10 Chic Wedding Themes for a City Wedding

If you're planning a city wedding, you came to the right place for inspo. Here are 10 themes to inspire you.

By Amanda Mitchell

Chic Wedding Themes for a City Wedding
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If you've ever watched an episode of “Say Yes To The Dress,” you know that people love themes, and a city theme is a trendy concept for a wedding. Very modern, sophisticated, and chic, there's something wonderfully flexible and versatile about a city wedding. To help inspire your celebration, we've listed 10 chic city wedding themes.

 10 Chic Wedding Themes for a City Wedding Photo Credit // Glasser Images

Urban Splendor

Cities make for a gorgeous built-in backdrop for a wedding venue, and you can celebrate the best of a city's architecture on your wedding day. Incorporate metals, glass, and brick into your wedding to give it a real downtown kind of energy. Make a custom graffiti wall for your backdrop wall for incredible guest photos that are sure to get double-tapped on Instagram.

Industrial Romance

Super into a raw, industrial look? Renting a warehouse or loft area is a great way to get an edgy ambiance on your wedding day, and affords tons of opportunities to make the locale truly your own. Use ghost chairs, simple and minimalist decor like drapes and geometric shapes, and a lot of candles and flowers to make the space romantic.

Best of the City

Are you and your partner obsessed with your city? If you’re the type to set up a great sightseeing weekend when guests are in town, why not use your wedding day as a great chance to show family and friends everything you love about where you live? Incorporate one of your city's biggest traditions into the wedding events. For everything from the wedding cake to the late-night food truck, it's a great way to hit all of your fave places without having to deal with the travel part.

Our City

If you and your partner are both ex-pats and have a lot of family traveling in from out of town, you can celebrate the city where you met and became a couple or where you two moved and put down roots. Feature the architecture, your favorite hidden secrets, and don't be afraid to show how the city that brought you together has changed your lives for the better.

Contemporary Chic

If the metropolitan vibe is what you love most about living in the city, consider adding a few modern, contemporary touches to your wedding. Super minimalist wedding ideas and decor and mismatched bridal or wedding party outfits can make your wedding day feel more like a chic party that happens to be a wedding ceremony than a big to-do with a few contemporary touches.

Emerald City

There are absolutely ways to incorporate an Emerald City/Wizard of Oz-themed wedding day without having to wear red glittery shoes or paint yourself green like Idina Menzel in “Wicked.” The Emerald City is iconic imagery from the film, and you can incorporate the architecture of the structure, the over-the-top vibe of the wizard, and yes, the color scheme. Use green lights or dark green linens to add to the Emerald City vibe.

Sex and the City

You may not be getting married in the New York Public Library with a bird on your head, but the chic, designer vibe of the show can be a wonderfully adult reflection of your relationship. Whether you love the city of New York, are looking to splurge on a pair of Manolo Blahniks, or want to make your wedding day just as much about your close friends as it is about you and your partner, take inspiration from Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte. It's hard to get it wrong.

Rustic Urban

If you and your partner are opposites and are looking to mix a little country into your city-themed wedding, consider a more rustic take on the unique wedding theme. Incorporate dark greys, greens, and navy with a lot of greenery, a mix of dark and light woods, and jagged edges. Just because you're in the city doesn't mean there aren’t rustic things to be celebrated—consider it bringing the park indoors.

 10 Chic Wedding Themes for a City Wedding Photo Credit // Jessica Hill Photography

Art Deco

Art deco isn't just geometric shapes, The Great Gatsby, and luxurious surroundings. Adding touches of black and gold throughout the event scream art deco, and dramatic sparkles, lace, and luxurious metals can truly make the event a standout. Find a unique wedding location in a theater or a vintage-style hotel, and you'll find yourself at the event of the century.

Bright White

Make your city wedding feel like heaven on earth with all-white wedding decor. Deeply contemporary and modern wedding locations like museums, galleries, or even refurbished lofts can feel very dark and dingy, but incorporating only white is a sophisticated way to brighten things up.

Regardless of your wedding theme, a chic city-related wedding is always a wonderful option.

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