to incorporate into the backdrop of their wedding. The design is versatile enough to complement a vision of a celebration under starry skies or an indoor affair in a softly lit space.

Sweet and Soft Colors

The watercolor design of the Waterfront template is available in four, dreamy pastel colors to complement wedding attire, flowers, and decorations. There’s a light and airy feel to this option as the color fades into the modern typography. Its ethereal quality with soft colors weaving in and out is a go-to for couples aiming for a zen aesthetic on their wedding day.

The Beacon design takes pastels in a modern direction by incorporating an artistic floral pattern against the contrast of bold, black lettering. It depicts the concept of a wedding background that combines both masculine and feminine colors and typography in a visually appealing way. It also leaves room for couples to add in other pops of color to help accent the subtle pink or mint green pastel shades available when customizing the template.

Go Neutral With a Pop of Sparkle

Neutrals serve as a blank canvas to build upon and opting for metallics puts a fresh spin on this color palette. The Franklin design in silver is elegant simplicity at its finest. The geometric shapes and straightforward typography lends itself to a modern feel, while remaining timeless and sophisticated. For couples who haven’t decided on their flower arrangements, wedding attire, or color scheme, this website design allows the freedom to play around with color as they start to plan other aspects of their special day.

The gold Art Deco-inspired design of the Ventura wedding website template is sleek and memorable. The unique typography adds another element of formality to the design without cluttering the space. This is a fantastic wedding planning website design that works for nearly every style of wedding. You can’t go wrong with gold—it does with nearly every color and conjures up the idea of raising a celebratory Champagne toast.

Mix Up Your Options With Different Design Layouts and Fonts

When narrowing down your options for wedding templates, maybe you’re less concerned with color and more focused on originality. There are several types of layouts to choose from, each with their own fonts to help each design pop. Do you lean toward classic and minimalistic or bold and swooping typography? Are your eyes drawn to a standard layout that reads from top to bottom or are you interested in one that’s a little bit unexpected? Here are popular examples of each.

Wedding Website Design IdeaPhoto Credits // Zola Inc

Classic, Minimalistic Designs

Luxurious. Classic. Elegant. The Blake design exudes formality that mimics a black-tie affair. The thick black border and minimalist layout leans toward the feel of a traditional wedding celebration. It’s like a perfectly-tailored tuxedo that is able to stand on its own without overdoing it.

The Morrison wedding website template embodies the same black-and-white appeal of the Blake website design, but with a timeless quality that’s appropriate for any type of nuptials. A no-nonsense font and plenty of white space gives off an effortlessly cool feeling for the couple who is breezing through their wedding planning happy and stress-free.

Bold Lettering and Cool Typography

Color isn’t the only way to make a statement. There’s always typography to think about as well. The eye-catching lettering of the Louise website design makes the couple’s initials stand out and leaves everything else subdued. It’s slightly mod and artistic flair draws in those who exude cool, calm, and collected.

Another way to go bold is to make the lettering bigger with spaced-out typography via the Freeway design. Creating space gives this template a fresh allure and leaves clutter behind. It serves as a good foundation for couples who want to keep things simple and focus on the ceremony without getting wrapped up in the details of decor, flowers, and other elements that traditionally go into planning a wedding.

Switch Up Text Placement

The stylish wedding theme and design of the Tahoe wedding website template is available in six, warm colors. However, it’s the modern typography and non-standard text placement that makes this one popular among spouses-to-be. By drawing out the wedding date and aligning the different sections with the main text offset to the side, it offers a playful aspect to an otherwise minimalist design.

The Lachlan also plays with text placement by aligning the text to the right. It complements the paint-spattered, black-and-white backdrop for an artistic take on a straightforward design. Creative couples like the unexpectedness of this layout. It inspires ideas for how to shake up the tried-and-true traditions of wedding celebrations and sprinkle in personal touches to make the day unique.

Settling on an Overall Aesthetic That Honors Your Big Day

Before choosing a color scheme or design type, considering the overall aesthetic may help you design your wedding website. This could be based on your wedding location, cultural influences, and any other type of mood or feel you want your guests to experience with every detail you incorporate.

Rustic, Outdoor Settings

The Bonnie wedding website design exudes happiness with a rustic feel for couples who are planning an outdoor wedding. It’s laid-back without being too casual and colorful without being too overwhelming. For those who want to focus on fun and festivity throughout every part of their celebration, this is a good choice.

Another nature-inspired selection is the Deepcreek design. The watercolor design lends itself to seasonality and evokes images of a wedding destination set in wide open spaces. Still, the rich blend of colors paired with italicized print lends just enough formal flair for this type of occasion.

Cultural Influences and Appreciation

The vibrant color combinations available with the Sona design echoes traditional attire and decor depicted in many Asian and Middle Eastern cultures. For couples honoring their roots through their wedding ceremony and celebration, this wedding site design highlights the bright colors and intricate designs often woven into the fabrics of these regions.

The ethereal feel of the Powell design focuses on the symbolism of forever. This website wedding theme is for couples who want to focus on their commitment in a significant way. With five classic colors to choose from, this design is a premium choice for all couples and can serve as the cornerstone for their wedding aesthetic. It’s a neutral design with plenty of symbolism, thanks to the addition of an infinity mark.

Start With an Idea and Make It Uniquely Yours

Every couple has their own idea of how they want their celebration to look and feel. All of the details of a wedding add to the experience of what they and their closest friends and family see, hear, taste, and touch throughout the affair. This all starts with a design idea. When poring over wedding website design ideas, start by choosing a color, design layout, or fonts. If you’re unsure, it helps to think about how you want your guests to feel when they are scrolling through your site.

At the end of the day, it’s about bringing your two personalities and visions together in a beautiful way for everyone to see and appreciate. Brainstorm multiple options, write down likes and dislikes, and then start to narrow down which design ideas call to you the most. Whether it’s sweet and simple, boisterous and bold, or somewhere in between, pick the website design that’s suited perfectly to you.

Ready to create a beautiful wedding website for your big day? Browse our website builder templates and layouts at Zola to get started today.

Wedding Website Design IdeasPhoto Credits // Zola Inc
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