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Frequently asked questions

How much does a wedding DJ or band cost?

Expect to spend around 10–15% of your total budget on musical entertainment. Compared to live bands (or any other live entertainment), DJs generally cost less. DJs travel with less equipment and often work solo, whereas bands must lug multiple instruments and can have up to several members.

What should we ask potential wedding bands or DJs?

Ask about their experience, pricing, and availability. You also should review videos of past performances and ask about their favorite music to play—while most bands and DJs can play many styles, they are often at their best doing what they really love. Finally, be sure to ask about important logistics, like set length, and what they plan to play between sets.

How do we find potential wedding bands or DJs?

Right here! Zola has a great collection of bands and DJs, no matter your style. Search by price, location, availability, and more. You can even reach out right on Zola.

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